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Moeko's Principle:

'lo all. Smile An odd first post, granted, but I didn't feel right spamming it up in the Introductions forum. (No offense. I help staff several forums and posting anything less than a few paragraphs chills me to the bone.) I've been passing this story around, but it's something that I'm rather glad that I read. For those of you familiar with outpostnine, this should give you a warm feeling inside. For those of you who aren't, you can explore the site (It's not mine. Geez. XD ) when you're finished with the article.

I know this seems like advertising, but rest assured it's not. Take a look for yourself and see what a real hero is. Okay, the rest of this post is what I've posted elsewhere, without this little intro.

(Courtesy of

The Moeko Principle:

A lot of people have asked me to pass along thanks, or gifts even to Moeko, and I just can't do that. Rather than showering her with appreciation, I think the best thing to do is remember what she did, and do that for someone else. Personally, I call this the Moeko Principle. Ever since getting the owl, I've taken special care to notice the kids who haven't given any reason to be noticed at all. Just because they don't stand out, that doesn't mean that they don't want to be acknowledged as well. It doesn't have to be much - looking over the quiet girl in the back's English assignment, telling her she did a good job...asking a shy boy how his soccer club practices are going...or even just remembering a student's name. Something to show them that at least one person gives a damn that they exist. It's not a hand-crafted owl, but hopefully it's enough.

Moeko will graduate from junior high school soon. In one of her recent notes, she addressed this - "I will graduate from this school in March. But we will still be friends, right?" ...My response to her? "Don't say silly things.....of course we will." That's a promise I can easily keep

Moeko's Principle, concieved by Azrael on, is a lesson which I think that we should all take to heart. There are people like Moeko wherever you go, looking for attention but too shy to ask for it. It's really very simple to show them a smile or a friendly wave, even though you don't necessarily know them nor them you, but a smile is all it takes to brighten someone's day.

Moeko, a student in Azrael's second language class in Japan, was one of those shy students. Read the story "Moeko's Owl" that I've linked to below. That will explain the story behind this thread. It's very, very touching, really. Read these articles. Smile

Moeko's Owl


The Moeko Principle
(The Lesson)
wow a wondeful story. I'm always amazed at how human nature can go to such extreams. On one side you have stories like this which make you believe that a perfect soceity is possible and that people are basically nice, and the on the other hand, there's stories about rape and murder and looting
I know. It's rather unsettling, isn't it. IMHO though, a certain amount of faith is necessary to be hold toward humanity's favor. I'm somewhat detached from it all myself, but on an individual by individual bases there's a lot that you can do toward furthering the goal of simple positive inter-individual interaction.

The people who tend to be in opposition to this generic policy of friendliness and outgoing positive reinforcement probably just don't know how to express themselves. Hey, they're people too, ... ... it's just harder for them to show their enthusiasm toward joy. Razz
That was beautiful. Very touching.

The teacher reminds me of myself, which is nice.

I used to be very nice a while back, but it declined because it only ended up working against me. Nowadays I try to do sweet and kind things whenever I can overcome my sporadic shyness, be it complimenting a random person in the metro, buying my friend a gift when I see something I know they'd like, or just telling my friends how wonderful they are and how lucky I am to know them.

It's hard in a society like this for such gestures to always be taken with grace, but it's best to at least offer the gesture.

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