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Why scream NOTHING when SOMETHING is obversely wrong????

Why do people scream NOTHING IS WRONG when they are about to pop?
I myself feel that I'm a logical person and if something is wrong then say so, how many people out there have had this happen to them or worst yet had the NOTHING wrong screamed at them with the cast iron fry pan to the back of the head follow through?
Well, more than likely when someone seems down or different something is wrong if they dont want to talk about it etc.
they might say nothing
if you push more and they say NOTHING! then thats still not to say nothing is wrong it could still be
they could even want to see how much you really care and see if you still ask the question "are you okay?"
"is something bothering you?"
one word of adivice dont try to force it out then it wont really be helpful to her
As girl, and I assume that you are talking about females here, since I ahv enever witnessed a male do that, I can tell you somewhere around why.

Sometimes something either is so stupidly rididcuously minisculy wrong and irs pissing you off so stupidly you dont want to admit it. In this case, just let ti go ASAP and suggest someting to do liek go out to eat or go to the movies or whatever.

If you can tell somehting is REALLY wrong, like their mum just found out she had cancer, just sit there with her and be kind, compassionate, non forceful, and be a shoulder to cry on. It'll come otu soon enough. Usually people don't tell these things right away because it hasn't fully been comprehended yet. ^_^
In my personal expierence, I would get that yelled at me when it was something that I had done to upset her. And since I was supposed to be able to read her mind, I was supposed to know excatly why she was upset, and if I didn't know, then nothing was wrong. Confussing? yeah... that's what I thought. She could be cying her eyes out, and I could ask if she was okay, and what was wrong, and she would be fine, and nothing was wrong.
Yeah I've never seen a guy do this either. Like brilliantbeauty said, it usually means that she's embarrassed about even having the problem (like "I'm jealous but you didn't do anything but I don't like you talking to her").

It could also mean she's knows it will become a huge argument if she talks about it, so probably you might want to drop it. If it doesn't seem to be one of these things then you should try and guess until they tell you. From my experience I can assure you though that it is never "nothing."
Actually, "nothing" is a considerably unhealthy reaction to a caring person.

Most people react with a "nothing" because they are too afraid to tell the person what is wrong.

There is, however, the occassional "just wanted to get attention" thing.

Women do this allot as their own way of securing a guys feelings. If he shows that he cares by trying to calm her down and talk it through, then that's a plus. If he doesn't, it's a pretty obvious sign that he truly is a jerk.

Allot of the time, when something is wrong with me, my best friend will know it before I do. And when he asks about it, I may tell him "nothing" because I'm not quite sure what it is.
Sometimes the world just becomes overwhelming.

Tempermental "nothing"s are most likely caused by the lack of adress to the problem.
If a problem is not adressed soon enough, it may weight on a person until they really don't feel like doing/talking to anything/anyone.
At this stage, it is best to just stay with the person, and try to calm them down, then ask them if they wish to talk about it.

Yelling back is definatly not going to solve anything. It will just upset the person more.

I myself have been the victim of allot of temper tantrums, and they aren't pretty. Just gotta learn to cope.
Jacqueline wrote:
Women do this allot as their own way of securing a guys feelings. If he shows that he cares by trying to calm her down and talk it through, then that's a plus. If he doesn't, it's a pretty obvious sign that he truly is a jerk.

It cam also be manipulative and immature. Some people use "Nothing" as a synonym for "I want the world as I expect it without having to expain myself".
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