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5 quality posts

what does it mean by 5 quality posts?
can anyone give me an example of what a quality post looks like Razz
shaggly wrote:
My own personal opinion is that this is fairly obvious if you put together the reasoning behind the alternatives.

  1. DEAD. I don't think so. If he had been killed by opposing forces then they would have kept it quiet, in case of making him into a martyr. However, if he had been killed then Al Quaida would have done precisely that - used the web and the media to make him into a martyr.

  2. Still Out There. Again, I don't think so. He had enough resources to have continued his sick terrorist campaign. Also, we would have seen current speeches from him denegrating current events around the globe. The fact that there have been no current speeches or major events which AQ have claimed responsibility for speaks volumes about him being missing

  3. Openly Captured. No, I don't think so. If the Allieds had captured him with witnesses, then AQ would be pursuing a campaign of terror to get him freed. The allieds would not admit to having him, due to this very reason, but again, I say OPENLY

  4. Covertly Captured. I think that this makes the most sense, logically speaking.

    If they captured him without witnesses, then they wouldn't have advertised it, in order to avoid rescue attempts through terrorism. Instead, why not just simply make him disappear. That way we have what we have now. No news about him, merely conjecture. He's not a Martyr, he isn't a prosoner to be rescued, he's simply not around...

    This all seems to make the most sense to me. I don't know about you lot out there?

That would be a 'quality post'. It is just a really long post that goes along with the topic and isn't classified as 'spam'.
A good post is a post that is original, NOT copied. Thought provoking possibly if in the philosophy and religion forum. Descriptive, not just a copied code but what it does and how to use it, not just news but your angle on it etc.

Put simply a good post is about quality. To gain quality you obviously need some quantity, generally at least over 2 lines, the longer ones can be better or worse depending on the content. They are prcise and to the point, they dont whittle on about nonsense. They are on topic and should contribute with a specific value.

I suggest you check out the Philosophy and religion forum. The overwhelming mahority of those posts are excellent. If your new we don't expect you to post that like all the time and straight away but they are good to observe to learn hints, tips etc.

Another indicator is formatting. To little and your post is boring, to much and youve been rainboxing to much. Bold heading, sepearate paragraphs with blank lines. Don't leave lines between each line of text or use smilies over excessively.
A good quilty post can be found Here Notice how just about all of them are many lines. The post above is also a good quialty post.

This is not a good quilty post.

You should have effort in your post and it should score you a good score when you get your points and frih$. If you get a 2 or higher you have a good quialty post. Very Happy
Not to offend the 2 people above me, but both of you have type-o's in your posts. Laughing You're supposed to be setting an example that good posts should have very little to no type-o's, to make it seem like that you really do care about what you write on here, and not something that just states your thought in one sentence. For instance, the 3 posts above mine, and including mine, would be quality posts because we're trying to represent a point. The first things that I wrote on here were tutorials, and surprisingly, they've been pinned to the top of the Programming forums. Now don't I feel special. Very Happy

- Mike.
Yea but you don't get points for them. You need points to get your account too. I was also in a hurry. That is why I had so many. Anyhow sorry for the type-os
Ever read the newspaper? An article is the equivalent of a quality post. When you post, You give your opinion and explain why.
Is this really that difficult of a concept? You reply to something somebody says and on topic.

This is an interesting business model, and I want to support it. However, I have to admit it feels strange to be adding to all the blather to the world when I don't really have anything to say.

For the purposes of this forum, quantity is being equated to quality. This not only encourages people who have nothing to say to talk about drivel, it gives people more junk to read in an info-overloaded world. Of course, not all posts are junk. I've read some very useful tips in the web support section (in fact it might be worth taking out some of the "general chat" options just to encourage people to contribute there). I'm just saying that being obliged to shuffle out long epic posts is bound to create a lot of fluff that no one wants to read.
and you woldn't want to reply with something like "LOL"
ot "LMAO" or something like one word you will want to make them longer and them to actually have a point
a long post that hasnt a point is also not a quality post.
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