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Paranoia Agent

I was curious if anyone has seen the full series. I have, but haven't bought the DVDs yet--it's been a while since I've seen any of the episodes...

Thoughts on the series?
I thought it was incredibly well-drawn, with a great color selection and style. Nothing too far-fetched or neo, such as s-CRY-ed. It's in a league of it's own, in my opinion, but isn't well known enough to be considered that way by others..
Owned the box set for a while. Definitely an out there anime (my style). I actually got into it after I had learned the same guy who did the story also did Perfect Blue.

Sold it, but I still have the box, if you find yourself minus the box in box set.
Laughing Haha, I may just ask you someday...

...or not, whatever... I vaguely remember Perfect Blue--not sure if I saw all the episodes or not.. If I'm thinking of the right show, it rocked. Very Happy
It was actually a fairly old (or poorly animated) anime movie based on a J-pop star that went into the television business, and fell victim to several attacks from a deranged fanatic, and herself. It reminds me of a mixture between Fight Club and Requiem for a Dream, and IMO is on the same caliber as those movies.
As for Paranoia Agent, I think the subplot is frickin brilliant and the show itself is a well done satire on this modern world's group mentality.

kinda forgot to type that in my first post.
I don't think I've seen this "Perfect Blue" anymore. I'm pretty sure I'm thinking of something completely different.. Something about constantly-evolving aliens, submarines, and.. eh, I can't remember.

I always enjoy the shows like Paranoia Agent that kind of reveal a little bit on the modern mindset. Then again, even the shows like Evangelion deserve high appraisel. Very Happy
I recall seeing a preview or two for whatever series that is. Looked intriguing to say the least. But I have to agree with you that NGE is awesome. (I'm just finally catching up on the story, via Adult Swim)

The animes with exceptionally dark story elements are the best ones.
Just curious, but did you ever watch Outlaw Star? They haven't aired that in a looooong time (literally years), but I specifically remember trying to get up at midnight to watch it during school nights. I can't remember much of the plot, other than a bunch of racing space ships, battling space ships, a gun with magic bullets, and something about the ley line, or something. Other than that, I remember it was cool--I just wish I could get my hands on the series, since it's been so long..

I have to agree with your point on plots: the darker, the better. Very Happy
As for NGE, I missed one episode where they lost the Lance of Longinus, somehow (I'm assuming in a fight with an angel?). They keep referring back to it, and it's driving me insane that I had to miss it. I don't know if I'd buy the DVDs though. The first half of the series was great, but this second half seems to be a lot more serious and psycological... It's nice, but I liked the first episodes the best...

I haven't seen Paranoia Agent in a while, but I'm pretty sure that was pretty consistent in its tone.. Except for all the random side-stories the series displayed. Razz
I likely didn't have cable when they aired it, but I have a friend with the box set (I think he's sold it by now). Yes, Castor Shells are the coolest.
I you want to get it, I would reccomend a site like Discount Anime DVD or one similar. It's probably hard to find in stores because of the one episode they didnt air. The one where they go to the Hot springs Planet...
Hmm, sounds like I'd enjoy becoming a bit more "acquainted" with that series. Wink Thanks for the link
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