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What Web Design Software is everyone using?

I am new at web design and was wondering what software everyone is using. I have used FrontPage in the past but ran in to some limitations. I am trying to learn what I should switch too. Thank you for taking the time to contribute to this thread.
I'd say either Deamweaver or Notepad. I like to code by hand.
Same as krazycapital. I did like to code by hand too. I used EditPlus2 for my works.
Wrong forum.
I use Nvu, I really recommened it, its like Dreamweaver & Frontpage mushed together - it rocks.
I've tried NVU, but I find it doesn't have a lot of the features even Frontpage has.
I use Dreamweaver MX 2004, its awesome! It has many features that FrontPage couldn't even begin to comprehend!
Marston wrote:
Wrong forum.

It is the right forum to ask this question..

Whats the problem with you??

Anyway I use Frontpage and Dreamweaver 8
scorpio wrote:
It is the right forum to ask this question..

Whats the problem with you??

This thread was originally posted in the Web Hosting Support forum before it was moved to Website Software.
Dreamweaver 8, Frontpage 2003
I code by hand so don't use a software package just an editor Winsyntax, as most of my pages are in php
I use preinstalled code in Fantatico, but i do use Frontpage/Dreamweaver when I have to make static webpages... otherwise my forum is stuck to PHPBB/Joomla, its a great combination! Smile
Wimuel wrote:
I am new at web design and was wondering what software everyone is using. I have used FrontPage in the past but ran in to some limitations. I am trying to learn what I should switch too. Thank you for taking the time to contribute to this thread.

I tried DreamWeaver, but, because I am blind, it was very dificult to use...
Just now, I'm using, for html, Notepad or any editor text...
I really like Arachnophilia which you can get at url
It will do most things relating to creating a website, and it is easy to find out about anything it does not cover by searching the web.
It is also terrific value for money, as it is totally free. lol
i prefer dreamwear but it need lots of training once your done you can able to design any kind of website adope phot shop it advantage to know how to use it learn step by step to get involve to design new agenda web site
I find that textpad is excellent for website coding. Not only that, it's also the only editior I use for all my programming (minus actionscript).

I still like coding by hand compared to programs like frontpage.
I use Dreamweaver and Frontpage they are easy to use and good for beginners. But since you used frontpage just use Dreamweaver or notepad.
To set up the general layout of a page, I use CoffeeCup HTML Editor. After that, however, I code everything by hand in PHP using the vi editor.

I tried various CMS software (that's "Content Management System," in case you're that new), but found it much easier to get the results I wanted by coding it myself and adding various free, open-source packages as needed (e.g. the FCKeditor...and - no - that is NOT a dirty word: the name is from the developer's initials).
I typically use Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004, as it allows me to hand-code, which I like, but also use design mode to do some more complex things.

However, I've recently gotten into using CMS' to create my websites, but they don't work nearly as well for static websites.
I use a program called NetObjects Fusion 7 - I got it free on the CD with a magazine. It's actually pretty good - there are a bunch of advanced features (they don't always work that well, a bit crash-prone) but the basic html output and design is very quick and easy to code. The results may be a bit simple, but that's all I need in a web-authoring package.
I use simple and plain text editor - gedit. WYSIWYG editors always change codes on their own.
i use coffeecup HTML editor.
Don't know what kind of budget you have, but if you can afford it, Dreamweaver is probably your best bet.
But if you're like most of us, there are plenty of FREE editors out there.
HTML Kit is my favorite.
HTML Beauty is another one that's cool. NVU is a good WYSIWYG Editor.
i usually use Macromedia Dreamweaver but i have to edit some code by using a EditPlus Software.

For someone that use Apple computer now they have new software to use. "iWeb" cool&easy
Wimuel wrote:
I am new at web design and was wondering what software everyone is using. I have used FrontPage in the past but ran in to some limitations. I am trying to learn what I should switch too. Thank you for taking the time to contribute to this thread.

For Handcoding i use ACEHTML and for any other stuff dreamweaver and notepad...
Macromedia DREAMWEAVER 8 is the best software for WebSite Creation.

You Can use Adobe GoLive also.

I create templates on PHOTOSHOP and MACROMEDIA Fireworks.

and then edit it with Dreamweaver 8.

If you want to create dynamic pages then you should use (and) learn ColdFusion. Its a macromedia product.
Text editor.

Sometimes Dreamweaver, when I'm lazy Wink.
I have a blog so i really dont need any software. but sometimes i use NVu.
i use swish its very simple and easy to use.
While on the subject of Web Editors, has anyone tried HTML Beauty?
I use HTML Kit mostly, but I came across HTML Beauty some time ago and was impressed.
I mostly use dreamweaver. I tried Nvu but somehow I don't quite like it. Frontpage has limited features compared to dreamweaver so I don't use it..
Dream Weaver rocks!! I love it, It's so smart!! It's my favourite. I tried front page and some other dooodo.
I use Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and notepad.
I do graphics and layout in photoshop, slice and export. then i take the images and recode the Photoshop html output to CSS. After making the actual layout/etc. It ussually takes about 30 minutes to get fully coded, unless their is going to be scripting. I also test through multiple browsers.
i use flash 8 , dreamweaver 8 and photoshop. Quite well because got add in flash and php integrated
I'm still a beginner and i use Photoshop to edit my images or backgrounds and then frontpage for the page design. ( )
If you want to code by hand then Editplus could be a good option.
I love to use Macromedia Fireworks for my designs and Macromedia Dreamwaver for xhtml and css coding...

I haven't try the adobe photoshop... Is there any want to explain me what is the diffirent between adobe and macromedia?
I like to usae a variety of editors, ranging from dreamweaver MX to go Live. I do like to use the old standard notpad, if I like a challenge. I also like to edit php and xhtml docs once in while. For ASP I use Micosoft ASP.NET. I versed in everything.
generally I do things in notepad, but I like to use frontpage to upload files and so forth, although i'm trying to switch to an ftp upload program... maybe filezilla.
For me, it's trial by error, and Notepad. I personally don't own any web designing software, because my pages seem to come out fine without me having used one. Maybe one day in the future I'll get one. .
HTML Kit from Chami.Com is one of the better free editors around. And it can be extended through plugins. It also has a ProtoType Pad (a WYSIWIG) that one can use for writing stuff.

Chami.Com also has a lot of good webmaster utilities that can help you create your site. Very Happy
I use Namo Web Editor 4.USE IT!!!Believe me, it worths it, and it is very good.... Very Happy
I use quanta for the coding of scripts and html. but for the graphics, i use photoshop cs2. not that good yet using gimp. hehe
I use Macromedia Flash 8 and Dreamweaver 8
FirstPage 2006 from Evrsoft (the one that also produced FirstPage 2000) now has a WYSIWYG editor. It also flaunts a huge collection of javascripts that one can use on a webpage. But it is commercial and it is 9MB+ in size (a heavy download) But FirstPage 2000 is still free. Very Happy
I use Dreamweaver MX, Textedit, Rapid Weaver , css edit and adobe photo shop. I like to start with a basic template that I use for all my sites and edit them with a diffrent software every time so it isn't soooo boring. Rolling Eyes
I use Flash 8 , Text editor and Photoshop.
I use notepad for css and xhtml, the html validator for FF to keep my html straight..
I use fireworks and sometimes paint shop pro for creating/slicing images, SmartFTP for uploading and EasyPHP for server script development..
Idea Arrow Exclamation
i'm currently using a free program called pspad, it is amazing.
I am using Front Page 2003
I use dreamweaver, flash, and notepad. For graphics i use flash a lot. I know flash was not meant to be used as ur program to make graphics with but i find it easier to do it that way than buying photoshop
I use Arachnophilia. It is a very old program, but it gets the job done for me. I actually prefer version 4.0, because it looks and feels better than its Java successor. For CSS I just use notepad. I write my pages from scratch. I mainly use Arachnophilia for the tag editing/beautifying functions (although, not often). For FTP transfers I use FileZilla, from Mozilla. This has worked great for me for a while, but I recently downloaded and tried HTML-Kit. It has a lot of features, so it will probably take a while to learn them all. For graphics I just use Photoshop CS2 from Adobe. Photoshop for everything. ImageReady for gif animations maybe...never use Illustrator.

Feel free to visit my website to see what I have done with it, as an example.
It takes a long time, but with some effort you get professional results.

Handyman's site looks pretty good, actually!
In my web design I use all the macromedia products. Dreamweaver, Flash, and Fireworks.

I like to code things by hand as well........ It was a couple years before I started using software in my website designs. I enjoyed doing everything by hand, and plus when I had an idea and the computer wasn't around, I'd just write the coding in a notebook I had for that purpose.

I started using software only to expedite the process and make it faster, not to make it "easier".
I use dreamweaver and photoshop. I've tried front page and it wasn't all that great. I also find photoshop easier than fireworks.
Wimuel wrote:
I am new at web design and was wondering what software everyone is using. I have used FrontPage in the past but ran in to some limitations. I am trying to learn what I should switch too. Thank you for taking the time to contribute to this thread.

Use Macromedia Dreamweaver, and you can find some tutorials over the net!
Macromedia Stuio 8 (Flash & Dreamweaver 8 amongst others) and Adobe CS2 (Photoshop, Illustrator amongst others).

Only starting so really no idea how to use any of these but look forward to learning.
I use the following software for web design.

Efram Viewer, Gimp2, and Inkscape for graphics.

NVU, Crimsom Editor, and Notepad for coding.

I used Nifty Corners Cube and Ruthsarian layouts as the basis for my layouts and templates.

I like Wordpress for blogs, and Joomla for CMS.

I use Fsekrit for safe keeping code snippets. and server passwords etc..

And last but not least Filezilla for FTP.
NOTEPAD FTW! its teh 1337!

okok i really do use notepad though, and i would recommend using a text based editor even for design youwill ebcome leet wit html like i did.
I use HTML kit. the price is right. Before that, I used OpenOfficeOrg and created a document and let it convert that to HTML.
Well I like to use Dreamweaver, used to use Frontpage but ur right, it DOES have limitations.
AS for coding straight with notepad.... wow thats weird. I could, but WHY????
Axl Horse
Macromedia Dreamweaver is very good when in viewing your code and the design in one before going to a test run thru the browser.

It is also best on both in front end and back end. Notepad is still around but we need a sense of making life easy…Do we all do?
uhh.. i have one question:
people here use notepad to do complex designs?

For "tradicional" design i can make it by my hands but id rather to use dreamweaver Very Happy

i use flash, fireworks, photoshop, coreldraw to complete my designs Wink
Dreamweaver MX/Notepad/Wordpad work for me, works well when dealing with php code in my view. Notepad is also good for just editing code when adding mods to things like phpbb.
I use html-kit love it
I would highly recomend using Dreamweaver 8 or FrontPage 2003 if you cant get hold of either of those then use NVU wich is free at

for begginners i would suggest using Notepad because it increases yuor skill
i seldom code by hand coz I find that it's tedious and takes a hell long time for a beginner like me so notepad is out...
Im a begginner, but i code by hand.

its good because if you cant be bothered to type in code for tables/movie clips u can select the codes from a built in library.

It also comes with javascript codes from javascript library and DHTML drive.

Its very good and I have been using it for some time.

Its not for the professional, but if u want a free tool, this is the one.

i am creating my site with this program and Xara Xs.

I deffinetly reccomend these two.

And if you dont know html then goto [url]http;//[/url]
there are lots of free tutorials and links here as they are the authority (i think) for web code standards
Dreamwaver for WYSIWYG layouts XD
Code... Use notepad, this is the best (you just need to be good at coding)
I can recomend the Coffee Cup HTML Editor too...
i've just tried frontpage 03, and dreamweaver. both rock notepad aint bad if u got time Very Happy
i use dreamweaver for most of time
...Opps, I also use TextPad 4.
A Must Use.
For Raw Coding purposes , Araneae ,
But in case of Web Design , i use NVU .

Both are really great at their work and Free
I prefer to code by hand so I use notepad. When I am just too tired I use dreamweaver 8 or frontpage to make minor adjustments to a page. I say if you know how to use notepad if not try frontpage or dreamweaver.
{name here}
The easiest way to get a good design is to use Dreamweaver's Design feature to make your basic layout so that you can easily see how it will generally look, then use its code feature to optimize where needed. I believe that that is how some pros work with web design.
Made sticky. Smile
I use E107

trying a new site with Joomla
I've gone through the paces of learning XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and I've begun learning php - I've always used Notepad. In my web design class at school (very boring because they are still teaching HTML 4.01 YUCK) I have access to Dreamweaver, and I've found it alot easier to make web pages.

But I do have issues with Dreamweaver:

People who dive into web page design with a program like Dreamweaver or FrontPage will have fun making their site look really cool, but the problem is, the code won't make sense to them, so their abilities become severely limited. I think that everyone should start with something like notepad (or notepad++ for the syntax highlights). That way, when you move on to something like Dreamweaver, you can create your pages faster, then go back to your code and know exactly where to place the snippets to make it more dynamic and user friendly.

Another issue I have come across, is when you are coding HTML by hand, you code in this fashion: tag, attribute, content, end tag, rinse-repeat.

Yet in Dreamweaver it is quite different, If in the page view mode, you start to type your content first, then go back, add tags, and edit attributes, so your process becomes: content, tag, attribute.

Using Dreamweaver seems to involve too much clicking for me, I can type pretty fast and accurately enough so that when I make a mistake I can feel it as it happens (if that makes sense).

Anyway, as for the software I use, like stated before, I've always used Notepad, and have recently downloaded Crimson Editor and Notepad++ for the syntax highlighting when I'm coding my PHP (I find Notepad++ better than Crimson Editor though, seems to have a more user friendly layout.).
im using three front page dreamweaver and if i want to do something quick i go to the notepad

I use HTMLBeauty for making my layouts (I hardcode them) and then I use FrontPage for typing in my content.

HTML Beauty hasn't been updated since 2003 or 2004 but it has the following features:

    - toggle on/off browser preview (IE must be installed)
    - syntax highlighting
    - explorer panel

and it is free.
When it comes to website designing I'm always equipped with my Dreamweaver MX 2004 Cool
Notepad for all my website creation.

Handcoding is the best.
Before I'm using notepad because I like to learn hard coded html pages but now I've switched to FrontPage and I'm trying my best to understad Dreamweaver.
Front page is like, one of the no no page editor.

I use crimson editor before this, but been using SuperEdi for unicode and unlimited word restriction per line(makes sql editing easier).

What I need:
- Syntax highlighting
- Unicode
- Simple easy neat program
- No WYSIWYG program, they tend to break things up
its very handy dreamwaver isnt

uploading is handy to!!
Yeah WYSYWIG Programs are no no's one time you see it ok.. But when you upload it on the server it breaks up.
I use Notepad2 for handcoding websites. I use TopStyle Lite for stylesheet editing. And I use Photoshop, PaintShop Pro or Xara Webstyle for graphics, depending on the need.

I have just started to study CIW Master so will be learning Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks etc soon.
I use dreamweaver because it is fats to use and has a built-in FTP program. I can code PHP and HTML in it as well as javascript and CSS. Dreamweaver 8 makes the whole programming easy as well as leaving the files open once I've edited them so I can continue to edit.
My choice is zend studio i use it ti create html, css, and moslty php , it covers all my needs. Had to pay for it ;( but it's debugging capabilities, are great.
Syntax highlighting is also great, it's really addicting.

When i must quicky edit thindgs (g)vim is great.

My girlfriend uses aptana IDE.
krazycapital wrote:
...Notepad. I like to code by hand.

not notepad please...
I think Dreamweaver is the best, it's not so difficult and you can see what you design
IMHO dreamwearver is too heavy, and it produces bloated code. I used it while i was beginner, but i think it was slowing down my progress in learning html&css
In my opinion, Dreamweaver and Notepad are not so good in making the website since Dreamweaver never has the options I need (for example, tables can only have one style) and Notepad is not build for real coding.

However, Dreamweaver is really handy if you are new to website building. I learned about the Tab-Index which makes the order of selections for the tab button, which is a nice extra to your website.

For the people who use Notepad and can make nice looking websites with it, I am jealous for the fact you can just do it out of your head Shocked

Anyway, I use a build-in website editor of an other website but I don't know whether I am allowed to post the link.
I would say notepad or something like Programmer's Notepad, which has more features such as syntax highlighting. Otherwise, if you don't like coding by hand, use Dreamweaver.
I use Notepad++ most of the time. I want the code to be as clean as possible.
When I'm tired I sometimes use Dreamweaver Embarassed (just don't tell anyone)
Manus et Therion
I use FrontPage, but even beyond, I use the HTML editing aspects to add things that I learn as I go which FrontPage doesn't make available.
I've been using Bluefish text editor in Linux for the last few months, it makes Notepad-type html editing much easier with the syntax coloring, auto tag completion, and starter templates. My favorite feature of any text editor or notepad is tabbed browsing of multiple files in one window--I won't go near any program that doesn't offer that. Also, a big help is the Tidy cleanup plugin for Bluefish which I use constantly to keep my code in good shape.
Text editing of HTML has become a lot easier with programs like Bluefish, and for the Mac, BBEdit is equivalent if not more superior. I don't know about Windows, being a Mac and Linux user for most of my computer experience.
I actually use a combination of dreamweaver 8, flash 8 and adobe photoshop CS2. It works great, photoshop allows me to create professional looking web pages fairly easily. And when I'm to lasy to design my own pages I simply download some PSD files off emule. Because I'm still a novice I only use flash for small animations, and especially creating picture galleries.
Once I made a mistake like using Frontpage just to build up a project website for a course in 1-2 hours. Then when the assistant was looking at the web-site with Konquerer browser, I saw that it seems awful. So never use Frontpage.

A normal text editor, or Dreamweaver is better.
For a newbie (new to Admistration stuff), u recommend what?

For somene who knows how to admistrate well , u recommend what?

What is the easiest CMS with moderate to advanced features
I use Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 most. I also will use Microsoft FrontPage Express and Microsoft Office Word 2003 for designing my website. What you use most?
I use dreamweaver itself. I believe it is one of the most user friendly software you can really find.
If you ask me DreamWeaver is an awesome coding program, Seriously I use it over notepad because I like how to colour codes the coding. Personally I have never used the WYSIWYG aspect of DreamWeaver, only the coding portion.
GDG wrote:
If you ask me DreamWeaver is an awesome coding program, Seriously I use it over notepad because I like how to colour codes the coding. Personally I have never used the WYSIWYG aspect of DreamWeaver, only the coding portion.

Notepad2 has color coding built into it. You can even specify the color coding colors if you want. -
I am using frontpage but learning in notepad by hand.
Must get used to it Smile
Echo Printer
Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition for HTML/CSS files, and ActiveState's Komodo for Perl and Python. Komodo is expensive though.
Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition is free. I usually just stay in the Source View section, it's the best way to learn.
At first I chose CoffeeCup HTML Editor. [Dreamweaver takes too much space for me.] Then later since we have so many different and cool content management systems I didn't bother to make pages on my own anymore. What's more you can tweak around with the scripts and make them match your needs. I like customizing stuff. So CMSs + notepad/wordpad is my current combination.
generally i use photoshop to make the tempalte for my homepage! the i edit it with phpeditoride and integrate in the cms solution Typo3 via templavoila!!!

with this methode i have made until today 3 (in my eyes) good homepages! the people i made it for were also very happy with the solution!
I use Dreamweaver for static and dynamic websites, but lately I prefer Joomla for dynamic sites.... It's very good!
May have said this already, but although I primarily use Notepad2 for web pages and TopStyle Lite for CSS files, I've recently started learning ASP.NET 2.0 and AJAX, and for this I use Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition.
Dreamweaver is the best. but of course, you've gotta code it, i use DMW8 since you can use both coding and designing. as for animations, i use swish, it easy and i learn quickly from it. then comes the most interesting part, the images. I tell you guys, with photoshop, dreamweaver and swish in and, designing a website is like a walk in the park.
Manus et Therion
marixworld wrote:
Dreamweaver is the best. but of course, you've gotta code it, i use DMW8 since you can use both coding and designing. as for animations, i use swish, it easy and i learn quickly from it. then comes the most interesting part, the images. I tell you guys, with photoshop, dreamweaver and swish in and, designing a website is like a walk in the park.

Sounds great. I just got Dreamweaver, the full Macromedia package actually. I used FrontPage to make my site but since I was disappointed with how it makes discussion forums I decided to change. Now maybe you can help me figure out how to convert it into the Dreamweaver style. I am not using any FrontPage specific devices on my site (I was using the hit counter, but not any more) and yet some of the elements don't seem to convert correctly. Am I missing a step or something?
I use notepad ++, its cleaner than most of the other programs, I also use photoshop to make templates and slice them up, great combo
Phil wrote:
I use HTML Kit mostly....

Me too! I really love it. It has syntax highligting for html, js and php, which is all I need. I usually take the fullscreen view (F 11) for coding. Here, I can open two windows - say the html and js files - side by side. I can change the js code in one window, and click the preview tab on the other to instantly view the changes i made. I think this is cool. Kit is very lightweight too. I'd recommend this, if you like hand coding.
I use Trellian Webpage. I have only tried Trellian Webpage and Evrsoft's Firstpage. I would definitly recommend Trellian Webpage, over evrsoft's firstpage! It's alot better and easier to use than Evrsoft's Firstpage, and I love it!

Oh ya, I almost forgot! Trellian Webpage is not only completely flippin sweet, awesome and cool, but it's also very, very, very completely "FREE"!!! Smile Asolutely no strings attached!!! Very Happy It's yours for the price of "FREE"!!! Laughing It's "FREE"ware!!! Dancing

Agian, you can download Trellian Webpage here!
I use a combination of GoLive and TextEdit, mostly, depends on what I am doing.
Heart Ticket
Wimuel wrote:
I am new at web design and was wondering what software everyone is using. I have used FrontPage in the past but ran in to some limitations. I am trying to learn what I should switch too. Thank you for taking the time to contribute to this thread.

I personally use E107 but i cant install it on this web host for some wierd reason....

i have always used the notepad, but i think i'm gonna give a try to the notepad++.
Only Dreamweaver for me Embarassed
Well m Not A good Web Designer But Learnd A webdesigning course From My skool and Taught to my friends and Brother very keenly and now Hes Earning above 200$ a month From Google... well i Use Adobe Photo shope adobe Dream Weaver, Macromedia Flash Mx, And Swish, for html Language i Use Macromedia Dream Weaver, Well i want To learn PHP, for this i brought Too many Learning tutotials and tutorial Book for this But Seems that its very hard to learn From book or from Cd Inshort Individual learning is Too Tuff... So thinking To join some classes during my VACATIONS.. Crying or Very sad
i make my deisgns in photoshop slice them in images ready code them in notepad and add content in frontpage as i feel its more enjoyable typing a blog in frontpage where you can see you design as i use haloscan for my comments not wordpress or cutenews as im on the rubbish freewebs
hello everyone.
i love to use macromedia dreamweaver 8.
i love integrate it with it's brother macromedia flash 8.

thank you and GOOD day
I usually use paper and pencil for the initial design, then I build my user experience in StarUML and/or Umbrello UML (It depends on the OS I am working with at the moment..). Finally, ViM for text editing. This may be the reason why my sites are not really visually appealing... Very Happy
If you want to try something else try web easy 6 is not free
but it is pro....
I have just started using flash I think it is pretty cool for web design but I still wouldn't use it to make a site solidly I prefer to use it for certain parts.
I have used Front page, Dreamweaver MX, NVU & have done some HTML. I think Dreamweaver is the best so far.

Now that Adobe has it, they increased the price. I am looking to fund a new lab for a school and the price has more than doubled. I hate that. The cost for a lab has increased from about $3000 to almost $8000. I guess I can't complain too much. If I were to purchase the same thing in the retail market it would cost over $14000.

I guess good programs still cost.

I forgot to say I am still very new to NVU. My first impression is that it is more difficult to learn and not a flexible as Dreamweaver. I think the main problem I am having so far is plug-ins. I use Photoshop and I thinks that the best part of programs like the above are the plugins. Plug-ins can save work and give you a more professional look.

I like to support open source stuff because of it's availability for students. I can give them a "free" copy of any software that I am teaching. However, I wish that they could use the same plug-ins that their commercial products.

I think I will have to bite the bullet and get the Adobe stuff. Crying or Very sad
Dreamweaver Very Happy Smile Very Happy
I love it.
I used to code manually with notepad but just now, I realized I've got a lot to code in such a little time so I use HTML-Kit. It's a very handy tool and it gives suggestion on what tags you sue so it saves time in typing. I also might try HTML Beauty since a lot seem to like it. As of for FTP, I used to use Core FTP Lite until now when I changed to a lighter weight FTP Commander.
I use Frontpase and Photoshop for my job. But the best is notepad ++ . It's simple, fast and free
I use Dreamweaver..... Its so wasy to operate and to embed Dynamic DATABASE content in just few clicks.....and no need for coding..
heeh i am too lazy code my website..
so i use Web Page Maker v2.3, plain an simple..

u guyz might give a try..
I also used Web Page Maker v2.3

It's easy to use especially for beginners
the best for me is Dreamweaver mx or 8 it doesn't matter... building a website is so easy with its layout mode.. Smile

but in designing a website i'll go for adobe photoshop cs... nice features.. especially the filter gallery where you can mixed and match the filters...

then you can replace other parts of the website such as the header of the website with flash mx or flash 8... : nice animations..
Hi ,
I have tried front page a bit , can you get dream weaver for free, or another builder , I need one that is simple to use for a novice.

I prefer macromedia dreamweaver,but it alittle too large.
im using NVU it totaly rocks as its free and i find it easier to use than dreamweaver or front page
I use Adobe Photoshop and Frontpage Smile
I now own Adobe Creative Suite 3, so have Dreamweaver CS3, Fireworks CS3, Contribute CS3 and Flash CS3. I've started using Dreamweaver and Fireworks, but am yet to start learning Flash.

I still use Notepad++ and TopStyle Lite mainly for my coding, and Paint.NET for image manipulation.
I use frontpage and sometimes do use dreamweaver though when it comes to css i prefer notepad++
I use Dreamweaver. Its not that much in money and its good. Laughing
I use Macromedia Studio for edit my works. Dreamweaver for html pages, and javascripts, php, etc. Fireworks for visual template and Flash for animated scripts. Is so good!
I use Adobe/Macromedia software such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Fireworks and sometimes use CorelDraw for special drawings and for graphic design when the work is going to be printed. At the moment, I'm starting to learn InDesign.
I'm useing Site Studio 6 from Effective is nice WYSIWYG software and it has some nice options in laso have some starting layers that you can download or you can create your own from just a blank page (thats what I do Smile ).

If you are new to web designs, and if you're looking for a good WYSIWYG software, then I recommend it. Smile

And to create images I use Adobe Photoshop CS3.

I mainly use TopStyle Pro (best for advanced CSS) and EditPad Pro (light and mighty editor).
Have you tried the visual studio editor? It is pretty decent and I really liked the powerful features. Unless you are a total, clueless noob you will be fine with this. I have heard that there are free versions of VS2005 for personal use. otherwise it will set you back $500 a pop!
I have also tried the Eversoft HTML editor, but it keeps crashing a lot.
I've been lazy and am using WYSIWYG Web Builder.

I have made websites before with Notepad (woop woop!)
Hi Buddy,

i use this software called Notepad ++, its awesome and can be used to programming. To find jus google.
I don't use software to 'design' a website. I use software rather to code the design the website. I haven't created a site by dragging boxes and places them on a page in a long time. I use dreamweaver, and I guess I'm not using its full features by only coding, but ever since I started coding the design instead of dragging and pasting, I feel that I have more control over my design.
Although I'm likely to stick with my current programs, I've just started experimenting with a new program called Aptana Studio. Have to say it's pretty good for free software.
I use notepad for simple html tag stuff.
As soon as I want good design, I use Adobe Photoshop, then I hand code in notepad to look the same.
As a programmer there are lots of parts to web design that can be automated, so I then automate the whole process from the original Photoshop files to the destination formats. A simple makefile if I feel like it.
When a site grows larger, most of my stuff is in perl scripts and currently I use notepad for perl, but I really need a perl IDE with intellisense.
And of couse if the website supports cgi-bin or php, then you can start to move more of your code on the server.
Still I focus on content rather than design. If you focus too much on design, it begins to get difficult to add more content and manage a large site.
wowwwwwwww i have been a hardcore fan of DREAMWEAVER but i have read responses in this thread andddddd i am amzed that people are using other softwares as well to large extent... i think i need to look into them as welll
web_harman wrote:
wowwwwwwww i have been a hardcore fan of DREAMWEAVER but i have read responses in this thread andddddd i am amzed that people are using other softwares as well to large extent... i think i need to look into them as welll

It'll be cheaper for you Wink
B.E.W.D wrote:
I use Frontpase and Photoshop for my job. But the best is notepad ++ . It's simple, fast and free

i would like to give another nod for notepad ++, it has some useful plugins like for file comparing and good text search facilities as well code high lighting for standard languages. its also free which is a great feature that everyone loves! Very Happy
i used Dream Weaver 8 for my website... it really help me to find out what template i needed and also the fuction of my site... try it i surely it help a lot...
Wimuel wrote:
I am new at web design and was wondering what software everyone is using. I have used FrontPage in the past but ran in to some limitations. I am trying to learn what I should switch too. Thank you for taking the time to contribute to this thread.

This is obviously and old post, but I thought I would give some advice anyway.
For beginners in web design, any WYSIWYG editor is fine, but the free ones are better!
For that route I recommend the following:
NVU - Free for PC and Linux (Mac anyone?) Good features and compares with Frontpage and Dreamweaver. Better at CSS than Frontpage.
Make sure to test your webpages in both EI and in Firefox at the least. You'll see why more people are moving to Firefox after you see what IE does to your code.
FileZilla for best of class in free ftp programs.
Note++ for a notepad replacement. It has many features for various programming platforms and just makes things easier all around. Straightup HTML/CSS coders will love it!
Frihost - free web server space for a little community participation. Smile
Joomla CMS - The new wave in web development is using CMS. CMS allows for rapid site generation, many options for expanding capability and a flat out excellent support community. Others that are good (and free) include WordPress, Drupal, and for e-commerce, OScommerce & zencart (though Joomla has options that you can install easily as well).
The next step is to move to Linux for web development, and a personal web development platform (read that as your own web dev server). You can mess with settings learn Linux, and figure out how to do all the server side work. If you want to make a living at web development, it's useful to have your own server to build on. Your work isn't live that way, but will serve on your local network (or intranet) exactly the same as on a hosting service. The hosting service will be a live site that you're working on however...
More reasons to move to Linux for developing websites:
Free OS - Linux comes in many flavors and almost all are free.
Free Server OS - LAMP webserver = Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP. A great platform to learn and to use.
Ubuntu - arguably the easiest LAMP server installation, and takes about 15mins before you're up.
Why spend a bunch of money on shakey M$ servers when you can develop on the best?
Free Applications - Linux has so many application and programming development environments it isn't even funny. From Graphical Web Page Editors, to Python (90% of Google is in Python) to RUBY, and many others! It's just too easy to get what you need in Linux to do web design and development.
Community Support - Usually you are not the first to run into a problem or ask a question. Just the community knowledge bases to find your answers. You usually get a pretty fast response to a question if you ask it in the right place too. There's a lot of patience with new people in the Linux community.

Good luck new webbers!
~Brian (first website went up in 1993)
black1029 wrote:
i used Dream Weaver 8 for my website... it really help me to find out what template i needed and also the fuction of my site... try it i surely it help a lot...

Try NVU for a full featured WYSIWYG editor. I ahve to agree though that Note++ is a rock solid addition to anyone's web efforts. Great for both CSS and HTML (among other things like C++ and more...).
I myself Use Coolpage (it's the coolest thing you ever seen) Is it heck lol. But it's nice and easy to use. I also use Dreamweaver, which as a very cool interface to which I like a lot.
Well, I use PsPad for coding. PSPad is a syntax highlight that supports more languages including PHP, JS, HTML, C, CSS, etc...

When it's interfacing (templates) i sketch my whole template with Photoshop, slice it and then code it using CSS + XHTML. Right?

I don't like both MS FrontPage and DreamWeaver. I like to use hands...
i use dreamweaver and i use gimp to personalize my template.
At the beginning i used some software like avanquest's or lauyan's.
I use notepad++, Nikon camera for pictures, some sites for the template, Core FTP Pro for uploading and my brains for the rest. Razz

Adri (My 100 post! Very Happy )
For graphics ect I usually use Photoshop/Gimp/Inkscape and then for my actual coding I use Komodo Edit, its a free program and has support for most languages and auto completion, I can use it for php, html, xhtml, python, pretty much whatever Wink .
I use dreamweaver, flash, Photoshop, fireworks,... without expert knowlege of programing...

I hope to become a professional in web disign but I'm still to young (I'm a kid vs Webmaster here)
You are professional and I learn from you.
i prefer taco html edit
HTML --> Notepad ++
CSS --> Notepad ++
PHP --> Rapid PHP 8.31


So I HATE frontpage, plus microsoft no longer produces it. Dreamweaver is pretty good, but honestly I just handcode.
I code by hand, because it's the best way to really learn. Right now I'm learning PHP so I can make my own Wordpress theme. It's easier than I thought it would be.
Notepad++. I like to write the code. Wink
I used these softwares
First i used Front page ( as everyone, I moved away from it Very Happy )
THen moved on to Dreamweaver CS3
Now using Joomla 1.5 CMS whick is frickin awsome and easy.

BTW, I can't hand code (even HTML) who goes by foot when there is Ferrari Cool Laughing
well i started with DreamWeaver MX and now sitting on DW8, ive learned everyhting there is to know about macromedia dreamweaver 7,8 , fireworks, and flash and i think theres no reason for me to change to something else. anyways if you want to get things done as you want it, then handwork is the only option. btw, somehow DW7 is better at some thing than DW8
Frontpage is just not for me
and for PHP i tried to use codelobster... but little sucess
macromedia mx7,dreamwaever
I am very much a hand-coder and use the freeware version of CoffeeCup HTML for all of my websites. I am also a big fan of Homesite and began using it >10 years ago when it was free. I still have the free version somewhere. If I were going to purchase something, it would probably be Homesite. I have used FrontPage - even taught a couple of classes - and do not like it at all. I have, in fact, turned down jobs that required its use. This isn't an anti-Microsoft stance - I am a big fan - but the software is just too intrusive for my tastes.
I never understood why web design software belonged in website software and not design.
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