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Original Made in France but non French Music

I know French Music is Edith Piaf, Aznavour, Mireille Mathieu and perhaps few other sutffs. This topic isn't about that sort of music.

France is certainly not a music country, singing has a long tradition still living, but music, not really. Please be cool, open up a new thread if you want debate about singing vs music. Cool Yes as most people think, usually, French groups are just followup that don't bring anything new to the music, with few exceptions in electronic music and perhaps rap music. Hate me if you want, but I just feel the same despite I am French... appart that I feel that this change since few years. I found more and more music that mix well a good quality level to some originality and sometimes more than "some". In fact a different Music tradition even sometimes help bring more originality in comparison of a pure Anglo-Saxon music tradition.

The purpose of this topic is for those who are curious to discover new stuff, this topic could enlarge their choice by making them discovering music from another country. In fact I often discovered orignal made in France music from non French people so I hope I'll pick up new interesting stuff from other posts by French or not.
Sun Plexus - Or Ou Ferraille ? A Quelle Profondeur ? (Ronda end of 2004 or 2005) (

This group exists since the 90's. If you visit their site, don't forget one thing, they like joking. This joking spirit can be found in their music but even in their CD, one of their album is even a blank CD and shame on me I had to contact them before to be able to find where they had hidden the music! Very Happy

Their previous albums are quite interesting with a good originality but too many musical jokes polute them a bit too much, like very long silence, sudden delirium and other stuff... Until "Or Ou Ferraille ? A Quelle Profondeur ?". This one is a miracle, they keep their musical sense of humour much more discrete and the result is an album that smashed my head.

In this album they decided to do a front approach to Industrial Music, nothing new you'll say me, wrong I think. In short it's ambiant music with strong energy, made with industrial noises true or imitated and more standard musical instruments, a sense of symphonic "grandeur" and a welcoming and discrete sense of humour. Also despite this industrial approach, the music tends to not fall in pure sound agression but is a lot tempered by soften noises.

You'll find at their site the full contents of their previous ablums but in low quality mp3 and you'll also found on their site some of the songs of their last album.
He he, I got lazy and let this topic died! About this album from Sun Plexus I'd say it's also a sort of Industrial acoustic. Cool
Ok let go for another selection from my country.

10lec6 - Counselling Orientation (Fiat Lux 2006).

10lec6 (pronounce dislexis) is a young band, in fact I haven't really investigate their short history, members and that sort of stuff. Young band but an album that crush the mind. Its style is highly original. There are three levels, firstly a high focus on percutions/rythmic. Some percutions have sounds highly influenced by africa but it's far to be limited to that. It's not repetitive but there are often changes during the same track. At second level there's an intence use of sounds that tend to be more near bass sounds. And at third level a female singer with a strange voice and who take a lot of liberty with conventions.

That setup a strong and original style to the album and on this base there's a great diversity. Other characteristics could be energy, a bit of speed and space in sounds, I means it's not wall of sounds but that's not minimalist music.

The woman singer has a special voice that can be disturbing the first time you listen the album. When you aren't used to her voice you feel it a very young girl singing and that's quite strange. Once you get used you'll enjoy her freedom in singing, very diversified, not conventional.

Take care that it could requires some time before you fully enjoy it. Anyway it worth the effort, it's not only a great album but one with a strong style, great creativity and an originality that hit the mind.
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