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Firewall and AntiVirus

hi everyone,

A) As for the firewall
I'm looking to replace my old Firewall, Kerio Personal Firewall 4 (now Sunbelt Firewall), with something else that has these feature:
1) defining rules by port and protocol. including packet inspection.
2) defining rules per application
3) defining rules for networks (if i want to allow full access from every computer at my home network to every computer inside that network, and restricted access from any other network, whatsoever.)
4) should be free and not limited for those features mentioned before (everything else can be - just like in kerio)
5) the program should be simple enough, and should not take too many CPU cycles.
6) Windows Firewall, Kerio (including sunbelt) and Norton are NO GO for me. I don't know how ZoneAlarm and sygate are working, and i have a little experience with those programs.

B) As for the AntiVirus
nowadays i have NOD32 and it works just fine for me. i realy like it, but it cost me money, and it also going to end the licence. i realy fond of AntiVir, I just don't like its ads to buy the program, though it seems to me fair enough (kind of a nagware...)

so if someone know somthing else, i would like to hear
A) I used ZoneAlarm (free version) a long time, and I recently bought the Pro version (for Internet Connexion Sharing purposes, not supported in the free version). Free version is very good, offers a nice protection (as far as I know), and has all features you want (since you didn't want ICS).

B) I use AVG Anti-Virus, and it's really good. It has no ad for buying it. I never had any problem with it.
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