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Breed Specific Legislature.

BSL, Is it right or wrong? Pitbulls are now banned in Ontario, yet they are not nearly as active with their mouths as, Golden retrievers and caulker spaniels[sic]. (I can't believe that the actual name of the breed was edited, talk about descrimination! Laughing )

How does one become so empowered that he can dictate what breed of dog we can and can't own. How do you decide which breed is more dangerous than the other.

Lets face it, dogs have teeth, strong survival instincts, and are very protective of their territory, a combo made for disaster. Through proper training, a firm, yet kind hand we manage to keep our k-9 pals under control, so who's at fault, is it the breed or the owner?

I personaly don't like Pit bull terriers, but they are by breeding and training a unpredictable dog, not by nature but by what, we as handlers have done to the breed.

Unfortunaly most reasons for owning a PB are for fighting reasons, they are banned to attempt to cut down on that activity and the people who are doing it are to blame for the ban. I know there are a lot of good, kind dog owners who have PB and would never even think of fighting a dog, adn those are the people that are hurt the most by the ban, government don't have the resources to keep an eye on all Pit owners so the ban in nessasary. Sorry, i wish it could be different.

Are you allowed to have a dog that is part pitbull? (like mine)
You could probably get away with it, providing that you don't mention the bull part. Just say that your dog is a boxer mix. Laughing

I have known several people who have raised and owned bullies without any incidents, these dogs were actually quite gentle. My concern is that I own a Doberman, he could be next! I also contend that it is not the breed, as boxers were bread for bull baiting as well and make wonderful house pets.

Much of the blame has been laid on back yard breeders and puppy mills, however, I believe that much of the blame goes to the owners who don not understand the breed and it's needs.

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