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Arcanum: Magic And Technology DO Mix.

Heh, I don't care what you say. Magic and Technology DO mix. Razz

It's pretty old-school, Arcanum. If you've ever played Fallout or Fallout 2, you should feel right at home with Arcanum. Arcanum is basically a cross between the Fallout series and Baldur's Gate. It's similar to Fallout in that it's almost identical (Plus or minus.) to Fallout's engine, and you'll come across quite a bit of technological trash and junk without often having much of a use for it. It's similar to Baldur's gate in that it's roughly the same play style and plot development. You walk around solving quests for people in the same way that you do in Baldur's Gate, you gather companions, deal with stats, advance your character, ... all in roughly the same way that you do in Baldur's Gate.

The catch is, ... you have magic and technology in the same world.

The game has an 1850's feel. Steam engines, mining, banks with vaults, ... a generally victorian feel, yet with blacksmiths and libraries, ... All kinds of wonderful things. BUT THEN, you've got different races: Elves, half elves, half ogres, dwarves, halflings, etc. You've got like, 16 classes of magic, but you've also got quite a few classes of technological aptitude, where you can learn a new technology and find parts and combine them to make this really cool item you can use.

Of course, the major catch there is, that magic and technology don't like each other. If you're a mage, you need to ride in the "Mage's Caboose" of the trains you'll find across the world of Arcanum. If you're TOO Magic, you'll destabilize the whole freaking train, ... man, ... that's always fun. XD If you're too technological, some magic-wielding characters won't have anything to do with you and vice versa.

The game is immensely immersing as well. They really know how to tell a story. It's not impossibly difficult either. You get just enough character points to be able to do with it is that you want your character to be able to do, and the rest is your own personal advancement preference.

It should be dirt cheap by now too, and you don't need a powerful computer to run it. (Not in the least. ._O )

Frankly, ... ... You have no reason not to get it. Razz *lol*
I remeber this game it whas some what a nice game and still is tho the grapics whar crap even when it whas relesd but other than that it's a farly good game it hase a grate combine system for tech users olmost like oblivions alchemy skill
Oh, that's how Oblivion's alchemy system works? What, is that their whole system? Like, you combine things?

The Technology system in Arcanum works as follows: You have different categories of technology, such as herbology, electricity, smithery, (? XD ?) weaponcraft, Negative Herbology, (Poisons and the like.) ... etc. You'd spend a character point to raise your tech level in any one of these areas by one, which would grant you knowledge of the next technology (of which there are 7 in each.) in that particular field. Then you would have to find the two items that the technology requires, and would also need the primary stat skills to assemble them properly. That one character point can be spent toward ANYTHING you can learn. ANYTHING at all!

The Magic System is sort of similar, only once you click on the magic circle you want, you gain knowledge of the next spell in that circle, (16 circles, 5 spells in each.) and you can immediately cast that spell, assuming you haven't cancelled out of your point assignment screen. Razz I'm not sure what requirements there are, but that's why I tend to be more of a mage than a technologist. Technology requires items to "cast," while magic uses your fatigue. It's a bit risky, but the system works just fine under either umbrella.

And I don't care what they say. Mages CAN use rifles! Razz
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