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Looking for Artist

Hi !
My name is Vince I live and work here in Las Vegas, I own 1640 Productions Inc. an independent film company. Our web site went live last week and it is a work in progress. Soon to be re done in frontpage I think.
that all said just to let you know who I am, what I am looking for are a few good contract artist, age is not a factor, young or old as long as your art work is what I am looking for then, YOU are what I am looking for.

Our Vice Pres. has written a book and we need art work for it, fantasy SciFi. Every week or so I will be posting a new page from his book random. Those of you who would like to submitt art work for this project please email me and I will send you a few pages and you can work your magic from there.. and then submitt your art work.

Now as to what you will be getting from this, we are still working that out, but enough to say at this time you will get, credit in a published book, first chance to be the lead artist on a future film venture. chk out the site, and again it is still being worked on so it will change often in the next few months.

H A Wellborn
1640 Productions Inc.
Las Vegas NV

note: Freehand art, using what ever software you already use, as long as it is YOUR art work, you can even submit artwork done on paper/canvas, bar room paper napkin if thats what you work on, via US Mail service.
what kind of art are you talking about?
drawings, graphics, photographs, paintings..?
freehand drawings.. using any software that you laready work with, as long as it is YOUR art work..

Have you had a chance to look through some of the work that is presented on this forum and the associated artist. That would fit your taste.
If you want to check out my website I have done a lot more this and continually reaching for new and interesting ways of doing what i do.
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