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Is there any Garfield fans out there?

I have liked Garfield since I was 4 years old and now soon 30 Smile
I have probably the biggest Garfield collection in the world Smile it is HUGE Smile

I was not to happy aobut the movie Garfield.. I thought they could have done it 100% animated.
i m a big fan of garfield too... coz he somewat like me... lazy and always hungry
Michael B
I have probably the biggest Garfield collection in the world :) it is HUGE :)

If there was a contest for haveing the most Garfeild comics I would come in equal first at lest. I have every singel one on my computer, about 10150 in total. I even made a Icon for the folder that I store them in if you want it I will give it to you for 5 FRIH$ only if you like it of course :twisted: . All my comics are all sorted in to years as well. I downloaded them all useing a program called Leachget, I made a download list file it downloaded the whole lot.

It is grest setting at the computer with Explorer displaying them in filmstrip mode.

Hehe cool to see other Garfield fans Smile

I don't care about Garfield on my computer.. I meant REAL stuff, that you can feel.. use and enjoy Smile

One day I will take photo of everything and put it online Smile or maybe if there will be a 3D scanner in future I will scan them all Wink
Heh, I read a few collections of the comics at the library. I also remeber the Garfield cartoon that they had on television years ago. I really liked that show when I was young.
driftingfe3s wrote:
Heh, I read a few collections of the comics at the library. I also remeber the Garfield cartoon that they had on television years ago. I really liked that show when I was young.

Yeah, it was called "Garfield and friends!"
Hey there, more Garfield Fans Very Happy

I also have a couple of Garfield comics somewhere. Last week i read 2 of the comics, havn`t read those in years Cool
GARFIELD...yeh i have a huge collection as well...have been a fan for years... i might be half your age ... "i.e. 16" but still ive got heaps...i remember competing to get more stuff of garfield thatn my sister gets of snoopy... hehe....both are cool ^-^.
yup, i enjoy watching garfield. but never collect stuff related to garfield. i like odie cute!!!!!!

anyone watched garfield the movie?
nup havnt seen the movie but apparently it isnt that great.
nup havnt seen the movie but apparently it isnt that great. AS said earlier if it was 100% animated it would be much better... I didnt see it because of that reason.
wow, and there is a Garfield 2 coming out next...
wonder if it is fully animated?
Game Fortress
I like the garfeild strips from 10 years ago, in the books alot. It seems like the newer ones have gone down hill, and arent very funny.
I've been ready this cartoon since the age of 11 and I've read it for 5 years so far, Seen all the episodes on the TV Serie but still havent read every strip Sad
garfield's like really good for me
i like it too
I used to be a pretty big fan of Garfield when I was younger. I enjoyed watching the cartoons that had been animated (the fact that Garfield literally spoke with his mouth shut always perplexed me). If my memory doesn't fail me, Odie was my favorite character next to Garfield. His silliness had been what won me over.
Well Garfield never speaks.. he thinks and some people can read his lips Smile
I agree that the movie Garfield was a bit of dissapointment. A 100% animated film would be better.. like Ice Age. Very Happy
Hey, what do you think about the second Garfield movie? I reckon it will be 'meh' quality aswell.
Garfield revolutionized comic strips back in the late 70s, but then turned into a corporation-controlled assembly line strip that really isn't funny. Jim Davis doesn't even draw and write the strip himself anymore. He hires artists and writers to do it while he signs the checks and plays golf. It's hard to respect him or his creation anymore.
Jim Davids has sold the rights to Paws or something and they produce items and sell etc.. and yes he don't write it himself anymore.. Like Donald Duck and all others! It is normal.. he don't need the money but I'm happy there is still Garfield beeing made Smile I love Garfield!!!

Jim Davids will die like the rest of us so I'm happy there be people to continue to make Garfield Smile

I also hope the seond movie will be great Smile
I think I liked Garfield when he first came out,. I really am not sure. But I pass him up now, as he is just not funny to me. I may be missing some of the charm, and do not mean to put down any real lovers of the comic. He is just bland to me, and I find very little humor in that comic.

On the other hand the drawing is very nice, super original, and a cut about many of the other comics. Give Davis an A for art.

BTW does he still draw and write that series or does someone else do it with his name on it?
I love Garfield comics. I think Arin does too. Laughing

They always make me laugh. I just love them. The show was good too. I miss it. Sad
I like garfield but many of the strips are just no fun... Very Happy Well, accidents happens. In my opinion there can't be series that has all the strips funny.

I never really liked animated show tough...
They are less fun now, but I prefer they keep the same story and character than others do... add a new unknown brother who is fun 1-2 years and then they need something new.. or change someones character... no I prefer the way Garfield is.. always the same Smile
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