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Photography Assignment #1 (April 1st-15th)

Hello, a few of us were interested in this, so hopefully more will join in. The purpose of this is too simply start posting photos regularly and to get an ongoing discussion about them.

Topic #1 (April 1st-15th) = Keys
A simple object that everybody should have access to. Try and create interesting compositions that have keys in the frame.


1. This is about camera skills, not photoshop/gimp/fireworks/etc. Try and keep image editing to basic contrast/brightness/cropping corrections.

2. Please post a link to your photo/photos. This way, we don't clog up the forums and you will get a few looks at your web site.

3. This isn't really a contest (my photo is better than yours, ha ha) it is a place to post photos, get comments/opinions on them/get new ideas. So if you think someones photo sucks, please say why and suggest how to improve it. Or shut your mouth if you don't have any of your work posted.

4. It must be taken between now and April 14th.

5. Since I started this, I will choose who will pick the next topic. I will pick the person who I believe took the most interesting photograph. We will continue this assignment to assignment so there will be a variety.

So hopefully some of the photographers in this community will get to know each other. Please feel free to give information about your photographs (camera make, aperature, f-stop, iso, etc.) Feel free to ask how someone did something (lighting, composotion, and other technique)
Thanks for getting this idea going! Great work
Look forward to competing
OK I guess I'll get the ball rolling....

It is harder than I thought to come up with an interesting composition with keys.
i have to say i really like the first shot.
also a question.
how many shot can we post ?
i think 5 max is a good number that way its easier to judge who won.
what do you think.
I would say 5 is a good number. If you have more ideas, shoot away. I was hoping this would be more about a creative outlet, than a competition.
Since the images are on our sites as opposed to being in the forums, it doesn't really matter.

Thanks for the compliment.
OK, I pm'd a few of you and you showed interest, but nobody posted.
Was it because 'keys' was a crappy idea?
Is two weeks not long enough?
Should I bother to start another one on the 15th?

Since nobody posted any pics please post any ideas for topics if you think you may participate.

Any other ideas?

I was hoping to get the photographers here to start talking regular.
You don't need to be a 'photographer', just someone who likes the art.
I was interested but missed this one due to life ,blah blah ,ect ect I wont bore you with the details...
anyway one a month would probably be better for me but I will go with the flow if the idea is continued
yea i was very interested but as tumbleweed said, life kinda got in my way. with school , and their damn papers, and my daughter turning 2 the crap kinda hit the fan. i say make the dead line 1 month, and and you pick the topic again. sorry i couldnt post.
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