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NCAA Championship

Who's going to win it all, UCLA or Florida? Personally, while i think both teams have a good shot at it, being a Florida fan and watching them this season, i think it's their year to finally take home the championship. What do you think?
Through out the season, I always thought Florida was over rated. However they proved me wrong and won the whole thing.

Overall, I thought finals game was boring as heck. It was close for the first 3 minutes then pretty much UCLA got blown out. I would have rathered watched a closer game so it could be more exciting.
By MARK LONG, AP Sports Writer 9 minutes ago

INDIANAPOLIS - Florida coach Billy Donovan lifted the national championship trophy above his head Tuesday, posing for pictures and answering questions about his team‘s unlikely title run and its uncertain future.

Florida claimed its first national championship Monday night with a dominant 73-57 victory against history-rich UCLA.

"What happened is significant in basketball in the state of Florida, is significant to the University of Florida," Donovan said Tuesday morning. "To be a part of it, as I am, I‘ll remember this for the rest of my life. I‘ll remember these 10 years, in terms of trying to build things and create a level of consistency."

The Gators (33-6) were scheduled to arrive back in Gainesville on Tuesday afternoon with thousands of adoring fans waiting to greet them. They intended to return to school for a day before traveling to the White House on Thursday to be congratulated by President Bush .

"Certainly a big challenge as we move forward is going to be handling what‘s happened," Donovan said. "Because in reality, the 2005-2006 season is over with, the University of Florida won a national championship and how do we handle it going forward?

The biggest question remains: Who will turn pro?

The Gators would rather not go through the same thing, although guard Corey Brewer, center Al Horford and multidimensional forward Joakim Noah might consider leaving. The three sophomores are roommates and best friends, making it possible they might talk each other into staying — or leaving.

"Nine hours after we win, people want to talk about the future and I understand that," Donovan said. "I think we‘ve got a different group of kids. I believe in my heart that all those guys will be back. I think they‘re having too much fun, they‘re enjoying playing together too much.

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Well being from California I was excited about a west coast showing. Although I do think that the sudden change of luck in the final seconds against gonzanga was the fatal moment for a real chance at a west coast championship, and that was definatly shown in the game against The Gators.
Congratulations to Billy Donovan for guiding the his team to fantastic finish!
Wow it wasnt much of a contest. Too bad. I was hoping George Mason would win, but we are suffering from a lack of a coach at NC State as of late so I have been preoccupied. Rolling Eyes
Well, as a Gator fan I'm obviously happy about their victory...I seriously thought it would be closer though...What I like most about this year's team was that they were so unselfish and really played as a team's good to see that in any sport.
Mason is number one even if they didnt win
Florida had a shockingly easy run to the final game, and in the end UCLA put up a stinker giving the Gators the title. There is no chance, zero, that they will repeat even though they have everyone coming back - next year they are sure to meet one of the stronger teams at an earlier spot in the tourney, and get spanked right out of there.
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