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De da vinci code

Somebody already read the da vinci code and is it good??
tibogoderis wrote:
Somebody already read the da vinci code and is it good??

It's a very popular book, but no I didn't read it yet. I'm a fan of fantasy and historical books.
I've read it, that book is amazing. I read it when it wasn't too popular yet, i wouldn't be surprised if they make this book into a movie.

But i think Dan Brown's other book, "Angels and Demons" was a tad better then the da vinci code. I liked both books very much and recommend anyone who hasn't picked it up to go give it a read. you won't be able to put either of these books down.
All i can say about the book (i hate spoilers, so i wont talk about the book itself) is that once you start reading it, you get hooked to it.. i read it all non-stop. it is addicting. I will pick up your reference to "Angels and Demons", vln004. didn't know that one, but i´m going to give it a look (and probably end up with another non-stop reading Laughing )

Be Well Cool
I have read four of his books. Most of them are pretty interesting to read, But Dan Brown tends to lose the plot towards the end. Angels & Demons, Digital Fortresses are good example for that.
Another thing to note is that, he does not always stick to facts. For example the Dead Sea Scrolls mentioned in DaVinci Code is not related to Christ at all. In fact I had collected various data to support this and sent it to my friends who read the book.
So my opinion is that, he is a good writer and story teller, but dont trust what he says without verifying it first.
My personal favorite is still Jeffery Archer.
BTW and end note, Dan Brown has recently said that he is planning to publish a new book based on Kashmir, a part of India (disputed by Pakistan). He is saying that it is actually a part of United States.
He is a story teller who wants to get maximum mileage for his books.
Oh, my friend told me that the book is wonderful, but I have not read this book yet! I think I have to read it starting today..HEEHEE... Very Happy
A lot of people object to this book, especially Christians, because they apparently view it as blasphemy. Also, a lot of the content is not really new.

However, the story makes for a very convincing read. As for the Dead Sea Scrolls, well they are an issue all of there own. They shed a lot of light on the beliefs of the Essenes and other religious groups in the area around the time of Christ.

It's also pretty interesting that although the Essenses were a well known sect in the time of Jessus, they are never mentioned directly in the Bible! Many scholars now believe that John the Baptist was an Essene, and possibly Christ himself.

Currently i'm reading it Smile
I've read this book and Angels & Demon , i found both very easy to read and very absorbing. I couldnt stop reading them.

I need to find out Digital Fortress and another one that came out recently Confused
Bockman wrote:
All i can say about the book (i hate spoilers, so i wont talk about the book itself) is that once you start reading it, you get hooked to it..

Haha, agreed. The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons were both great. I thought the ambigrams in A & D were really interesting. I wonder how they come up with those..
Both good books but Dan Brown seems to be very limited in his storytelling... all his books follow an identical template. quite engaging stories though.
Dan Brown´s books are very interesting. I couldn´t stop reading the Di Vinci Code once I started. Which was the same for Angels and Demons. For the people who criticize Dan Brown for not being accurate with his facts. I don´t think he meant to write historically correct books. His books are meant to be entertaining.

Only I found that the more of his books you read, the easier it becomes to guess what´s going to happen next, which makes it less fun.

For the people who liked reading Digital Fortress by Dan Brown, I would suggest you read Dark Matter by Greg Iles

Some more of my favourites:

Greg Iles - 24 Hours
Robert Ludlum - The Bourne Trilogy !!! (must read)
Robert Ludlum - The Prometheus Deception

and of course..

JR Tolkien - Lord of the Rings Trilogy
JK Rowling - Harry Potter Series
I read several of Dan Brown Book and liked especially POINT OF DECEPTION. The addicitiveness of his books is he can weave facts and imaginations cleverly and surprisingly alive. They all aapear mentally real. That is the case of Da Vinci Code. It will impress many people. Just keep in mind, the real source of history and facts are scholary books not novels. Fantasy feeds upon mental linkages. That is the true purpose of a science-fiction author. But historians and scientists will try to expose, argue and leave you alone to take it or leave it.
I finished to read the Code Da Vinci, really the book is very instigante, with surprising revelations, will be true.

The vision that the author places on the dogmas of the church is at the very least very preoccupying.

Valley imposes a fine on to read the book to open the mind on the boarded questions for Dan Bornw.

However I found the end of the very weak book, waited one climax bigger, mainly why all uncurling of the book was very agile, and the monotonous end.
The book is awesome. That is if you go into it with an open mind, and go in reading it like what it was written for: fiction. I hate seeing all of the heavy Christian people bashing it because this happened, or this didn't happen. It is a work of fiction, and that is why you can find it in the fiction section. Anyway enough with my rant, yes it is a great book, and I look forward to the movie.
Jedi Master
Yeah I agree the book was good, and it wasn't historically accurate. I think he made it that way.

But, not to spoil things, well hopefully I won't; have you noticed that the bad guys are always close to the main character?
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