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What burger do YOU like?

Very random, but lets give it a go!
I like McChicken sandwichs and Big Macs

[Although this anit part of the topic, i LOVE Mcflurrys]

Before any of you say so, i'm not obese. Razz
first i must say i don't like burgers that much. but anyways - burger kind is the one i would choose if i had to eat a burger.
I love a good burger, but I'm not real keen on fast food palces. My wife makes a real good hamburger, so I think I'll just stick with them (she's also pretty handy with a good steak...McDonalds can't claim that).
The best I've ever had were Uncleburgers in New Zealand. In the UK, I used to like Wendy's but haven't seen 1 for years. I'd take Burger King over McD any time.
Jalapeno Cheeseburger with Chedder cheese and bacon and all other stuff on it!!! Love it, gotta love ChappS Cafe.
Pretty much any kind, yumm... Burgers!
Is the question referring to a burger that one can purchase? If so then I must say any burger in Arthur's, a joint in Hyde Park by Cincinnati OH. None of the more processed kind in our general super-sized fast-food chains. But honestly I prefer to make my own burgers, of every variety, and fire it up in my own charcoal grill. Nothing beats that.
a pepper burger from j&d's always works for me. i will eat any kind of burger though really. burger king is better than mcdonalds btw...
Portabello mushroom burgers, with swiss cheese (or pepperjack) - are without a doubt, the best burgers on earth.
wow... burger good~ ^^ I like burgers! probably too much! I like Burger King or McD! Very Happy Probably can live eating only burgers! Very Happy
I hate McDonald's burger. But I do prefer Harveys. Their burgers are finger licking good.
Burgers are delicious! If you happen to see a Jollibee restaurant in your area, don't think twice. Try their burgers and you'll love it! Smile
I love McChicken, Double cheese burger....but Bg Mac is too much for me Smile
I want to try the 6 lb. Burger.....

but for normal meals, I guess I like the doubles from Wendy's. I don't like McDs that much, but Burger Kind is good.
I like the teriaki pork and egg burger they have over here. Strange but good.
meet in rio
Plain cheeseburger, preferably with quorn instead of beef, but I'm not that fussy.

Quorn is a magical food <333
I like homemade, grilled hamburgers topped with pepperjack cheese and a bit of ketchup on a wheat bun. Also, mushroom-swiss burgers are AMAZING. I dislike fast food though. It looks, smells, and tastes nasty...
Homemade hamburgers with chile power and barbecue sauce mixed in, put some cheddar cheese and ketchup on top and serve it with a fresh bun. Or, if you're talking fast food, I could tolerate a Whopper with cheese.
I personally like Mc chicken sandwiches or Big mac's at mcdonalds, or from burger king, any really.
The zinger burger at KFC is also really good
Wendy's spicey chicken burger, Burger King's whopper.

Two Gods among burgers.

Stuff from Mc D's actually makes me sick to my stomach after eating it. I think it's cause you need to build up a resistance to it.
I like the burger with Worms and roachs... Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing ...
My favorite are Rice Burger and Mushroom Swiss Burger Very Happy
I hate burgers... Not at all healthy, most of them..

There are better foods I eat, just dont ask what??
I like wendy's Jr. Bacon Cheseburger. They are so good and tasty. Mmmm...

This thred made me hungry Cool
I like McD bugger. In my country, only McD bugger taste delicious. Others cannot compare with it. Very Happy
Checkers has the best burgers, but I don't think everyone has checkers...
Mmmmm....burger... Drool

Oh wait...where was I...oh yeah, I like a home-made burger personally, I think those are best because you make them the way YOU want.

However, if I MUST go out to get a burger, I like Hardey's or Chillie's (yes, I have gotten a burger at a steakhouse -- and it was awesome).
I am so hungry I would Love to have one of my all time favorite veggie burgers from Humboldt County Calif:

Veggie Burger with Swiss/Chedder and grilled mushrooms; covered in BBQ sauce. comes with fresh local lettuce, tomato all on a poppy seed home made bun. Of course to gain full appreciation for the experience it is a must to order it in a basket (Fresh Fries!) with a Humboldt Creamery Milk Shake.

IIIEEEEWish I wasn't 6 hours away; I'm going to see what I can whip up Wink
i like Big Mac
Burger Kings Bacon Double Cheesburger mmmm. theres something about the taste of burger king burgers that i love, although they can be a bit dry.. still the taste is what counts for me.
I absolutely love double bacon cheeseburgers. There are soooo yummy.
So many good answers!

Anything at Red Robin. Very tasty!
Garbage Burger At Max and Ermas

Once, when on a job in Casa Grande, Az, I wasn't able to get out for dinner until after 9PM (on sunday) and I couldn't find a thing open except Whataburger. Never heard of it before, but omg! It was great. Maybe the hunger was part of it, but I still go back whenever I am in AZ.
i only consume several burgers a years. i like the basic burgers such as cheese burger and beef burger. yep, rice is still the main food in here Smile

mc donalds have lot of yummy burgers but i have never try one before. maybe someday i'll try them out if available here Smile
I love Burger Kings Whopper Cheese (without pickles and majonese)! It is the absolute best! Remember the Lost World Whopper Cheese! I wish they would sell that sause on the burgers again!

I do not think the meat in McDonalds burgers is any good :/

The best burger, I make my self with Raw burgers from the store (which I of course fry), huge hamburger bread, Cheese, onions, paprika, champingong, salad, tomatoslices, ketchup and taco sause! After that, I'm full for a week!

Burger Kings Bacon Double Cheesburger........

Yes i would tend to agree !!! Razz Razz
Big Mac is the top, Wendy's also makes a delicious burger.
cavey wrote:

The best burger, I make my self with Raw burgers from the store (which I of course fry), huge hamburger bread, Cheese, onions, paprika, champingong, salad, tomatoslices, ketchup and taco sause! After that, I'm full for a week!


Sounds tasty, my friend! Now you just have to try making your own bread and I think you'd be in heaven! Cool
Dont really have a specific choice for burgers but I really like the pepper good
Of the major, fast-food chains, I prefer Wendy's (definitely NOT Burger King or McDonald's).

Of the lesser fast-food chains, I prefer Checkers (called Rally's in some places), and would place them above Wendy's, as well.

Also surprisingly good are the burgers at Dairy Queen Braziers.

Now that I'm living in Honduras, I still prefer Wendy's over Burger King (we have both here, and the two bigger cities have McDonald's, too), but really prefer the local "Queen's Burger."

At home, I mix a generous amount of Chipotle pepper powder into the meat before cooking, then top them with sautd onions and melted pepper-jack or Manchego cheese.

All that said, I only have burgers about once a month, and really prefer chicken, which is much less expensive here (chicken is about 90 cents/lb, and ground beef is about $2.25/lb).
i like bigmac
Give me homemade double cheeseburger with three kinds of cheese (american, swiss and chedder) over that fastfood stuff anyday.
I think my favourite would have to be the Buddy Burger from Buddies, a local fast food place. Two patties, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions. Very, Very good Very Happy
Burger Kings and McDonalds???? How could you like those, taste bad to me, I like half pound burgers with toppings I choose, at Chapps Cafe! ^.^
Well, I'm a vegetarian, so I don't know if it's right to actually call it a burger, but anyhow... Max, the veggie-one they make, with lots of chillicheese and onion right beside it... Smile Smile Smile
I would like bugers of Buger King and Mcdonald.
Oh, no ... I do prefer Harveys
You gotta make the burger yourself, or it's just food

The perfect burger would be like Black Angus ground beef cooked medium rare, lightly blackened with grilled tomato, grilled thinly sliced onion, Green Chili mixed in with the mayo and mustard with a little bit of jamaican jerk seasoning, lettuce, grilled mushroom caps, and a little bit of sour cream, on like a poppyseed bagel. Maybe some cheese and Tabasco, but I wouldn't want to overdo it.
I love making my own yummy burgers but when I am outside, I love Hardees! They make the greatest burgers IMHO. Boy am I craving a juicy burger now Exclamation
lol, do we need preference? burgers are burgers! ^^ Any burger would do! As long as it's burger, I eat! Laughing
clip wrote:
lol, do we need preference? burgers are burgers! ^^ Any burger would do! As long as it's burger, I eat! Laughing

Well, that pretty much eliminates McDonalds and Burger

I love my White Castles, but there aren't any here in Florida.
I'd say I prefer McD's Double Quarter Pounder with cheese above all other fast food burgers.
However, if you ever have an opportunity to sample a "Black and Blue Burger" I'd jump at the chance... YUM!
A local Buffalo, NY Pub named Coles serves them up.
It's a 1/3lb burger, blackened with "fresh" blue cheese on it...
Oh, and if you're nice to the waitress, you might be able to convince her to slap some bacon strips on there... 'cause everything's better with Bacon!
In Orlando, FL, there used to be a place called "Cheeburger, Cheeburger" (named after the old Saturday Night Live skit), that had incredible cheeseburgers.

In addition to 1/3 and 1/2-pounders, they also had a POUNDER, and that was the weight of the meat AFTER cooking (not before, as with McDonald's, et al). If you finished one of them, they took a Polaroid picture of you and stuck it on their wall. Although their burgers were very good, the biggest I ever got was the 1/2-pounder. I never would have been able to consume a full pounder in a single meal.
this entire thread is making my mouth water and my stomach growl.

I like a nice homemade burger, 100% Nebraska beef. Sometimes i like McDonalds, Wendys, etc. theyre all about the same as far as "goodness" is concerned, theyre just different. I've gotta say though, there isn't much as satisfying as finishing an entire classic triple at wendys Wink
Wendy's burgers and Burger King's whopper are the bests.

I dont like Mc's burgers. Very Happy
err... MOS burger is the best choice for me!! Cool
The Philosopher Princess
I like the Jr. Whopper & Chopper n0obie burger, as pictured here:

The Philosopher Princess wrote:
I like the Jr. Whopper & Chopper n0obie burger, as pictured here:

With the way it wields that spatula I think I'll steer clear.
The Philosopher Princess
SunburnedCactus wrote:
I think I'll steer clear.

A steer clear burger would be something like a ghost burger I guess. Probably good on the cholesterol.
The Philosopher Princess wrote:
SunburnedCactus wrote:
I think I'll steer clear.

A steer clear burger would be something like a ghost burger I guess. Probably good on the cholesterol.

She (?) has a valid point, none of them are really any good for us....but they are so tasty.

@The Philosopher Princess

It seems I must change my sig Wink
The Philosopher Princess
Vrythramax wrote:
She (?)

Laughing You are questioning my she-ness? Laughing

Vrythramax wrote:
@The Philosopher Princess

It seems I must change my sig Wink

I liked your sig. That was funny to see it mentioning me all over the place. I was wondering when youd find me, but I was going to let it happen naturally.
By the way, I like buffalo burgers. The ones Ive had were slightly tastiest than regular beef burgers.
The Philosopher Princess wrote:
Vrythramax wrote:
She (?)

Laughing You are questioning my she-ness? Laughing

Vrythramax wrote:
@The Philosopher Princess

It seems I must change my sig Wink

I liked your sig. That was funny to see it mentioning me all over the place. I was wondering when youd find me, but I was going to let it happen naturally.
By the way, I like buffalo burgers. The ones Ive had were slightly tastiest than regular beef burgers. apologies, but you must admit that one of the nice things about the Internet is that know one really knows you.

Humbled. Sad

FYI...never gave up hope Wink (Buffalo?...real buffalo?)
The Philosopher Princess
No apologies needed! Very Happy I just thought it was a funny question mark, seemingly out of the blue.

Yes, real buffalo. um umm ummm
I don't usually take burgers, but I would say the BigMacs in McDonalds are my favourite. Maybe just because the always manage to fill up my stomach, Laughing
McAlooTikki (in India) and McVeggie
Fillet-o-fish rocks!! I also like McChicken.
McOz burgers are ber tastey... you can only get them in australia though. No doubt they have them in other countries but call them something else. A McOz is like ur ordinary burger but with beetroot.. yumm...*drools* I could go one right now.
I prefer home made ones, as they are much better for you than fast food ones. But if i had to choose a fast food one it would be Burger Kings Bacon Double Cheesburger. Soo bad for ya Razz Twisted Evil
rohan2kool wrote:
Fillet-o-fish rocks!! I also like McChicken.

gotta love personal fav, but can you really make a "burger" out of one? Seems some form of dead steer (bovine) is involved in the process.

Just for the record...I live in a fishing community, so fish is not exactly the "Top of Menu" here. Wink
Hm, I would have to say...

From Mc Donalds:Mc Griddles Sandwiches. ( Just the Sausage and the Egg... and let's not forget the bacon! ) Yum... Also, I like my dollar-menu hamburgers.

From Burger King: Whopper Jr. Oh Yes... But hold the onions and the tomatoes.

From Wendys: That burger with the bacon in it!! Yeah, I like bacon...
The best burger hands down is the California burger at In n Out burger. Natural ingredients made at the store.
its just the best tasting burger ever if you havent had one a for a while or two you will start dreaming about them : )

as for fries the best fries around are at Red Robin, and they are all you can eat too. frieeeeeees

Mc Donalds to me just tastes like crap i cant eat that it makes you feel wierd after eating it. and everything tastes wierd, its more like a sandwich with bad tasting sause on it rather than a genuine hamburger.
I prefer kebab, but anyway. My best burger from McDonalds is McChicken, but nothing can beat the burgers which are created by Albanians. Smile
Crispy McBacon RULEZ!
McChickens...ya...the cream/dressing's really good and the chicken is the greatest...

just a random thought: when bird flu comes KFC's gonna get bankrupt rite?
ah, i like this topic.

in mcdonald, i like the "fried chicken riceburger". It's called "Fantastic" something like that. i don't know its name exactly. Is it sold outside Asia ??

and i like the egg mufxx (i don't know how to spell''' sorry) too. i usually have it in mcdonald.

in Hardees, i prefer the San Fransico cheese burger. It tastes so good.

actually i quite like burger. Surprised
burger king's lamb burger
I do never eat burgers. Never. I'm a vegetarian and I don't even visit fast food locals. Blaaah Confused
To be frank, BURGERKING is the Best. I really like it. why bother spending money for rubbish burgers like mcdonalds when you can get the best one with a bit higher price no much offense Razz) so bad that the city i'm living now has no Burgerking so i have to buy mcdonalds with no other choice T_T anyway if we got burgerking here i will go for that for sure. ^^
My dad's cheeseburgers are the best Very Happy
Big Mac & cheese burger from Mcddy

Bacon double chesse burger from burger king
Not much of a fast food person myself, but I like the 99 cent menu at Wendy's. As a poor college student, its probably the best deal for me...i'll get 3 or 4 hambugers and let it rip Wink
I like the burgers at Red Robin like the A1 Burger
Pablo Diablo
It's been said already but I must put in another vote for the McChicken sandwich. I used to look forward to Wednesday's to get a McChicken for 1.93 but now they stopped selling McDeals...What is up with that?

It's so hard to pay almost $4 for the sandwich now but what can I say, I am addicted!
McD Big Tasty burger is my favorite, I don't know if this burger is avaible in another coutries, here is Brazil we have a tradition of BIG burgers and this one is "just in case" for our third-world-hungry. Exclamation
Its got to be Burger King whoppers. I really dont care for McDonalds the taste just isnt right. But having said that, if I'm desperate for a burger any will do...except Wimpy they are really crap and it takes ages to get served...its supposed to be fast food for heaven sake!

You should have done a POLL it would be interesting to see which one of the Burger Giants would win amonst FriHosters
Burger King is pretty good, I don't know why people put it in the same category as McDonalds.

A bit of useless trivia for you = most buffalo burgers aren't actually made from buffalo. They're really made from bison, which live right here in North America and are much less expensive. But probably no one cares, so I'll drop this....

Anyway, my favourite burger is the double-bacon-cheese bison burger from Ye Olde Ice Cream Parlour in Gimli Manitoba. I'm willing to bet that no one's been to that little place, but it's soooooo good....
Not really a burger fan..I love meat meat...not the processed kind. KFC (kentucky fried chicken) in my country has a burger that has a chunk of meat inside. That's my fav...

For McD...maybe the doublecheese burger..

Burger king...whooper...double..

EDIT: What!!! You guys still eat bison meat!! I thought bisons were getting extinct...
Ok lets see.....
I like Indian version of Burgers....
Let me say.......
Mumbai's version of Burger...
Vada-Pav and Samosa Pav...
Oh.... its mouth watering...
i will leave for now to have one now...
i'm a big Burger King fan, and cos there isn't one in my home town, i crave one of their burgers every minute of the day!
i think beef burger with cheese.
I enjoy my burgers with bacon in it.
Big Mac no hesitation/contest
Well, well, well.

It has to be a Cheeseburger.

I mean c'mon. They smell good, look good. And they are good Very Happy
Hmmm I have not had a fast food burger for sooo long I can't remember where I would go.
My favourite type though is homemade on the barbecue with lots of barbecue sauce and of course you got to have bacon and cheese and portabello mushrooms.
omg burgers are nasty i only eat health food but i must say mc chicken burgers go down nicely with a shake
Well, I have had burgers in a couple of places and so far the best ones would be:

In and Out - Fast Food Chain (California based mostly)
Steve's - (Again California based)
Islands - (Really Cool Resteraunt; Not fast food place. LONG LINES!)
Kings Hawaiian - (Another Restauraunt; also has good rolls..)
Burger King
Carl's Jr. (know as Hardee's in some places)
My mom's - Smile

Yea, that's kinna funny, I sound like a burger critic. There are some other that are good too, but those are like my top seven. Oh yea, I also like those mini burgers from White Castle, you can buy them on the frozen foods ailse(sp?).
In and Out has a really nice simple burger. really packs a punch for a fast food joint.
hardees philey cheesetseak burger =D
I love me some Carl's Jr. Six dollar jalepeno burger. Id like to know what sauce or spread makes it so spicy. I know it can't me the jalapeno because those aren't that spicy. They always over cook the meat, is the only problem. If any body has the inside scoop on the sauce or cheese or whatever let me in on it so I can stop spending so much money and just BBQ at home and do it the right way.
mmmm hamburgers Laughing
lettuce pickle cheese buns love it all
There's this little burger place in Hollywood that I ADORE. It's called Molly's and everytime I go there i just have to order the double bacon cheese burger, sometimes with their chili. You'd swear you tasted heaven. And their fries..... Dancing
I love McChicken and Double cheese burger..
but not Big Mac Rolling Eyes
I like the McChicken. Not to be cheap, but its good and at a low cant go wrong.
I usually never eat Burgers or fast foos anymore just because of my regiment, I box so if I ate a big mac I would die in the ring. Anyhow putting that aside Harveys TEXAN BURGER!
k lol.

a mchicken but if i also may say a big queens, thats not from the big mac but from queensburger where i also used to work back in da day Wink Arrow
filet burger from mc d.
A&W cheese burger is yummy too.
But i like to home made my burger with lot of cheese, special sauce.
so far as fast food goes, i'd have to say burger kings whoppers are delicious, but give me a grill and the right ingredients and i believe a bacon avacado cheeseburger is by far the best piece of heaven on any plate in the world... ^_^
cheezeburgerz for the win Very Happy yay for delicious-ness XD
Double cheeseburger with mustard and ketchup, no rabbit food, from Johnny Rocket's. YUM. I also like the chocolate milkshake there... :: happy thoughts ::
Bacon Cheeseburger. As far as fast food goes, Wendy's is best. I get their quarter pounder with cheese (plain otherwise).
ahh yeah, McChicken always!!! or a BigMac, but just because it's big Very Happy
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