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Paying for College

I am worried about how to pay for my upcoming college. I plan on taking classes to apply for a nursing program at my local CC. I have to have financial aid, either in loans, grants or scholarships. I also have to have extra to pay for daycare, I have 4 yr old twins. My husband has a good job but we live paycheck to paycheck, hence the reason to go back to school. Anyone have help with this? I would appriciate any input or ideas.


Ps my plan now is to advertise a service for cheap that I can do at home to earn some money, I am an amature web page designer and builder, so I am hoping to make some extra from that.
Good chance at earning money from internet...but i'm not sure that a person must go to a collage to be succesfull...
If you can make enough money to pay for college, you don't need college. A scholorship would be your best bet.
with kids you're very much in line for bursaries and scholarships. It's like a job in itself hunting down the right forms and people to get that free money though, so be prepared to do a lot of the work yourself (school administrations are rarely intelligent Razz )

There's a major demand for non-professional rates for web design. If you can do a decent job, possibly with some simple php/database work so it's super easy for them to update their own site, you can make a LOT of money. I've done a job that involved about 4 months of work (and less than 8 hour days too, some days only 1-2 hours of work), they had 3000+ products that I had to enter into a database and make a store for them. They had the design already, I just had to code it. They paid $20k, and they considered that a deal Wink You need to go advertise your services to corportate/business customers, no dinky mom&pop stores.

My idea for signing up on this site was to get customers for non-pro web design and creation, but never thought of doign it for a business, only web presence for people, I guess I thougth all the big guys sought after the pros, that is really helpful info, thanks tons.

Oca: my main reason for attending school again is not money, I am not mentaly content with not using my brain, the paycheck is just a bonus. I have put off my college for many years to raise a family, now I am done having my babies and it is time for me to learn again. Hard to explain my drive but all I can say it , it is what God wants me to do.

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