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Animal Crossing: Wild World

Okay, this games was just released in Europe, about a quarter ago in USA and has sold a heck of copies in Japan.
Myself, I've imported the game from USA around New Year.
What makes me like this game a awful lot is simply the freedom and the graphics.
Sure, its not as good graphics like on a PSP, but its cozy as hell.
And all the items. Now when it has gone online, you get gifts from the Nintendo themself sometimes.
I have even started a blog on a swedish game forum about this game.

Now the question is, does more people than me share the same thoughts?
Wild World was a great game, But doesnt live up to Animal Crossing on the GameCube.
I LOVE ACWW!! Although i've never played the original Gamecube version. I haven't been playing it recently though (i've been cheating, not just time travelling. It's quite annoying really, i have coconut trees all over my town and some of them are even floating over the river).
Animal crossing wild world looks amazing I guess I'm gonna buy this next week and probably to my girlfriend to her birthday.

And the fact that there is almost always something to do everyday jsut makes me want to buy it even more Smile

Hanpusu-kun wrote:
I have even started a blog on a swedish game forum about this game.

Hanpusu do you mind sharing that link, would be fun to read Wink
alkady: In my opinion the DS game is far better then the GC-version.

heartcore: here ya go!
I like AC:WW. Fun, easy, and interesting to say the least. The MMO concept sounds quite fun too (I haven't tried it, no wireless... Sad ) but I think they could have done more with the game. Traveling to other towns, maybe driving cars to get there, minigames (like the NES ones in the original... I WANT THAT SOOO BAD!) and just more advaced features could have made the game better.
Umm... it's not an MMO, unless you consider 4 people at a time to be an MMO. Razz

This game rocks though. I've had it ever since Christmas and I still love it. Been enjoying the flower fest recently stealing flowers from my neighbors to put in front of my house. Twisted Evil Though the game is starting to get old after three months. Confused
I was just able to recently purchase the game (as well as a DS). I've loved what I've seen so far, but the game environment takes some getting used to. I've become too accustomed to playing the GameCube version; watching trees disappear over a horizon startled me the first time I saw it. XD
this game is really great! I have however not been able to play for like 2-3 weeks now, and i shudder at the amount of disrepair my town will be in when I do get back on!
This game is definitely one of the freest (is that a word?) games out there. The cool thing is that there is nothing you have to do. Your mortgage does not compound, you cant be evicted, you don't have to eat. The worst thing that can happen to you is a neighbor getting huffy or feeling lonely. I definitely think there should be a MMO version coming out on any system that could support that kind of game. With everyone living in a single, humongous town, it would be so cool. Oh, and it would be amazing if you could set up a shop-type thing and sell hard-won items to other players.
How many did win the flower fest btw?

my tactic: step up everbody elses (or take them) flowers and plant them around my house.
who was the "green thumb"? me of course!
what about the fishing contest ^.~

i dont know the englisch for "seebarsch" ist it seabarbe? ^^

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