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Backup Storage Problem Further Isolated

Tony The Tiger
When I first got back from South Florida I posted some queries about problems getting my system Dell Inspiron 8200 40GB Internal Hard Drive and Maxtor Personal Storage 3100 (80GB 2 MB buffer) external hard drive to communicate with my Western Digital 320 GB 8MB buffer external hard drive while backing up using Norton Ghost 9.0. I eventually isolated the problem to communication between my two external hard drives. I have now further isolated the problem. It seems that my Maxtor does not function efficiently when I leave it on 24/7. By turning it off overnight, I can get optimal efficiency. However, my Maxtor does not have a case with an on off button like my new WD HD that I bought with a Cintre External HD case with fan and power button. I have to find the power cord and unplug it to turn it on and off. Is there a company that would take the Maxtor external HD and put it in a case with a power button?

To better understand this issue and better assist me you can see my system, backup times and the external hard drive here:
You can take the external hard drive yourself and put it in an indepentant case with an on/off switch. Just order an external enclosure from for the hard drive size that is in the stock case. Just find one with an on/off switch and you will be fine. Another option is to simply mod the current case you have for the hard drive. Since it is probably 3.5", it will most likely have an external connector for wall power. You can just put a spst switch in with one of the leads (does not matter which) and flip it to turn it off. If the external drive runs only off usb power, then you can find the +5v lead and put a switch on it the same way you would with the power. But make sure that you get it on the supply wire, not the signal wire. If you need a usb diagram, I can probably find you one...

But the simplest solution would just to simply unplug it when you do not use it.
Tony The Tiger
I will have no problem unplugging it for now. However, since I did not have this problem for the first year of use, does this mean that my drive is wearing down. Will it eventually just crash even if it is unplugged most of the time.
It is hard to say. If it is still under warantee, then I would contact Maxtor about it and see what they say.
Tony The Tiger
I think it came with a 90 day warranty. I purchased it in January 2005.
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