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Anyone do anything crafty?

Nope...I don't mean knitting teacosies or squares to make blankets LOL
I do mean handicrafts though...
There's a whole new breed of crafter out there these days, those who make interesting and innovative stuff and those who are dedicated to keeping the older crafts and traditions going. For those who have no idea what I'm talking about then go take a look at or similar sites and see the sort of crafts I mean.
I myself sew ( hand jobs suck Wink ), I make LARP costumes and normal clothing and handbags and 'stuff'. I x stitch and knit and I will try almost anything once.
I am also amazed at the number of men out there who craft in a whole variety of forms.
Just curious as to how many others, if any of you out there craft in any form?
Yes i know what youre talking about. I studied to be a carpenter (20 years ago) but must say, its a good thing t know. Like in my house i did everything myself. Like the Floors my Kitchen etc. is still fun doing it, even as an freelancer in IT
I am "crafty" so to speak, I sew, embroider, croche, paint, quilt and make jewelry, but my favorite is ploymer clay, all kinds of stuff, beads, frames, light swith covers, anything really. I love the stuff. Making jewelry from it is fun also, the possibilites are endless.

yes Very Happy i love craftster!! i'm learning to crochet at the moment.
Diebels...I would love to be better at stuff like that. I have never progressed far from the basics of putting up a shelf. My husband isn't a whole lot better, so we tend to get lots of advice from friends before we tackle anything major. So any tips on fitting our kitchen would be welcome LOL We have been given our friends kitchen units, which are lovely, and only 3 years old. Just need to figure the best ways of fitting them now.

LMSdesign]...I have never tried poymer clay. I have seen some lovely things made from it though and have considered having a go, but since I have never been good at that sort of thing ( I was the child who rolled two balls of clay, stuck them together and called it a cat LOL), so have hesitated in case I really mess it up.
I love some of the jewellery I have seen and some of the minatures made for dolls houses and the like...Once more any tips for beginers or ideas of easy projects welcome.

xkarenflowerx ...I tried to improve my crochet last year. I can now do various stitches, and the tension isn't bad, but when it comes to looking at a pattern, the abreviations confuse me (give me a nice simple knitting pattern anytime) and also I am not sure of the best ways to increase and decrease and the variatins depending upon the stitch.
Have you been self taught or have you found a good website that answers these questions, and do you have any tips for another beginer?

This week I have been working on an x stitch piece which is going to be part of a needle case made to hold the nice shiny new doll making needles I was bought Smile It's small it's simple but it's for me. I spend so much time making stuff for others and for gifts etc, somethng made just for me is a real change.
I love to craft stuff.
Recently i haven't had time since i my son was born 1 years ago.

But before that iv'e made stuff like:

LARP costumes, latexweapons, latexmasks, leatheritems and other stuff for LARP's.
I accually made stuff to sell back then.
I made some stuff for a cheap short movie to.

Iv'e studied traditional forging and woodwork for 2 years.
Made stuff like axes, knives, woodwork-tools, stools, troughs and some traditional lathe (turned) items.

I planned to study propmaking but haven't had time for that yet.

I've probably forgot much of what Iv'e made but will post back if I remember any important.
Yes I'm into crafts aswell. I love to make greeting cards, I've tried nearly everything. I mostly like to use embossing stensils to make lacey edges. The latest item of equirement is circle-scribe, I've only just received it so very new to the idea. Yesterday I cut my very first circle, I think I need to spend alot of time understanding the whole concept, but you never no one day I will produce proffesional looking cards.
i make signs and posts and it is cool as you can walk into an airport and they are right there and you can say i did that. i also make signs for design companies and it is great fun as it gets you moving the whole time and there is allways stuff to do.
I love doing crafts like you're talking about, been doing it for years. Cross-stitch, a little tatting, jewelry making, crochet, sewing, quilting. It's a great way to relax when I have the time.
i do love craft stuff really hv to slot some time to get myself into it.
but.... there's too many shows i hv not finish watching Smile
Michael B
I can knit and sew (doll's dresses any one? My little sister used to get me to make them) Not bad for a boy I think.

But on the more serious side, I injoy doing wood work, and normal use up any wood I get in a few days. Unfortuatly good wood is not cheep.

I enjoy just about any other craft related thing as well. I have repainted a lot of our out door furniture, with extremly good results. Unfortualy being in grade 11 dose not leave to much time to doing all those fun things.

Seems like we have quite a few talented crafters here, both male and female.

I love to hear about others and their crafts and to see them in action.

Do any of you plan craft related websites at all?

Has anyone ever tried spinning or weaving?

I never have, but my curiosity about the subject was raised a little more by noticing we have a farm of what look like some sort of llama very close to us. Somewhere between 6 & 10 of these things in a field. The only reason I can think of for keeping them must be for the wool...

Unless you know better Wink
I am interested in learning or re-learning the art of Wood Burning. I have a local craft store with all the goods I need except I havent had the time to get up there and look around.

I rememebr doing it when I was a kid and had a blast. I think I could make some pretty nice stuff these days if I ever took the time to do it.

Does anyone else do this? I was wondering because I thought it was just a a lost art from my childhood until I saw all the stuff when I visited the store some few months back.

I think I am really going to look into this. Any suggestions?
Michael B You have no idea of the amount of doll stuff I make. Comes from both being a mum, a doll fan and a crafter LOL.
I will admit though woodwork is not my thing, but I will paint, but only when needed and I am not good at it...all tips welcome LOL

anthonygerbils Now that sounds really interesting. Are they the electronic ones or the fixed to the wall sort that give directions? Or have I got it wrong and you mean the poster sort. Either way it has to be a really good feeling to see something you know you made displayed so prominantly.

Ester I have made a couple of cards, for husband and family, but I do have a family member who makes gorgeous ones. I also had some magazines passed on to me which are full of great ideas. Do you sell yours?

Nindor Tell me more! As a larper i would love to know more. I make most of my own kit and am always looking for tips
I have tried my hand at a blog if that counts for a website. I enjoy teaching the very most. It is so much fun to teach someone who has never seen stamping before. They are introduced to a whole new hobby. I can't get enough of it.
well i like craft in all forms, i think there's some really cool stuff that can be made if you have the time Smile
i've just completed my jewellery design degree, now i'm raring to go and get making jewellery out of everything they don't want you to use in formal education! i'm really interested in found and recycled objects so i would love to use them in my work! Smile
very cool! what kind of recycled products? Like glass? metal? fascinating
yes glass and metal, also fun colourful things like plastics, parts of toys, stamps, just things i find lying around and catch my eye Smile
I enjoy scrapbooking and making my own soap from scratch. I used to really enjoy making jewelry, but I've lost interest in it lately.
I just started in paper modeling. It's pretty fun using cardstock paper and folding it into diffrent things. I've been concentrating on Battlemechs but I'm you could make anything you wanted. Other than that I practice my blacksmithing outside on nice days. Smile
I dont actually do many crafts. Unless you count playing on the computer all day. I do have a crafts store though, Its funny because I know where to get the good stuff cheap but I cant actually do the crafts.

I do have some friends that sew and do all that needlepoint stuff. I guess crafts are making a comeback as people realize how stupid television is in general.

Personally I would love to learn to be a craftsman. Working with my hands and doing something that is actually usefull would be great. Also I think it would help me get into shape as well.
i do work on a few crafty items..only for my pastimes or if im not busy at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it would be sewing or patching or made something from wood or shells or beads...the item i made that im proud of is my jewel box made from shells Very Happy
I knit and sew and make jewelry...I learned how to crochet a year or so ago but have lost any recollection of whatever I learned. Razz
What is LARP?

I have always done crafts. I've crocheted almost all of my life, and have done a lot of paper crafts, including scrapbooking. My latest passion though is knitting. I have been working on designs for knit e-magazines and have also been learning to spin. I got a spinning wheel a few weeks ago, and I love it!
I used to like cross stitching before. But now, not anymore. It was just for a short period of time. I know its fun and maybe someday, Ill do it again as a pastime.
I have a hard time cross stitching because the stitches are so small! Plus it takes forever to get a tiny section done. I just don't think I have the patients.
i like to build elaborate bird houses
Hi! I definitely consider myself a crafter. I LOVE being creative and have played with all kinds of fun stuff. My newest "obsession" is knitting socks on four needles. My mom is into spinning and weaving so I get all kinds of amazing yarns from her to work with.
I used to do a lot of x stitch and have also dabbled in some crocheting, painting and modeling.
I also LOVE web site design. I've created several websites so far and am in the process of setting one up for the Warkworth (Ontario, Canada) Spinners and Weavers Guild -- hence the name!
I would love to hear from anyone else who is interested in the fibre arts and wants to share tips techniques and patterns.
I'm a fairly crafty person... I make costumes (for myself and others), and sometimes clothes for everyday use. Most of the "everyday" clothes that I make are based on EGA and EGL designs, because I just don't have the money to actually buy anything in those styles. Sometimes I alter clothes that I've bought from stores or resale shops (adding lace, ribbons, changing the fit, etc). I also crochet from time to time (I mostly make legwarmers and armwarmers), but I don't do any of the fancier stitches.
...I carved a knife...
My wife and are a pretty crafty pair, I think.

I do wood working, and also can cross stitch from when my neighbour taught me as a kid.

My wife does a whole heap of things, like beading, scrap booking and especially cake decorating. She's decorates cakes for birthdays, weddings, etc. Actually, that's one of the reasons I joined Frihost: to make a website so that she can advertise the cakes she does.

Any other cake decorators out there?
I've considered taking cake decoration classes at the fabric and craft store I work at, but then, when I think about it... I can't cook, much less bake, so I would never have cakes to decorate... So there wouldn't be much of a point in knowing how to decorate them. Embarassed
I love anything, you do with your own two hands. Lately I have been making alot of things out of fiberglass; sculpture, chairs, masks, helmets,etc. I love working with the stuff, although the itching sucks.
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