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did you get done on april fools day?

hi folks,

i got a few people on my site with a pretty cool april fools day gag, check it out here:

anybody else got any stories?
Nice work with the dates buddy. It's still april 3rd. In Australia
i forgot about it
I spent mine with a massize hangover, and got sick after.
I forgot about april fools day. I only heard about when some people at work were talking abou it and i forgot when the date was a stuff. I had no clue it was comming until someone talk that it was april fools day.

I had almost no time to come up with stuff, plus i am not good at creating jokes and stuff like that one people.
Well, we also didn't talk much about april fools day.

I think this "special" day is going to become just a normal one.
The site I go to generally does a joke every April Fools day (as well as other random days of the year). This year the joke on April Fools day itself wasn't too good (it was just removing the spam forum), but a week before was another joke. Hey, jokes on April Fools day tend to get recognized rather quickly. Razz

Well, anyway, this joke was were the owner of the site "quit", and gave the ownership to another member. A lot of people tended to panick, and thought the forum would be ruined because of the transfer of ownership. This joke tended to tick people off... mostly because of other issues that were going on at the site (essentially, it was bad timing). Confused
I almost got fooled by the Google Romance thing.

Smile I loved it.
I didn't get fooled.. But someone did Sad it shows on the newspaper saying that the businessman was tricked and lose face in front of his business partner.. well, i think april fool shouldn't be gotten that far..
hey caroline,

that google one had the whole office falling for it!
nice find!
i stayed clear of the media ^^
Nah, nothing really happened. I was on Spring Break, so I didn't really get pranked or anything.
I spent almost the whole entire day shopping; I was a bit paranoid, though, and I was expecting to be jumped on/scared by someone who was playing a prank. Luckily, nothing happened to me, but I missed the rainboxing on FriHost. Sad
I didn't get done but I did someone else.


That didn't sound right...
well we were on our cadet sports weekend and we were lined up for breakfast then the said april fools the food wasnt there yet it ticked everyone off
Well, I didn't get pranked either, but I put creame cheese on my dad's Deoderant Very Happy , and put a cat on my sis's face so that she woke up Very Happy
look and listen mine:
My friend and I had an exam in our course.So we solved it and waited for results.Te results announced by SMS and we wanted to learn it because if we solve it correctly we will get money and have some bonuses anyway...After that i sent an SMS with our course's name and i said "you are victorious you are the best one"etc...He was suprised and called me i said i'm not as good as you...And he said that to all of his family...He was very happy.Then i said the truth "It was a Joke you are a foolish"but he didn't simile...He was angry and his family were angry...He didn't want to talk with me again...After that i bought flowers and we declared peace...
Scotty Too Hotty
not this year, but my senior year in high school. You need to understand somewhat how the school it layed out. Basically, the school is laid out in circles or squares if you will for each floor. So During class (when we were supposed to be in it) we took a few rolls of Duct tape and ran one behind each other in the inner part of the circle and ran around it a couple times taping all the lockers doors bathrooms and classrooms closed we would then do similarily with the outside of the circle except we would do it up to the floor above. WE just sat there and watched as people got sutck in the tape and couldnt get out of the class etc. WE got in a little trouble but it was worth it.

IN my Freshman year in highschool i once jimmy rigged a Paint grenade into someones locker. We were able to break into their locker (i stole a master key from the janitor) and we got in, and loaded it up so that when she open the locker it exploded. It worked, but we got suspended for that one.
heres a good prank.... empty out a pink herbal escences bottle... fill it with honey and add some red food coloring Twisted Evil Twisted Evil then when someone goes to wash their hair they get it sticky Twisted Evil
I didint get fooled on April Fools Day my brother tried dumb tricks on me like what's what on you but I never got caught in one. But if there was school my teachers would proberly try to get me in one, but it never works.
blahh i forgot all about it!
I phoned my parents from my friends house and told them I was in the hospital because I'd broken my leg.

They didn't believe me.
i had classes throughout april fools day, so basically i didn't have enough time to fool or get fooled, which is kinda sad.... Laughing
that day i just sleep
seanooi wrote:
i had classes throughout april fools day, so basically i didn't have enough time to fool or get fooled, which is kinda sad.... Laughing
Confused Wasn't April 1st a Saturday?
It was actually last year... God got me one good. The piston rod flew out the side of my engine while I was speeding in the fast lane (I won't say how fast, because I really don't know) I was stranded like 15 Mi. from Town all day. Kind of a foolish thing to do though so I guess all I can say is "haha, good one."
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