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P4 4.0GB

how much does a P4 4.0GB hard drive cost????
They don't make 4.0GB hard drives anymore, but you might still be able to find it in some shops that take in old parts for re-selling.

Also, hard drives don't really depend on processor speed. Even a P2 can run on a 4GB hard drive. Wink
A 4 GB HD cost around $10-20.00, But thats an estimate since it's hard to find them alone. But they can be found by buying them off used computer resellers for $80 with the full system. So just strip it apart thats all.
Why would you need a 4Gb hard drive? Are you talking about a 4GHz processor? Because they only go up to 3.8GHz stock right now. Here are some 3.8GHz processors on Newegg, and they are not cheap: link

As for 4Gb harddrives, it would be less trouble to simply find a 40Gb drive somewhere and spend $20 more. If you ABSOLUTELY have to have a 4Gb hard drive (I have no idea why), your best chance of finding one would be Alkady's idea. Good luck.
goodforum wrote:
how much does a P4 4.0GB hard drive cost????

there are so many things wrong with that

1) I think you mean 4.0Ghz
2) a 4.0Ghz P4 does not exist, Intel canceled it and topped out at 3.8Ghz, aknowledging that the mhz war is over.
NO NO NO NO, DO NOT GET THE 3.8GHZ PENTIUM 4. I can't not stress this enough. The 3.8ghz pentium has enough heat coming off it to heat a small 2 bedroom house. Trust me you may think it is a nice processor but you will go through hell trying to cool it.

If you looking for speed get a AMD Althlon 64 FX 57 yeh they cost more but they don't have heat issues and they out proform the Intel pentium 4's.

At most you can get a AMD althlon 4000+ dont know how it compares to the 3.8ghz pentium 4.

Trust me I got one of those EM64T pentium 4s it was a 3.0ghz one though. Man as soon as we got it together and started installing windows the first thing it did was turn off and the thing ran at 170 degrees with the heatsink that came with it. After some 4hour tinkering I finally got it to run at 143 degrees. AND THAT IS ONLY 3.0GHZ THAT IS NO TYPO 143 DEGREES.
Laughing Any P4 can heat 2 rooms; I flip my comp on its side and take off the side panel if my feet get cold...

Is that 173 degrees celcius or fahrenheit? If it was fahrenheit, that is perfectly normal... As for celcius, holy crap... Laughing
it is F. that isn't perfectly normal.

Amds only run at 100 degrees. Amds FX run at about 130. 173 is not perfectly normal that is why i siad you can use pentiums to heat your house. i use my pentium 4 to heat my room it beats using the 1000-2000watt cental heating unit. (computer is 400watts.) but then again sometimes it gets too hot because we have a big house and it doesn't heat a 6br house.
psycosquirrel wrote:
Laughing Any P4 can heat 2 rooms; I flip my comp on its side and take off the side panel if my feet get cold...

I personally think the 2.66 or 2.8Ghz P4 northwoods were the best processors for a long time... I have never seen my 2.8 get above 39C at full load overclocked (not a whole lot though Rolling Eyes) with the stock heatsink. This is even with my nonstandard motherboard layout that shuttle decided it would be "smart" to have the left side of the CPU heatsink a quarter inch away from the back of the case... Prescott Pentium 4s, on the other hand, are almost worthless.[/i]
I have an early P4, it is only 2 GHz, and it runs HOT. I even bought an aftermarket hsf to try to make it live longer. I don't bother to measure the temps, but unoverclocked, you can burn your fingers on the heatsink.

In response to Xenic, that is perfectly normal for an older (1+ year old) P4. For some reason, they emit enormous amounts of heat. Luckily, CPUs are very resilient and can withstand enormous temperatures without damage. But, I do agree that yours is running excessively hot. I have mine running below stock voltage to try to eliminate some of the heat... Maybe you should try the same...
This machine I'm on has a Pentium 4 processor with a clock speed of 2.4GHz. It runs just fine, it averages around 98*F to around 118*F depending on room temperature.

My sister has a newer PC than I do, one that has a Pentium 4 processor with HyperThreading, and that's at 3.0GHz. The thing sounds like a freaking wind tunnel when it gets hot, as the fans go into overdrive (it's a pre-made computer, not custom made). Rolling Eyes

- Mike.
izcool, I own the same processor that your sister has.

Around 45 in idle is O.K for it.

I'm buying a new cooler though, i'll overclock it to 3.4Ghz then.
Hmm.. Why finding for a 4gb hard disk? 20gb hard disk for desktop pc doesn't cost much. Especially 5,400 rpm hard disk.. but it load much slower.. For gaming pc, 40GB SATA HDD is recommended for low-cost.
wow.. does it exist?
Shocked lol
I dont know what you guys have done to yours but my P4 2.5Ghz processor runs between 88-90 Deg. F. In the summer the thing might hit mid to low 90's but i mean, i have my BIOS set to shut down the computer if they go over 40 Deg. C. thats only like...104 Deg. F.

A P4 running at anything really over 120 Deg. F. is very hot and needs replacement or a checkup...
It really depends on the core...

My P4 runs much hotter than yours, and most modern vid cards (especially 6800s) are designed to run OVER 100 degrees CELCIUS.
it expect it will has a lots of cost
Intel should have changed the name of the Pentium 4 between the northwood cores, and prescott...

northwood = relatively cool, decent performance
prescott = way too hot, lower clock per clock performance
that is why there is compition (amd athlon 64) that runs faster and at lower tempature then then pentium 4's. Yet, saidly people buy what they know aka you ask a person name a computer co. they would most likly say dell. So they buy a dell. You ask a person what cpu (if they even know what that is) they say intel.

AMD's beat the shit out of intel but you know...

I asked my friend what computer he would like I said amds are better at gaming then intels he told me. I would perfer intel I have never hurd of amd. Well after we built that computer and spend almost 6hrs trying to fix the heat issue. I think it will be a long time before he buys a intel again (it was a intel p4 em64t 3.0ghz 2mb cache.
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