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Any Radiohead fans here?

9/10 NME
They're one of my favourite bands, absolutely love them. Managed to get tickets to the V Festival this year so will enjoy seeing them for the first time, albeit at a large festival.

I am hoping their new album/eps will be an improvement on Hail To The Thief, and fingers crossed 'Nude' is as good as the recent live versions.
i'm looking forward to some new stuff from they aswell, but it seems we hav eto wait a while. in an interview phil selway was asked about the future, an dhe replyed that they had no new songs and they all had families and wanted to stay with them at least until the end of the summer.

seems like they need to recharge before doing something new, but i think their love to the music and the band will get them back on track soon.
9/10 NME
They're going to be debuting some new material on their UK tour which is starting in May, so I'm going to try and get hold of some mp3s. They've also said they're likely to release a series of EPs before any album comes out, which will be 'work in progress' versions of the new songs.

Nude will definitely be on the new album apparently Cool
sounds good. It's fuel on my tank every time they make something new.
I've been to four concerts with them and it' just beats every feeling i've ever had.
was also on a side project of jonny greenwood in RFH on Waterloo last easter.
Kind of funny project with a symphony orcestra and an egyptian something band and a singer from an arabic land, and thom york joined them in the end . classical music with world influence and some eletric stuff.
Quite cool, but far from radiohead.

Me and some friends are running a festival here in Norway called Lost Weekend, and my biggest wish is to book Radiohead to the festival, but they are a bit to expensive for us right now. Hopefully some time in the future.
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