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Baseball or Soccer

Overall which sport is better?
 24%  [ 7 ]
 75%  [ 22 ]
Total Votes : 29

Intro: So me and my friends start talking and we get into an argument and the topic is baseball and soccer.
I say soccer is better that baseball and he disagrees.I say soccer needs more strategy and he says no.

So which is better to watch and which is better to play.Also I would like to know which you guys think needs more strategy or is harder.
soccer soccer, i m ready for the next world cup, my favourite team: Brazil
(come on brasilia)
Well, i dont really watch either. Or play either for that matter. As far as how tough the sports is harder to play and more difficult because of the conditioning required...both are equally boring to watch for me.
I do think baseball needs a tactical plan more than football (hate te word soccer). Simply with a good set of players you wont win it in the end. See perhaps the New York Yankees for that. Still football is the sport for me. It has more flow in it's game and I simply grew up with that game as European, unlike baseball. Eventhough we as the Netherlands are still pretty good in that either. Certainly on the European stage (simply numero uno there now).
Well, i prefer basketball, then soccer, and i like baseball too to watch sometimes by stream on internet, cause im from spain and we dont have a league of baseball here Laughing
Basketball, because im tall and basketball is for tall people
Between soccer and baseball, definitely soccer. However, it's a little biased answer since I don't watch baseball at all, but with all the people talking about it and a South Park episode on baseball, I think I'd keep my answer even if I did start watching it. Very Happy

But it's really up to the person Wink
I think baseball goes too slow for my taste. Its alright playing with friends for fun, but soccer is more dynamic in my opinion. There much more running around and lots of action.
i hate baseball. soccer has some fun.
Well i don't think baseball can ever make it to the ranks of soccer. I like to change the channel when i see the looks of baseball Smile
I hate soccer. It is soooo boruning. How can you stand it. Baseball is so much better then soccer. I truely think it is the worst sport ever.
As you can see there are more people here from other coutries then the us. almost no one watches soccer over here. So it really isn't fair becuase all these british people live on soccer.
Blaster wrote:
As you can see there are more people here from other coutries then the us. almost no one watches soccer over here. So it really isn't fair becuase all these british people live on soccer.

lol good point
I don't even think you can compare the two sports evenly or equally because in their design they are totally different. It's the whole "apples and oranges" thing.

If you compared baseball to cricket, fair comparison. Or say soccer to Gridiron (American Football), or soccer to hockey.

I'll watch either though - even to the point I'll flick between the two on two different channels.

And where did this basketball talk come from?!? Smile
I don't know how u can compare the two! they are played in two different seasons and are just totally different!

But Soccer is more fun to watch on TV, especially for events like the world cup. (I CANT WAIT UNTIL THIS SUMMER)

But baseball can be fun to watch if u have a home team
baseball without a doubt. Its america's past time lol.
To me no sport matches baseball. It is the most cerebral game requiring constant strategy, however one needs to only posess a working knowledge to be able to completely enjoy themselves. Understanding the far more complex nuances only stand to increase the enjoyment.
Soccer rocks.

It is also harder because you are constantly moving. You don't stop in soccer, you are ALWAYS. running.

I used to play soccer before I took out my knee horseback riding. Now I can't even run a mile for the P.E physical. Stupid ******.
I think that baseball is by far the better sport all the way around. It is more of a thinking mans game. You have to be thinking ahead to the next two to three plays to know what do in the current situation. Secondly i think there is more action to baseball. in soccer you go on spurts where only one team is on the offensive instead of baseball where you are guarenteed offensive from both sides.
SOCCER soccer
off course Soccer
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soccer is the best

Very Happy

what is baseball Wink
I used to play a little bit of both, but I think that they are two different thing, and it's kind of not fair of comparing them together. Someone says soccer is boring or basketball is no fun to watch, it really depends on your taste. If you are the kind of personal that enjoy watching the scores going up and down, then you should watch basketball then soccer. But I personally like soccer better, both in playing it and watching it
Well.. I think that soccer it's more better... But I think that cos in my place, we don't play Baseball.. and i do love pretty much soccer.
Soccer, footbalL!

Baseball is for girls Laughing Laughing Laughing
soccer is most definately better.... much more skill required and much more teamwork.... with basketball it always seems if you have 1 good player he can run through the enitre team!
Good ol' football. Baseball is way too long, and really is just swinging at a fast moving ball, then some other guys catching it. Soccer is a bunch of guys kicking a ball around, but at least it's aerobic and most of the team gets to play at the same time. Baseball you are lucky to catch the ball and throw it back, and the only time you are really moving is going after the ball or around the bases. Soccer you are constantly moving, especially the midfielders.

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