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Check out my gaming forum, it has discussions about many games, such as Battlefield 2, WoW, Guild Wars and more! It isn't that busy at the minute as it is quite new and we are still working on it. Please could you leave your feedback, good or bad. We are currently looking for someone to make a banner to, so just PM me if you are interested in making one for us!

Thanks in advance,
{name here}
Remove the ad frame and integrate those ads to the IPB template like at the top of the page(put them at the bottom). It'll make your site look that much better. Also, try instead of invisionfree. They have IPB 2 boards that look a tad better and have better admin options.
Would you mind telling me how to remove the ad frame? I'm quite new to forums, I would be most grateful!

{name here}
I guess this is something new to invisionfree I didn't know about... You can't remove the add frame without paying or getting your account removed... As I said you should go to clicdev, ads are better integrated and the forums are all around nicer.
I may move on to that in the future, is it the same controls as Invisionfree? If not, then it may take me a while to get used to it as i'm only just getting use to Invisionfree.

{name here}
The controls are different for IPB 2.x, but it is better organized and provides much more control compared to IPB 1.x like your current site...
Clicdev offers a subdomain unike invisionfree, too. I can get you a screenshot of the Admin Panel of Invision Power Board 2.3 if you want to see an example of how the site is managed. My screenshot may have some differences from Clicdev because I bought the board myself and features like paying to remove ads and support tickets are not going to be on there.
Um, if don't mind me asking, why don't you just use something free like PHPBB? I can't really see IPB being so much better that you would rather have huge, conspicuous ads than use something else.
I have never used PHPBB before so i'm not sure about the control of it. But i'm actually not bothered about them adverts, it's not going to be a very popular and professional site, just a bit of chat about games. Nothing as big as this!
{name here}
Umm...PhpBB is a good choice if you're starting out, but if pales in comparision to IPB 2.x.
With IPB all I need to do to install a theme is upload 2 Gzips and put them together to get a theme. 4 click install. In PhpBB, I have to upload each file individually in CoreFTP, then install it. That's just a total waste of time.
PhpBB is many times more insecure than IPB. was hacked so many times that it isn't even funny because they base their entire CMS on PhpBB, and they're not that popular. But for your purposes, PhpBB will be just fine with the mods a BB host will preinstall for you...
wow. then you really need to find a better way to do it. i use phpBB, and all i do is just drag and drop the theme. of course, i use the best ftp client ever (FileZilla). and IPB is nowhere near as flexiable as phpBB. thats why they use it for this forum. and the GaiaOnline forum. which has 3.5 million users. the professionals almost always choose phpBB. would be waaay better for this guy, being so easy to admin. and, with the flash tutorials you can watch, covering every aspect of using and administrating the board, it is best for users who don't want to have to wade through some manual. about the ads, well, i would just switch to a better host. like Frihost. Very Happy . any free forum host you use, your gonna have ads.
{name here}
the professionals almost always choose phpBB

I'm sure that's why Microsuck, YTMND, eBaumsWorld, Filext, and others use vBulletin, and G4tv, the former Macromedia, and the biggest tech forum in the world(it escapes my mind right now) use FuseTalk.
FYI it is a drag and drop operation in CoreFTP as well, but unlike IPB, where I can just upload 2 Gzips through the control panel, saving a lot of time, I have to decompress the archive, and send the files to the templates directory. That really wastes a bunch of time, and if you had the brains to run from a simple minded admin panel you wouldn't need flash cartoons. I, like many Americans, don't read the manual before I use a product, and every forum software I used was mindless enough to where I wouldn't have to use a manual or a flash tutor - this includes YaBB, IPB, PhpBB, SMF, and MercuryBoard.
Invision Power Boards have much less security holes Wink
Alie wrote:
Invision Power Boards have much less security holes Wink

This is absolutely untrue.

phpBB seems to have more security holes because it's a popular forum software. Hackers tend to find holes in phpBB as it is "more worth it".

IPB is paid software, therefore, less people use it. Why bother to find security holes in IPB since less people use it? I've got nothing to exploit Smile.
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