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Mortal Kombat Armageddon

To any mortal kombat fans out there.

Have you mk fans seen the trailer of the new mortal kombat. (

It sounds like there getting bored of making mortal kombat games and want to put a end to the series by closing the game with one big battle, anyone have any comments on this?
I think they are trying to get a better version mate.
Bottom line with the new 3D mk games is that MK pretty much died with Mortal Kombat 4.

Mortal Kombat 1,2,3,U3 and 4 were all pretty much the same type of video game, Mortal Kombat was a 3D game but at least it was linear fighting.

I do like the new 3D Mortal Kombats but, I do not consider them to actually be "Mortal Kombat". It is a completely different game and they are just using the Mortal Kombat label and fatalities to make money off of it.

The new Mortal Kombat looks like it will be fun but it also looks like it is going to be absolutely fulllllll of glitches, you can tell simply be looking at the combos in the commercial. Especially in the new air combo feature.
From the look of the fatalities they are going to suck badly. They say that they a completely controllable or whatever. All that is is them not having enough ideas to create new fatalities for that many characters, I think it is a copout. All the fatalities are is a serious of move and button combonations just like the old fatalities but they ask for you to do that to rip each organ out is a new combonation. The amount of organs you rip out of the number of bones broken of whatever they do determines how well the fatality ending is. Which after seeing people do these fatalities over and over people will lose interest very quickly.
The one cool feature is that you cna create your own character, I think this will be very interesting to see what people come up with and of course you will see some idiot playing online with a suped up impossible to beat character.

The online feature will be the best feature about the game. I dont even like the 3D games as much as the 2D ones but I did enjoy playing this online and think it is the one reason that I am going to buy the game.

Also, if you are into the 2D games they are releasing a version of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 for the Xbox 360 which will be huge and I gaurantee that they will release MK2 and MK1 for online play after it gets a huge response of players.

I think that MK:A is going to be fun only because of all of the content and online play, but as for actual gameplay it will be horrible.

And I think the "Mortal Kombats" that they make after it are only going to be much more worse... They should make a new 2D game or stick to making sequels to Shaoling Monks.
Here is just a little example of what I wrote about in my previous posts.

This looks like a serious glitch even though it is not finished yet.

skip forward to 2:35 in the video, you can see with the jade kick and then the spear would make for a devastating combo.

Even if you have combo breakers it wouldnt matter everyone could have the jade kick, the spear and other moves ontop of that to make 100% (infinite) combos which I guarantee there will be plenty of.
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