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Animal Rights

Do you think animals should have their rights redeclared?
 79%  [ 19 ]
 20%  [ 5 ]
Total Votes : 24

Do you think animals should have rights? I for one believe that animals should have most of the same rights as we have. For example: The other day I was listening to the news and I heard about a dog biting an old woman, therefore it was set to be destroyed. Later on I saw how a guy was sentenced for 20 years after murdering 2 people. Is this just? My opinion is that it is not; just because we are the dominant species of this planet does not mean we should treat animals the way they are.

Another story I've heard is how a bunch of teenagers poured oil over a cat and set the poor thing alight. The cat was saved (By parents of the teenagers) and then the teenagers got off free.

Where is the justice in this matter? What are your opinions? How would you feel if you were the animal? Post here.
Personally, I think animals should have no rights. Where do you draw the line? Is it okay to kill a fly? a rat? your neighbor's goat eating your flowers?

However, since I intend to become an animal, I have an agenda on this subject.
Though how would you like it if people were to set you alight? (Or something of the sort)

It's not just our world.
Hogwarts wrote:
Though how would you like it if people were to set you alight? (Or something of the sort)

My point exactly. That's just the thing I'd be worried about.
i have some doubts about you becoming an animal..... stop being stupid pleaSe
Any and all living things have a God given right to be treated
with dignatiy and respect. It should have the right to live as God intended it to , wheather that be free and with out human involvement or for the use of human consumption or as a companion or a laborer. Owning an animal as such should be a privalidge not a right.

There were laws in this country that protected oxen from being beaten before there were laws about beating out children, somewhere the laws shifted to beign okay to beat our animals and starve them to death, and not so much as disaplining out children with out the danger of being divorced by them or put in jail for it, regardless of weather the child deserved a good beating or not.

I treat my children the same as my animals and visa versa, I have 1 dog, 3 cats, 1 bird, 3 horses and 4 children, they are all loved, respected, fed, cleaned up after, taught what is right and wrong, punished when needed and loved the rest of the time. The only difference is I would put to death an animal suffering with out the hope of recovery ( old age does not count) and the laws of God and this nation do not allow me to put to death a human being for suffering the same way, that seems like we are more caring and mercifull of our pets than we are are fellow humans.

good topic. Thanks

I am sure they must have rights. I mean we can't be using the fact that animals can't protect themselves as we can.

I hate people who torchure their pets. Last time I had to beat one for that...
I think they should have rights. They are here for the same reason we are here. What's that reason? Nobody knows. But we exist, and they do.
I hate ppl who mistreat their animals just because are THEIR animals. Or people who leave their pets because they don't want to pay if they are sick or because people want to go out and travel, and they can carry their pets, they leave them.
I've rescued two cats last month. They both were in a box and I think they should have been there about 2 or 3 days because they were all covered with pis and shit. Their owners are bad persons, if you can't keep your pet, because you don't have enough money, or just because you don't want them anymore, you can look for people to have them and love them, it's not so hard...
I'm only 18 years old and I live away from my parents. I study at the U and I don't have much money. But I luv my two little rabbits and I'll take care of them forever, and if one become sick (as one of them became) I'll pay to heal him. 200 euros, oh shit, I can't buy the LCD TV I want, but I have my rabbit who gives me as much love as I give him.

And sorry about my english.
Very Happy well, i see it both ways, and i feel that there are just people out there that would harm animals, no matter what laws would be passed! I do, however, take care of all my pets, and i especially love my fish! they're the best! Laughing
I dont liek animal cruelty, I like animals. So I guess they should have rights.
Animals deserve to be treated humanely but if your talking about animals having rights the same as organizations like PETA want to give animals right then your barking up the wrong tree.

For an organization that talks so much about ethics PETA should adopt a few ethics themselves. I knew an older couple that had two show dogs that they bred in a reasonable cycle, kept a spotless house and were very sweet and careing people. They absolutely loved their dogs and treated them like the dogs were their kids. Someone at PETA noticed an add they put in a breeders magazine and that was when the harrasment started. This old couple with two dogs were accused of running a puppy farm. They were subjected to frequent and inspections at inconvieniant times (harrassment) and when they finally got tired of being harrassed by inspectors that never found anything wrong they refused an inspector entrance that had shown up at 5 a.m. . While the couple was at church their home was invaded, and trashed. After the house was all trashed out with garbage strewn all over the house and fece smeared all over their previouly clean home, THEN pictures were taken of "the horrendous conditions" that the dogs were being kept in. THe dogs were taken to the SPCA (after having been smeared with feces and having their picture taken) and eventually put down (supposedly an administrative mistake).
A couple of weeks later the couple was shown a local PETA news letter claiming credit for closing down another puppy farm.

This kind of sick and unethical behavior isn't something that really serves the rights of animals (remember that those much loved and pampered show dogs were actually destroyed). I hate to see animals abused in any way but I will never ever support an unethical group like PETA.
No animals deserve some of the ways in which some people abuse them, but the concept of animal "rights" crosses an important line into absurdity.

The primary problem is not that animals shouldn't be afforded some sort of protection from abuse, but that the concept of rights also includes the concept of responsibilities - something that many people fail to understand.

If one has rights, one also has concomitant responsibilites. If one shirks the responsibilities, one loses the rights. Do people have the right to vote? Yes, but they also have the responsibility of following the laws and instructions of voting, so if they fail to follow the laws, that right could be lost and, if they fail to follow the instructions, that right could be diminished by not having their votes counted. Do people have the right to own pets? Yes, but a court could order that a person has lost that right if there is a history of abuse and cruelty.

Animals are not human, and do not necessarily follow our ideas of responsible behaviour; therefore, it is not possible to grant them rights in the same way that rights apply to individuals. The best that one could expect would be regulations to punish abuse and cruelty, but we already have those.

Although they have a laudable base premise, groups such as PETA stretch credulity and carry their actions beyond the sublime and into the ridiculous.
I think, just for the fun of it, I'll throw in another subtly...

What about when animals abuse echother? What happens to their supposed rights then?

We'll just have to face it, interspecies relations are not always good.
Animals do not abuse eachother or humans, they don't have the ability to abuse, they only know what is instictive to them. Survival. That is all they know, animals do not know how to be intentionaly crule or spitefull, they don't hold grudges or hate. That is the wonderful thing about animals. Animals are judged wrongly for acts of aggression towards humans and other animals only because us as humans fail to understand the basis for the action. It is never the animals fault. One thing I learned in training horses, from foals to wild horses who have never been handled is : it is never the horses fault. All misbehavior can be traced to a survival instict, and it is our misunderstanding that causes the problem. I can always trace all incidents back to a human.

Animal cruelty and abuse is the worst kind of abuse because the animal never did anything to warren it. ( not that any abuse is ever warrented, to an animal, plant or human)

I don't know where you live but around here we do have animal rights. There are jails just for this. They give out fines for stuff like this. They even have a show on tv about it.

So yes I do agree with animal rights. Animals are living too. If you truely don't want your pet then simply give it to a great owner. You have to take the responsiabilty if you want an animal of any sort.
Even though I believe animals do not have souls like humans, they do feel pain.

So it's the simply ridiculous NOT to have special rights for animals.
animals desure rights they should be treated like people!!! Evil or Very Mad not like play things or plastic and matierls they have a soul they must have RIGHTS and as long as i exsit and breath and after i don't i will forever fight for animal RIGHTS Mad Exclamation
Michael B
I say amimals do not have any rights at all.


Every right comes with a resposability. A few examples

Just say have have a right to own a gun, I then have a resposability to not kill any one with it.

If I have right to own and keep my own things, I have resposability not to steals others things.

Animals can not fulfill a resposability, so they don't have any of the rights that go with them.

Haveing said that, I will say mistreating animals is pure evil. To attack, and even kill something that has done nothing wrong and can not defind itself is just about a evil as you can get.

And were do you draw the line about what you can and can't kill. Is killing a cow for food OK? as long as done in a humane way? How about killing the cockoroch I killed, or the mouse out in the back shed?

I think it all comes down to your intent. If I kill that chicken for food, that is ok I need food to survive. But if I only am doing it to kill the chicken that is pure evil. I killed that cockoroch because it was doing something wrong it was spreading desease all over my food, so again that is ok, because it could make me sick so that I die.
Penn and Teller on PETA.

Does anyone know of any habitat improvement projects from animal rights groups?

Their financial budgets are pretty much exclusivly for advertising pranks and the payroll of their execs. They have to continously recruit mainly young impressionable people to fund the saleried people.
jwellsy wrote:
Does anyone know of any habitat improvement projects from animal rights groups?

As a missionary in a third-world country, I've seen and heard a lot of crazy things. In this category, though, the one that probably takes the cake was some people who kept several parrots, gave regulary to parrot-rescue organizations, liked to ask other people to contribute to those organizations, were both disappointed and angry when people didn't want to contribute and, on top of all that, would not cough up a single penny for orphan, human children who sleep in the streets and steal (or worse) to get money to sniff glue and waste away even more!

Yes, a lot of bad things happen to a lot of animals, but these idiots have their priorities completely backward and, at the expense of a child, would rather help a bird!
I sometimes wonder if, on the principle that "ignorance is bliss," animals are held in higher esteem by whatever greater power might be up there. That is, maybe being born as an animal is the way that souls are rewarded or punished for something in a past life, if you can accept that sort of thing...

For instance, say you're reborn as a puppy. If you were a good person in the eyes of your deity, you go to a good home. Being a dog, you'd be happy with an owner who loved you, food, shelter, and maybe a squeeky toy. It wouldn't take much to give you a great turn, and you'd be a comfort to somebody in their human phase.

Alternately, if you were a bad person formerly, you'd end up as an abused or stray dog, and when your turn came up to be reincarnated again, your slate would presumably be wiped clean by what you've gone through. Penance, if you're from the Christian tradition... but more like dharma.

Just thoughts. ^^;
Animals surely have their own rights, I can't find the point that exclude the rights of them, right?
S3nd K3ys
Hogwarts wrote:
i have some doubts about you becoming an animal..... stop being stupid pleaSe

Whooaaa, there little fella. Calling someone stupid in a thread like this??? That's uncalled for and rude!

As for animal rights, they can have all the rights they take and can enforce.
When an animal acts up or does something that humans don't like. It is only in their nature! Who are we to tell them or try to change they way they are? I DO beleive animals have rights and anyone harming them should be punished! For the most part, animals are defenseless, as defenseless as children. Someone needs to speak for them because obviously they cannot do it for themselves.
I think we should give animals whatever rights they declare for themselves.. but if they don't stick up for themselves, screw 'em

seriously tho, animals are deserving of humane treatment and should not be treated abusively.. but granting them the same rights as humans is just plain silly
anniesue21 wrote:
When an animal acts up or does something that humans don't like. It is only in their nature! Who are we to tell them or try to change they way they are? I DO beleive animals have rights and anyone harming them should be punished! For the most part, animals are defenseless, as defenseless as children. Someone needs to speak for them because obviously they cannot do it for themselves.

I've read plenty of stories of 'defenseless' bears and mountain lions killing hikers and campers.. should we put those animals on trial? would the jury be other bears and mountain lions?

perhaps that would work in the land of Oz.. but it wouldn't quite work here Smile
What it all comes down to is human's obsession with themselves and putting themselves above all other living things. (I know I'm speaking in third person but that's not important) The thing is, we have to admit, any animal is selfish, it is essential to survival, and so it's innate. However, often the pain inflicted on others were not for survival as much as a sick sense of enjoyment. In those cases they need to have at least some protection. But they would never, doesn't matter if they should or shouldn't, achieve even close to equal rights with humans.
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