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Simpsons movie coming!!!!

So there supposedly is a preview for the new Simpsons movie!!!

According to this, the preview is being shown with Ice Age 2 and should be due out by 2007.

This would be a good reason to see Ice Age 2, methinks.
Actually, This is old news. Its been announced that a movie was due in 2006, But with the tight schedualing, It was pushed back.
I never heard this. I hope they don't stop the production. I love watching the Simpsons episode and I bet the movie would be as good.

My favorite episode was when they showed the views of 3 different simpsons character for one day.
I didn't hear there was a simpson movie due either! I can't wait and i was planning on seeing Ice Age 2 anyway but i have an extra reason now thanks Smile

Cooooooooool really looking forward for that movie!
Anybody seen the Simpsons last night? They had a commercial which was essentially the preview (Homer in his underwear, etc.)

It's kewl! I say something about the Simpsons here and it shows up on Sunday's show (check my post on the live action simpsons intro).

Too bad they can't do a sandwich of me, Scarlett Johansson and Angelina Jolie on the Simpsons (see my other post on Scarlett Johansson) S'okay, people don't look too good when they've been Simpson-ized Rolling Eyes
Anyhow one thing I can say about this movie is the look and feel of the Movie will be way diferrent than the serie, The graphics will be far superior than what youve seen and I'll bet the grass will be greener.
advertising in a movie for 3 year olds. Hmm Confused I hope it is atleast pg-13 cuz i dont feal like listening to 4 year olds crying throughout the movie. Grrr Rolling Eyes
wow this is so cool Very Happy i look forward to seeing it when it comes out. . ah, no more ad breaks ^.^
To see the teaser trailer using Quicktime:
Oh man, I S**T my pants watching the teaser, I love the Simpsones..

But, But, 2007?!
Why so long, I can not wait!... Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...
I am from Croatia and I can't wait for Simpsons to come here! I hope it will be great!!
finally they end it. simpsons has been disappointing for the last couple seasons...
squeakypants wrote:
finally they end it. simpsons has been disappointing for the last couple seasons...

I don't think they're ending the Simpsons on TV. I mean, look at South Park. They had a movie, but they're still marching a fungus, in my opinion, but still going on.
There's just something about a Simpsons movie I don't like. Almost like seeing a Seinfeld or Sopranos movie made. Great TV shows just don't make great movies very often.
i really like Simpsons and i want to stay it as a cartoon...But if they are recording a film i will watch it...
Eh, ain't a huge fan of the simpsons, might give it a look though.
i think it really will demeane what the simpsons has become.
They should have stopped making the series after year three. That way it would have really become cult. now it just gets worse every year
9/10 NME
I believe the new Simpsons film will be absolutely terrible, unless they've been saving all the good jokes up for this, but judging from the new trailer it's not looking too promising
I heard whisperings about a movie. but I had no idea it was coming out so soon. Anyway, I have to say I dont have a clue if the new simpsons series are getting worse, because we hardly ever get to see them in the UK. Sure, we get the new ones Sunday at seven or whatever, but thats such an awkward time.
Anyone thinks this spells the end for the series? The Simpsons have been pretty stale for a long time. I only really enjoyed the episode where Rick Gervais was in it.
Personally, I wish they had come out with this movie a little while back. I used to watch this show everyday. Every episode was fresh and funny and it was at the top of its game just a few years ago.

Since Family Guy and other shows have come out and began competing, The Simpsons has lost its edge. I think they should have come out with the movie at there peak and at least gone out with a bang.

But who knows, maybe this movie will be a huge hit. I know I'll be seeing it when it comes out. Very Happy
I'll probably end up seeing it, but it'll suck almost definately. oh well
i used to watch the show but now im not really watching it but ill go to c ice
age 2 for the tralier
I think that the Simpsons has had there day. Hopefully the movie will be an end to it. I would like to see the creaters making some more Futurama.
im wondering if this movie is in spite of the family guy movie. since it worked well for family guy i think it will sky rocket with the simpsons.
colilon wrote:
I love the Simpsones..
But, But, 2007?!
Why so long, I can not wait!... Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

Me too!!!!!!! Razz

Iīm counting the days.........
Game Fortress
I had no Idea they were making a simpsons movie.... I would definatley go see it, thats for sure.
Great news Very Happy I cant wait to see it! I am a die hard Simpson and Family guy fan Razz

Agreed, I want to see more Ep for Fu.
Yeey, I hope it's gonna be in Slovenian Cinemas soon! Got to see it Razz
Yeah I just found out about this on the weekend when I was checking out Silent Hill stuff over at Yahoo! Movies and I was like Doh! how did I not know about this!! I can't wait to see the Simpsons next year but I am kinda wondering what's taking them so long with it? Anyways, I feel like its gonna be either a hit or a miss, and if its a miss then you can kiss the Simpsons goodbye! Wink

Clips of the new simpsons movie from comic con in San Diego!!!!!!

updated 7/27 2:40PM

Forget it. Fox has removed the videos because of copyright infringement.

Ah well. It was funny, though.

If you like computer graphics, they do have a computer rendered simpsons intro:
i saw the advert for this in the Cinema the other week, and even though i am really excited about this film (i've been saying for years they should make one), i'm kinda worried that this film might turn out to be complete rubbish, and then end up ruining the simpsons.
Because havent they stopped making the TV series now?
2007 is only 5 monts away!! There are a couple videos on Youtube showing preproduction work of the movie and it looks nice. As usual, we'll have to wait
I love simpsons episodes Smile And i can't wait until movie will appear on silver screen Smile
I heared about the simpsons movie a long time ago, The trailer was homer sitting on his couch in his underwear and a superman shirt, You can see it at
Hopefully the Simpsons movie wont be as stale as the recent episodes, most of them suck.
yeah i seen this trailer i cant wait untill this simpsons movie comes out finally they make one they should have made this movie more earlier because this show has been going on since the late 80's pretty long time im glad theres a movie cant wait
squeakypants wrote:
finally they end it. simpsons has been disappointing for the last couple seasons...

i dont think its been disappointing... its still a real good cartoon 2 watch, i dunno how u could say its been disappointing?
I hope its better than the most recent simpsons episodes.
And by that I mean 100% original and no story that parodies a perfectly good show/movie/book/anything. Twisted Evil
yeah, simpsons are ace.

Can't wait 4 the movie to come out.

I just hope that its as good as the series. Should be though cos Matt Greoning is funny guy.

Thought add for it is funny where homer forgot what to say.

Can't wait 2 see the artwork in it cos the old ones dont look funny when the graphics r bad.

The simpsons should like be made mandatory, man that would be good.
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