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Lets talk about webcomics, shall we?

I don't know about you guys but I am totally addicted to webcomics...
It was a slow addiction, starting with only one, a good one though.

The very first and still the best was Questionable Content, a comic centered around a coffee shop, about young friends and their music tastes, filled with tons of sarcasm, satire, bitchy women, and friends falling for each other, it's got something for everyone... at least everyone under 30.

From there I discovered Mundane Nirvana Which I later found out was written by a girl I go to college with. This story is about college friends (and enemies), it has a homosexual base and is filled with sarcastic cynicism.

Next there was No Crap Which is a story that keeps me on the edge of my seat because It isn't updated fast enough for me. I just want to know what happens! But anyway, the story line is great and I'm extremely addicted, definitely a favorite.

Something Postitive Came next. This one is about two friends, a girl and a guy, who realize they're going nowhere, and so they pack up and move to Boston. Has it helped the situation? Not a chance, the girl is in love with a gay man, the boy's family is falling apart. But they still have each other (corny). Another favorite of mine.

Then the inevitable happened. I discovered Ctrl+Alt+Del A comic about people who are nerds/geeks/dorks just like me, and I was so excited to discover that there is a girl in the comic who is a gamer. Sweet Jesus I am not alone.

And then there was Penny and Aggie A typical "high school drama" story line, where popular bimbo meets intelligent outcast. Their arguments and mishaps are definitely amusing, and make me that much happier to have left high school long ago.

And another girl gamer??? No Pink Ponies Is about a girl who OWNS a video game store. How great would that be? I would love a job like that, being a girl gamer might even bring in MORE customers.
No Rest For the Wicked Is one of my new favorites. It takes a bunch of fairy tale characters, puts a spin on them, and then throws them together into one story. A great comic, extremely entertaining. Unfortunately it is only updated once a week, but the anticipation makes it that much better.

Do you like stories about vampires? I do. That's why I LOVE Vampire Phantasm It's all about surviving as a vampire when the human race is almost gone. And maybe falling for a human? Its extremely good, probably not for the weak at heart. But definitely a winner in my book.

Speaking of comics that are not for the weak at heart... The Doctor Pepper Show is a comic set in a world where evil doctors rule, girls wear frilly underwear and people use their manners. Example : "May i please blow your f%@#ing head off?". It features gothic lolitas and medical fashion fetish.

And last but not least, for anyone who has ever made fun of any single person who labels themselves "Emo" or "Hardcore" or any music label such as those, I bring you <a So common, So cheap, a comic about an emo kid with sexual innuendos, stereotypes, and other offensive comment to people in a "scene" mainly a ton of sarcasm, which, if you haven't noticed, is my specialty Very Happy

So I guess that's all for now.
Hope you all get to check out some, if not all of these great webcomics.
You should check out my new one that I put on this host, My latest project is 30 Extra Lives, but I'm trying to revive some older ones.
you should check out the webcomic post that already exists
My favorite comics is - its updated mondays, and the comics are funny.

NOTE: if you do not play videogames then you will be confused!
I like Questionable Content, but it always feels like it's the authors fantasy life to me. One guy, a robot sidekick/pet, and indie women at every turn.

Ctrl+Alt+Del is a poor man's Penny Arcade. Female gamers are less common, but not totally unheard of (There's even a professional Ubisoft sponsored group, The Fragdolls), but the gender of that character in CAD is so annoying played up.

Also, everyone should read Dr.McNinja.
Jayfarer wrote:
Ctrl+Alt+Del is a poor man's Penny Arcade.

When you think about it, it's actually the rich man's Penny Arcade. It's premium service costs too much for just 3 minutes a month. Penny Arcade is said to be doing the same thing, but it's supposed to be completely free.
I like Orneryboy. It's a twisted story about Orneryboy, Dirtygirl and ther pet zombie... Shocked
Webcomics are awesome. Except in lots of the comics i find they use a similar style, and that style isnt brilliant.

I'm attempting to make my own manga / webcomic at the moment..
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