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do you know Doraemon?

It's a cat!
He's not just a cat; he's a cat-robot. :3

I used to watch Doraemon cartoons dubbed in Chinese when I was a kid. XD Though back then, I only knew him as "Little Ding-Dong." I loved his gadgets - and how he was from the future.

I haven't really watched any of the anime since then (it's one of the longest running ones in Japan, right?), but I "read" one of the manga a few years back. It brought back old memories. Very Happy
Hey yeh i liked it too, since theres not many posts in this thing I'm going to comment on the ending.

Too bad how the artist died so they had to make a crappy ending about it being a dream. Btw, i remember reading that that was happening to a current famous artist (getting old). Ah i remember, HUnter X hunter, its on haitus/really poor slow quality cause the author is getting old. It used to be really good too:(
The series is quite interesting, and I really hoped someone with a creative mind can continue with the series(of course, after the copyright expiries, and that should be about 50 years later), and not spoilt it.
doremon come from japan Very Happy
i do, i watched it when i was little
i totally love it
i reckon it is very funny
Doraemon is the old one! Even my mother was wathced it when she was young. But I like to read the manga better than watching the anime. Doraemon is so funny.
classic but great. it was a 70's show and i surely love watching it when i was still a kid. i remember i'd hurry home and i'd even escape from cleaning duty just to watch since the timeslot was changed to an earlier time.
Yeah, and now it was translated into many language and till now... doreamon seems to be a world-wide figure. Smile
I've watched many episode of the Spanish Version and for the time it was made i have to say it is quite a hit Razz Although I sometime have the felling i?m not watching an anime due to the spanish language I still enjoy myself watching the main character getting in all sort of problems Razz
Actually, I've never heard of this anime/manga. Although, I must say, It sounds interesting.
I LOVE IT!!! Doraemon is really teriffic. Quite suprised that there are people who don't know about it. It's a rare one that everyone (from a kindergarten kid to a teenager) can read and enjoy. There are also quite a lot of lessons for life in those funny episodes Very Happy
I always think that Doraemon is one 'toy' friend as a kid I never got to have. Imagine yourself with such a child companion... as a kid, you can rule the world!!!! Laughing
Meanwhile I remembered one thing...
For the ones that watch GTO - Great Teacher Onizuka serie in < certain episode where we is fighting some thuigs we says we is the 21st entury doraemon....if you have never saw doraemon at least once you will understand imediatly the basis of the joke Razz
i like this. its even recognized by an international ngo as good for children. naughty boy he is but something can be learned after.
wow, this is one which I usually watch in TV when I'm kid
When I was young, I don't have money to buy Doraemon to read.But I like to read it, so I borrow my friend.
Now I'm 22 years old but I still like to read Doraemon. It's a part of my childhood.
Very Happy
I just hate it. I used to hate it, I hate it now and I will hate it forever.
Doraemon is also known as the "neverending kiddy anime". It's already 30 years old and it's still being released. If I'm not mistaken, the team doing the anime already changed 3 or 4 times.

And I ask... Is there still imagination for more??

SIDENOTE: I don't like Doraemon. I find it kinda dumb.
You forgot to include the part where he has an entire universe inside his pouch which is integrated onto his belly. Before I knew he was called Doraemon in the U.S. I thought he was some sort of Digimon because as a previous poster said he was called Ding-Dong in Chinese.
breaktheRULEs wrote:
It's a cat!
My Japanese friend told me her younger brother cried and didn't go to school for a day when they changed the voice actors for Doraemon about a year or two ago. He must've been at least 14 at the time, so it seems a little odd, but I guess it's just a sign of Doraemon's influence on kids. If you go to Japan, you'll definitely see Doraemon things around!

I've never actually seen the Doraemon anime, but I did read some of Doraemon manga. Even though I'm getting a little old, I really like it. Though that might be partly because I don't have to check my dictionary every other sentence like I do with other manga.
I have the site for the maga. One is in vietnamese and one is in english but I lost it hehe...

Anyways this is scanlated by Aku-Tenshi. You can dl it there also ^^
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