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Help please!

RPG Villager
i really like this girl and i am going to ask her out but i dont know how... i dont know what to say or how to say it... please help!
First we need to know about your current relationship with her. Does she even know you exist? Do you ever talk? What do you talk about? Are you aware if you have any of the same interests? How often do you see her and where?

Once we have some of these answers, many of us may have opinions and ideas, but certainly not the answer. We'll give it a shot and whatever sounds good, you can try.

Please answer these questions in the first paragraph so we can try to help.
JUst tell her, its better knowing that she may like you or not like you, the sooner the better!!
Yes, before you do anything, you better let her know your existant. It would be easier that way..
RPG Villager
first of all we are friends so yes i do exist. Second of all i thought i saw her looking at me in class for the past couple a days. i just need to know how to ask her out...
Quick question. Different standards define different age groups. So guessing by your worry, are you in your early teens? Or am I just a bad guesser?

Also, how close are you as friends?
no problems
Still not enough information. To ask someone out it has to be more than, "Hey, you wanna go out?". If it's going to be something like that or if you really are in junior high, then, yeah, you can say something like, "Would you like to grab a burger (or soda, or ice cream, etc.)" It's better to just ask to do some event. If she's interested, she'll go. If she's not, she'll find an excuse. That's not to say an excuse means she's not interested. It's possible she'll want to play hard to get, but not likely.

A really good sign is if she says, "No, I can't, but how about a rain check?" Then you're golden.

If you both like to bike or roller blade, or play tennis or some active sport that you can do together, that can be one of the best dates ever--especially for starters.

Then from there, you say, "That was fun, can we do that again sometime?" She'll make it easy for you and before you know it you'll be seeing each other regularly. Sounds easy doesn't it?

Let us know how it goes. Is she still making eye contact with you? If so, go for it. If not, give it up. Find someone else.
first, flirt with her.
second, make her feel happy with you.
third, hold her hand.
fouth, she loves you. Razz
if u find ur relationship is good now,and u like this feelling. u can enjoy it for some time.
u may be just have the one eyes thought good feelling with her. time will help u tell it.

after somedays. if u still feel good.yes ,hope courage in mind and go to her face and say what u feelling this days.finally.don't forget to say i love u.dear**
The easiest way might be through a joke. I'm not sure what your situation is like but just look for an opportunity to ask her out in a joking way. If she is interested she might take that opportunity and make a move, and that's when you make a move back etc. If she takes the whole thing as a joke then either she is not interested or she likes you and is just too nervous about it to make a move (then you might want to think about making a more serious move, and maybe just going up to her and asking if she wants to have coffee with you!!). This way you don't have to face rejection or loss of her friendship, because afterall, it was all a joke! Wink
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