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How to become a great lawyer?

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darioabram wrote:
Hi, everyone! My name is [...] and I live in Rijeka, Croatia... I'm in high school at the moment, first grade to be exact, and I'm studying to become a lawyer one day... I'm not geek or anything like that, and I passed all other grades with A (grade 5 in my country)... I know how to listen to people, I'm being polite and quiet when other person is talking to me... That's all I had to say about me! I would like to know, if there are any lawyers, how to become a great lawyer... I come from, let's say, poor family, and my parents' don't earn that much... That's why I'd like to become a lawyer to help my parents! I belive I'm done now... So, I beg you, lawyers, help me by telling me how to become SOMEONE in this life...
Thank you in advance!

Sincerely yours,
[...] from Croatia

you have to learn how to distort the truth and lie sometimes and you'll be a great lawyer

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Or else one could suggest a little less cycnically, that all law that is passed is always a compromise. By the time parliament (or whatever legislative body in your country) passes a law, it has been reworded due to the influence of different groups - in order that it be open to being played with.* So the conclusion would be: don't lie, but do play.

In any case, I personally decided not to be a lawyer in order to not be a parasite who creates more of a need for lawyers, but that is a different critique.

* (Sigh) the compromises of democracy. remember: Democracy is a bad form of government - but it's better than all the options. (To all the logic and philosophy majors, I know that this was technically a self-contradictory statement.)
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I am not a lawyer, but I have studied the law in different programs (constitution, criminal law, business law). I guess a passion for the work you are doing, intelligence and good social skills will get you far in any field you choose.

If you choose law, understanding human nature will be essential. Negociations are much more beneficial than courtroom brawls, especially in Europe, where litigation is not so fierce and punitive damages rare. And the jury system is different from Americans, too.
yea lol, alot of people don't understand that when you become a lawyer, you don't automicatically get rich. Its hard work and you will be rewarded when you earn it. Good luck

I am a lawyer, good or bad only time will tell,
but what i am about to tell you, is perhaps a candid confession from one person to another.

A lawyer, is a person who upholds the law, we all know this right??

to become a successful lawyer, the perquisite is to be a a strong, sorted out individual first. The profession of law is perhaps the most challenging of all professions today since like doctors, it involves one's accountability for another person.

A lawyer is a person who i would personally term as a delicate balance between the apollonian and the dionysian. A good lawyer fights for what is just, but is also driven by the desire to earn, he networks well, but does not let people influence him. he speaks and writes with eloquence, but at the same time is also adept at the logical foundations of his case. he is witty albeit humble and yet he can become theatrical if so required. and above all he knows the law,

This knowledge of the law he delicately mixes with the socio-politico-economic lives of the people and presents his case.
a good lawyer is sensitive to the woes of the injured, while cold towards the cries of the opposition, be it the media, govt., or the public at large, more often than not every lawyer finds himself in the eye of the storm, in the heart of a scandal or a controversy, A good lawyer knows the art of steering himself out of it, rather than keeping such controversies at bay. you need to be really strong headed to become a lawyer, and add to that a strong will to succeed, cloaked in utmost humility

To be a good lawyer, that is difficult.

To be a successful lawyer, just be a ruthless heartless bastard. Very Happy Very Happy
In some countries being a bit corrupt will help too.
I'm not a lawyer, but I have lawyers in my extended family. I guess if you are going to be a lawyer for the money, in general, the most successful lawyers are those who have a higher win-to-lose ratio in their cases. You could still make a lot of money otherwise, but a lawyer with a good reputation gets more cases. So as a lawyer, you may be defending a child who is innocent, or you may be defending a ruthless murderer. Because a lawyer is generally more knowledgeable of the court system and the law, the job of a lawyer is to represent their client, regardless of what the truth is. You have to be a strong person to do this kind of thing. I guess it also depends on what kind of law you practice, like criminal law, or child support for instance.
Another thing I learned, is that lawyers must abide by the law, even if the law in some cases seems inadequate.
Well seeing that you are in school you should perhaps participate in class debating, this will train your listening skills to look for flaws or mistakes your opponents make and also train your thinking skills when you think of a fact in a limited space of time. Use your time in high school to train up your skills in those areas.
Consider moving and studying abroad (though this could mean having to practice in another country).
You could also try to become an international trade/business lawyer.

Good research and case study is a good skill to have as a lawyer.
all i can say is make sure you know the loopholes
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