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Popular SSBM Glitches:

I hope this doesn't cause a horizontal scroll bar when I post this. I don't see anything here that would be doing it, but it does seem to be causing one. >_<'

There are like, 50 (Maybe more!) individual glitches in SSBM. They're not all that easy to find, either. Here are a few of the more obvious ones that I tested out this weekend.

1) Link's Super Jump:

On pretty much any arena, play as Link or Young Link. (Untested with Young Link, but try it anyway I guess.) Stand on the edge of the platform facing toward the edge of the screen, and throw your boomerang UPWARD. (Forward+B, then Tilt the dstick upward.) You'll see why. Now, jump off the platform, and hookshot the ledge of the platform. Doesn't matter where; just matters that you're hanging by the hookshot chain. When the boomerang returns to you in that hanging position, you'll go SKYROCKETTING. Pretty damn fun to watch. Razz

2) Samus's Beam Hang:

I think I discovered this one myself. ... Or at least it has different results than what the bug thread had listed. As Samus, do pretty much the same thing as Link's Super Jump, minus the boomerang. Beam the underwall of an arena to hang from it. Here's the twist. Get Mario (Player Controlled or by a friend.) to jump down with you and cape you while you're hanging there. (Cape = Forward+B.) Samus will jolt diagonally upward, and pretty much fall. However, her beam's point will remain where she was hanging, and sort of remain there, with half of it falling with her, and the other half hanging straight down from the point. Then it finally lets go of the air, and falls with her.

3) Link Hookshots Nothing:

Simple enough. On Mario's Stage, with the breaking blocks, hookshot the side of one of the blocks. Sometimes the hookshot breaks right through the blocks, and other times it'll hang onto it and Link will hang. Have someone break the block, and Link will just hang there, with his hookshot embedded in, well, ... nothing. :heh:

4) Samus's Teleportation Glitch:

Oh, this is a fun one. Wink You don't need anything but a single Morph Ball Bomb attack. (Down+B.) However, we're not using the bomb. In fact, we're going to try to avoid it. On an arena like Final Destination, which is nice and flat, stand (Just because there's more room to warp.) on the right side, facing left. Now, press Down B, and when Samus is at the height of her little air boost, pausing a fraction of a section when it's at its peak, veer slightly right. Tilt the controller slowly, then when Samus is on her LAST FRAME as a Morph Ball, JAM the dstick left. If you did it right, (The timing needs to be perfect.) Samus will BLAZE left, and can cross the whole stage in roughly 1/3 of a second to 1/2 of a second. I spent the better part of the evening doing this. Razz So much fun! Remember, you need to work on your timing. If it's not working for you, then you need to wait longer, or shorter. Remember, you're jamming on the stick when Samus is JUST to leaving Morph Ball mode, but before she actually does, and goes into a half crouch. NOT When she's about to try to leave.

5) Freeze The Game:

Yeah, this one is sort of useless. :sweat: Still though, it's a glitch, and fairly easy and obvious to perform. In Training Mode, Go to Green Greens, Kirby's stage where there are falling blocks on either side of the main platform. We need to dig a hole here. Go to either of the falling block areas, and set up a pattern like this:


B = Block
H = Hole you dug/kept.

Basically, you'd stand on the central B on the bottom, and just stand there so any block that falls onto you will be removed as it falls onto you, while there's still a pit in there. Now, spawn as many Red Shells as you can. Just keep hitting A to spawn them until you're SURE you've spawned more than you can otherwise spawn. ... Now jump and land. Wear a coat, because the game is now frozen solid. Wink

6) Infinite Super Scope Ammo:

(Any 2 characters) Pick up a Super Scope. Fire two fully charged shots, then three slightly charged shots, and then six of the smallest shots (just tap A twice). Then charge (hold A) and in the middle of it, let the other character hit you. If you did it correctly, you will have infinite ammo for the Super Scope.
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