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Stylus thingy

I'm thinking of getting one of those stylus things for my comp to help me out with photo editing and stuff.

Does anyone know and good ones?
Like ones that won't break the bank but are still really good ones.

I've heard a few horror stories from people that bought ones that where expensive and they broke within a week.

But then there are those people that buy one for like $30 and get a really good one that lasts forever..

I just need some opinoins.

I have never heard of one under $30.

The best brand for such drawing tablets is Wacom. They make excellent, high-quality products... But they are overpriced. I managed to get my tablet for free from a friend, but I lost the stylus for it. A new stylus would cost me around $30, which I don't wish to spend on something I no longer use.

I would not go with a cheap one, due to lack of support. I am also sure that a high-quality Wacom would be easy to RMA if it broke (I have never heard of someone breaking one, though.)

My friend Tom has had this tablet:
for more than 2 years, and it looks brand new still. He has never had a problem with it on either his Mac or his PC.
Wow thnaks alot! I had no idea where to get one. ^_^

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