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Google VS Yahoo! who rules

Google or Yahoo ?
 100%  [ 11 ]
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 11

From the past Five years google has completely changed the way it was .
I mean today Google is rather the ruler of the internet.
Each new Item brought up by Google creates Craze like madness among people on the net.
This is just the craze few years ago that once even Yahoo! enjoyed.
People today are going mad for google stuff like GMail,Google Earth , Orkut,and of course its SEARCH ENGINE.
Also not to forget about that GMail is still in the BETA stage. Google sure knws how to keep the craze on . Adsense was the biggest hit ever . It earns nearly 95% of its revenue of 1 Billion from the from the ADSENSE. So Following suite even Yahoo! jumped in the competition and has developed Yahoo! Publishers which is still rather in the BETA stage and so only The U.S. citizens can participate in it and not us . What do you think about this will Yahoo give a tough comeback against Google or will it rather stay in the secong position? Will Yahoo Prove to be a Coup-de- grace to Google Inc. ?

Who Prefers google over yahoo ::::
If u favour google then give more ratings to it.
opps i dont under stand why people as the ask the meaning less question well yahoo is very good in email there have more clients then any other email service while goole have good client in search engine then any other search but about gmail there have very less clients so how come to can tell who is best
This is one of a stupiest question...but i wouldn't mind Razz Anyway, i support Google! For your infomation, google has the most search result in the world(clearly stated in Guiness World Record). Google has more search result. Go for google~! Cool Laughing
Google all the way, much better than yahoo. The poll results show that...
google of course!

and I love gmail. It's interface is simple and it's capablitlies are far beyond the others. For example the label feature is amazingly useful, and it offers free e-mail automatic forwarding. Not to mention it allows you to control several accounts from one.
Google owns yahoo. It is a lot cleaner then yahoo i think. Yet yahoo is more popular then google. Confused
google for sure. I left yahoo some 5 years ago. i didn't get why people still going to yahoo if they want an email id. may be becuz gmail is still beta and yahoo messenger is more popular than google talk.
Google for my research, i got better results.
But yahoo is my homepage, because i read often sports news on yahoo.
I go Google. Not only for GMail, but for everything.

I have:

Google Earth
Firefox Plugin & Toolbar
Desktop Search
That photo organiser

And I use them all the time. The only things I use Yahoo! for are Office Attachments (but not for a little while ...) and, because our school blocked Google images (wonder why Rolling Eyes )
Around 6 six years ago (i think) just when google was first being heard about ~ those unimaginable days ~ Yahoo! were offered to buy Google for about $80 billion dollars, I believe. I bet they wished they didn't turn down the deal now.

P.S I think Google is the best

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