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Very Noobie question

I apologize that this is such a noobie question, but my only experience with web design has been FrontPage which is a very simple WYSIWYG format. Is FriHost a specific browser based webspace or can I use outside software like FrontPage??? If I can use outside software, what are people's thoughts of software that I should use. I like the ease of FrontPage but was limited in some of my design. I am willing to broaden my horizons. Thank you ahead of time for everyone's input.
You get ftp access and frontpage extensions, so it should be possible. You don't need a browser to upload files, an ftp program is also ok.
As far as designing sites, that question is a little like opening Pandora's Box.

I can only give you my opinion on what I have found works best for me.

I have the Macromedia Studio 8 Suite installed as well as Photoshop CS2 v.9.

I use Photoshop for all my static graphical image design. I use Flash for any animations to be included on sites or presentation format sites, if they are Flash sites in their entirety. Then I use Dreamweaver to actually assemble and plot the sites out.

I run XAMPP on my PC's to have a virtual server going. That way I can realistically preview the sites in both FF and IE before uploading them to any hostspace that I am using (whether for client or my own). This also enables me to do commercial sites and assemble the database before going live.

As no-one else has put forward any suggestions yet, I hope that this helps a little, but remember there are a miriad of different ways to go about it all.

Unfortunately, my own sites are running very behind, due to the amount of external work that I am doing at the moment.

Cheers, and happy hunting...
I agree with Shaggly's post.
However, being a little lazy, I like using a WYSIWYG browser for all my basic formatting, instead of Notepad. I don't have the new Dreamweaver, so to me Frontpage is the best bet.

Be warned however, because a lot of people say my pages still look amateurish... however, IMO, these people are used to seeing the mechanical precision and cold designs of CMS like Mambo/Joomla, etc, and have forgotten the fine art of creating your own template or making pages freestyle.

Anyway, yes you can use Frontpage for your site. Just don't forget to enable Frontpage Server Extensions once I accept your request.
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