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Did you know about Dragonball AF?

In Japan, Japanese comic writers have been making "Dragonball AF", but FUNImation (the people who came up with the Dragonball trilogy) have declared that it is not official.
Never heard about that ! Is it a new story ? A new project that is likely to become official like FF Advent children ?
Yeah I saw this too but It wasn't from an official source so I don't really believe it as of know. And know I found a site saying its just a fanmade comic going around the internet that FUNimation has nothing to do with.He is there link to where I found it:

Dragonball AF Story Line - In Dragon Ball AF Raditz is back as a Super Saiyan even goes SSJ 3, Frieza and Cooler fuse, Cell absorbs Android 8, Goku goes Super Saiyan level 5 and then 6 also Goku learns how to fuse with 3 people. The AF is supposed to stand for either After Future, Alternate Future, or Another Future
thanks for information I will search in this
sounds prty cool actually
Not real, this has been a rumour for like 6 years now. Don't you guys think GT butchered it enough? I wouldn't be interested in another series,
i dont understand the show.... in Dragonball Z, in the begining episodes they could do huge beam blasts that took out islands, but in GT they cant even take on "ROBOTS" and they seem weak as hell... i hate this show
I heared about AF too. I heared this is FANS Production, and i dont remember wher but i readed the Anime is launching England TV Channel.

P.S. Link not work for me. Sad
I havent heard about it but i am going to look into it because dragonball z is one of my favorites but GT totally destroyed the dragonball series it kinda sucked. anyway i am going to look into it and get back on here to give more insite.

There's no Dragonball AF. It's just a fictional Dragonball trilogy made up by the fans. FUNimation doesn't have anything to do with AF, nor they're even preparing to make it. Though who knows, maybe they would decide and make something similar.
DBAF is nothing official. Dragon Ball is dead, and I doubt Toriyama will bother to make a new series. I'm surprised the guy didn't kill himself when he saw how bad GT turned out to be.

So give up your dreams of a SuperSayan 5. It's not gonna happen. SSJ4 was farfetched enough as it was, don't try to make it worse.
I have seen Dragon ball Z and also few episodes of Dragon Ball GT but never heard about Dragon Ball AF.......If GT stands for Grand Tornament then if at all AF exists wht will it be??!!
GT mean - Grand Tour, not Tournament. And Af is maded by Fans. GT was best series, good painting, cool opponents for heros and cool adventures. Db was good too, young Goku and klimat, Z was average, too long serrie, not good painting.
AF actually means After Future
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