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What Programs should I unintall from this list?


I just got my new laptop and they put a lot of useless software, I don't know what some of them do so I'm asking which ones should be unintalled.
Banctec Service Agreement?
Conexant MDC Modem?
Digital Line Direct?
Learn2 Player?
MS+ Media Edition?
MS+ Photo story 2 LE?
Modem Helper?
some of this could be gettin rid of depending on what ur plannin on doin Id say both MS plus things... maybe the broadcom management programs 2 Id get rid of Microsoft antispyware and get ur own antispyware... the "small" list of free apps has quite a bit of good ones... but Id wait and get some verification from some other people...
get rid of microsoft anti spyware Wink. install another one of your own.
no the microsoft antispyware is pretty good, its even one of the best (it was giant antispyware but they bought that company)

to unstall:

modem helper = if you are on DSL
the 2 Microsoft Plus things
Learn2 Player
Conexant Modem = if you have DSL
Bantec Service Agreement = i dont know what this is

leave the rest Smile

install firefox or something
i think u should uninstall Modem Helper
I suggest you should remove these two Modem Helper, Learn2 Player

The modem Helper will only help if you use a USB DSL Modem Dont remove Learn 2 Player unless you use any of these types of software For
Desktop Publishing
Microsoft Office
Presentation Graphics
Word Processing
You should uninstall Acrobat Reader 6 because now we are in version 7.0.2
That's a big list !

If I were in your place, I'd format it clean and reinstall the os.
and then install additional software as and when the need arises.
you must be having one of those dell re-installation cd's (those are actually branded windows installation cds). or a regular windows cd if you got it after market. don't hesitate to use it. Wink

If you are having a respectable hardware configuration (~>512 mb ram), then you don't need to bother uninstalling any of it if you are not comfortable risking your existing setup.
you won't get any real noticeable or worthwhile performance boost anyways. (maybe not if you are going to benchmark your system with 3dmark and suchlike Rolling Eyes )

If you must uninstall some, then you yourself and the people above have already compiled a pretty good list of things that you can do away with.

best of luck
Trouble with most of those new pc's with preinstalled software you may not have the cds to them with it, so if you reinstall you will lose them and wont be able to get them back, just be careful.
i would get rid of modem helper. what is that?
take out learn to play
Texas Al
I wouldn't uninstall anything. I'd just move all the shortcuts out of the Startup folder to someplace else so all this stuff isn't wasting your memory and slowing down the bootup of your computer.

If you're feeling adventurous, you can go into the start menu, choose "Run", type in "regedit", go through the registry and rename the following keys to something else, like Run_Old...


...because that's the other way that that things get loaded into memory at startup. Now, it might remove some helpful extras (like change screen res from the toolbar) but nothing that Windows actually needs. If you change your mind, you can later copy and paste just the values you want from the Run_Old to a Run key.

If you're curious about what those things do (or about any other file or error message or anything else you'll ever see on any computer for the rest of your life) just do a google search for the exact name of that file or key value or the exact phrasing of the error message. You'll quickly find out what it means.
MS anti spyware.. replace with PestPatrol

Microsoft Plus! Digital Media.. do you really need that?

Microsoft Plus! Photo Story.. do you really need that?

Modem Helper.. do you need help regarding to your modem? lolz

If I were you though, I would format the HD and install Debian.
Possibly learn2play, but the rest is what you have paid for, including MS Plus.
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