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450Frih$ for flash layout!!**Solved by User, please lock**

ok, all l need is a layout in flash that will let me call a .txt file into the movie (easy enough) now, my .txt files are HUGE, but l want it to be a 728x728 image, and maybe like 695x695 for the actual text field (thinking about something like that, still working on the photoshop though) but, here is the trick, l need it to scroll inside that movie, and l do not want the text to be selectable, though if there is no other way, then fine. l also need the code for a menu that will fit on the side, with categorys, and when you move your mouse over the category, it needs to make a drop down menu to the side that when you click on one of the files, it loads that .txt file inside the designated area to be scrollable just like before. Neutral Hope that makes sense, let me go over it again.

drop down menu on side (category-->menu on mouse over) (if it has cool effect that l like, you get extra)
scrollable text inside field
items inside each category on menu need to be selectable to be called into the movie

Oh, and l am on Flash 8 Pro, if that matters for compatability Neutral

got all that? Neutral l don't think it is really worth this, but l have had a long day, and need this relatively soon. l am googling around, but l am very tired and...well...ya Neutral. So, get this to me soon, or l might cancel it, l will need the .fla file, so don't even post if you aren't prepared to had it over Neutral
ok, l am bumping the price up to 450 Frih$!!! l have to have it by tomorrow though, do this, and earn my eternal gratitude, and as if that wasn't enough, 450Frih$ accompany it Neutral
You need to have it by tommorrow? If there was more time, I could have my partner handle it. I'm afraid that one day isn't really enough time to send him an e-mail, him to make the flash, and e-mail me back.

Perhaps with some more time, I'm not really an expert at determining how much time this would require, I could e-mail him and have it done soon. But tommorrow, gee, I just don't want to put that much pressure on him Sad. If you look at our site (, you'll see that we can have most orders within 8 days, but one?

Were it not for the time issue, I would do my best to help. Sorry.
meh, lt needs to be in by tomorrow, l have delayed this site a long time, and my information will be outdated if l don't get it out soon, l have had this up for awhile, but now because of the urgency l have given it a deadline and jacked the price way up, that is the cause of the price, but if l cannot have it by tomorrow, then it is useless, l am almost done anyway, l have been learning flash all this week, and think l finally have a way to do this, but if you can build me a simple menu then PM me, in the meantime, l am requesting that this thread be closed, the topic was resolved by user Neutral
As per request...

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