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Any Kart Racers Out There?

Any go-kart racers on here? Shifters, rotax-max, whatever. Considering getting into the sport, wondeirng if anyone had any start-up advice...

Mr Smith
Howdy there fellow kart enthusiast...

I am currently making a go-kart and will be documenting my progress on a website (Thus I am here).

I am making it out of a shopping trundler, as seen on TV.

A tip to go karting though... If you want a kart, make sure you have a good idea of where to race/use it. You don't want to spend plenty of money only to find out the neighbours will get pissed off at you easily, or even worse, nowhere to drive it.
I think the extent of my experience with that would be mario kart, lol.

But I would like to try it sometime, provided the right terrain.

How much does the average go-kart cost?
You can get into a real racing kart for as little as $1000 or so (used). I have some friends who have done it in the past, and they all speak quite highly of it. At the track near here (St. Louis, MO) they race nearly every sunday through the summer, and the track fee is only $20! Plus they have practice sessions on saturdays. Compare that to a per race track fee of more than $300.00 for club racing (not even mentioning the costs of maintaining a full size race car) and karting seems quite the bargain...

... now if I only had the time.
Mr Smith
The last weekend I have just been around to my uncle's house who's son races the karts in some sort of amateur championship. His son just blew the engine (I think its KT100), the engine repair cost is $2700, which has been fixed already, but the engine is being held until he can get the money, sad...

If your going to get into go karting and have a budget, I suggest a horizontal shaft Honda 6.5+hp engine, these go very well, and all that you need to worry about is start and stop, without any gears (centrifical clutch)... Or a motorbike engine.

Good luck ;)
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