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Anita Blake

I loved the first 8 or so book (up until Obsidian Butterfly)... but then I kinda feel like they took a turn (a hard, hard turn) toward pointless erotica.

I'm not going to buy them hardcover again until I know they won't make my insides hurt in their lets-have-Anita-be-addicted-to-totally-random-and-pointless-sex-ness.
That is exactly the same reaction I and most of the people I know who read them have had. And her other series with Meridith Gentry in them started out just like the current Anita books.
It's a real disappointment to see Anita who started out as a real, well-rounded ass kicking woman I loved to read about being reduced to having a life that appearantly revolves around sex. It seems strangely unfeminist for some reason to me. I know that might be a silly thing to say about a series of fiction, but I'd recommended the books to my teenage niece as a good example of a fun series about an empowered woman before it went all.... sticky and pointless. *chuckles*
I Really hope the author goes back to writing Anita stories like she used to.
:/ I totally agree-- I started reading the books at 12/13, and the porny ones didn't come out until I was older... so, despite the sex, I could totally see a strong female character and identify.

D: And then she was just a sex-fiend! Not model material. -_-

She went from short, kick-ass despite it all, religious and strong and blaaah, it totally sucks now. :( I hope she goes back to normal soon, too.

I've read ONE book of her new series-- gave up because it was so bad. -_- If I wanted porn books, I'd go to the erotica section. :/
The latest Anita Blake - Vampire Hunter book will be coming out on Tuesday, April 18, 2006 - it is titled 'Micah'.
Do you know what it's about? I haven't been into the whole Micah thing, and that being the title is really uninspiring...

D: What ever happened to naming the books after the clubs?
Sorry, but it appears that my local bookstore had told me incorrectly - or I did not hear it correctly! 'Micah' is already out!!!!!!!!!! Maybe they told me they were sold-out, and the next shipment was due in April 18th! Here you can read the first two chapters:

Her next book in the series is titled: 'Danse Macabre' and is out June 27, 2006 (according to

Danse Macabre; first three chapters available.
zanzou wrote:
Do you know what it's about? I haven't been into the whole Micah thing, and that being the title is really uninspiring...

D: What ever happened to naming the books after the clubs?

Since you mentioned you haven't been reading the latest books, Micah the title character of the newest book is a wereleopard Anita's been sleeping with. She's the leader of a pard of them now, along with a bunch of other responsibilities that don't seem to mesh well to me.
And they can't name the new books after clubs anymore because there hasn't been a new club even mentioned signifigantly since Narsiciss in Chains, which was also the last book named after a club.

Excuse any typos or misspelling, since at the moment I can't spellcheck my post and am on cold medicine that's making me feel wonky and slow.
I've read the latest books she wrote. Didn't really like it though. Don't like the atmosphere.
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