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graphix converter

hmm, anyone know a program that can make something like a word file into a graphic?

like a word file into a pdf?

*oops, wrong section Rolling Eyes. had too many tabs open. can some mod movethis*
yes there are Wink

Word2pictures, zip file 414 Kb Download

Word2pictures, exe file 427 Kb Download

License: These two converteres are Shareware, both are trails (14-days).

and a little tip for later searching file converters (often they are command-line):
like: jpg2bmp

ok and after that all some sites with a small list of converters:
maybe i had an error in my first post.

okay. i need a graphix converter that works like PDF.

theyc an convert almost any file into a image and do it through "Print".
you are searching for a programm running background to convert any file with text or images (music/audio and video wouldn't make sense) to pdf like format by pressing only 'print' or what else, right?

but have u an idia what a format this should be? i mean there are free any2pdf/*2pdf conferters (with more or less great converting), but i dunno a programm doing this from background...

im not sure giving some links to do any2pdf conversion, but maybe u are searching for that Smile
Its a online conversion tool (but they add a watermark Sad) It converts following files to pdf:
RTF (Rich Text Format); TXT (Simple Text Format); DOC (Microsoft Word® Format); XLS (Microsoft Excel® Format); PPT (Microsoft PowerPoint® Format);
PUB (Microsoft Publisher® Format); MDI (Microsoft Document Imaging® Format) ***Experimental***; PS (Postscript Format); GIF (Graphics Interchange Format);
JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group); PNG (Portable Network Graphics); TIF (Tag Image File Format); ZIP (File format that compresses data into an archive)

another great programm is
Go2PDF Download
Go2PDF enables you to convert instantly any document into PDF format with a simple click.[...]

A list of free PDF Apps you can find here.
There are also other tools and information about PDF.

Hope i could help you, maybe its not that what you are searching for but i think its all u can do/find (but you code ur own programm to do all this Wink.
there is a program that my dad uses, its called PDF995 ( it is just like u want. go to file --> print and it makes a pdf file. it works great, but the free version has an ad that pops up, but thats only when you are writing it. hope this works Wink
OpenOffice can do it

its a nice office program, and its free (free as free beer)
its opensource

check it out
okay. maybe i got a problem making you guys understand.

i want to convert any file type that adobe PDF maker can through the Print, but it will convert it into a graphic..
you make its hard others to help you Wink
well if you want to convert this pdf to an image can u tell us what image type you prefer? i mean jpg, bmp Rolling Eyes , png, maybe gif.. there are to many...

it would be helpful if you have an idia what format you want.
yes. finnaly someone underst00d me Smile.

i wanna convert a pdf into a png.
well then maybe u are lookin for this...

or this (u may need login data have a look here)

sorry both doesn't work with a shortcut maybe by telling me the os i can help u to create a contextmenu entry(right click ...)
is the ez-forms free?
hmm yes it is Smile
silentpark wrote:
hmm yes it is Smile

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