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My drawings

I didn't draw for some time, I think since I move to my new home, because I have no time, but I did those some time ago. I use opencanvas, because the brush of that program is so soft, much more than photoshop or corel. Some effects are given with photoshop, but not really much.

This one is a character of a videogame: Final Fantasy X

This is just a self creation

My priestess when I played Ragnarok Online

Just some junk

I have lots of them, but they are too old, or they are incomplete. I'll show you more soon. Hope you like them!
Very nice ^_^ Dom you use a drawingboard (like Wacom) when yoou make them?
Wow, those are amazing. I personally liked the 3rd one the best, especially that rabbit on her leg.
Kyaaa! I'm so happy you liked them!! I'm not a professional. A little drawing takes me many hours, but I do it because I enjoy drawing really much, so I can spend on a drawing as many hours as I want. Those are all mine, of course, I would never post drawings that aren't mine. At least not without telling you who drew them.
My drawingboard is a Wacom Volito. It's not really good (not for professionals huh), worth about 40 $ I think, so I use to make a reaaaaaally big canvas, so when the drawing is finished, I resize it to a normal size (about 1024x768) because when I'm working on one of my drawings, It's about 5000x5000 or something like that. It's just a little trick for those who doesn't have a good drawingboard. Try it!
I'll post soon the last one I did (well, ALMOST, I have to take some time more for the details).
Thanks everybody!!
Ooo! I'm always so jealous when I see drawings like those! Keep up the good work Smile I'd love to see more of your art. Please post soon!
Serious man. That's come really crazy stuff.
Do you work for a manga-company or something?

Damn i really love em!
Thanks!!! I don't work for a manga company heh, I can't even make a comic... because I'm a snail. One full colored drawing can take me weeks. I know people who can do pics like mine, better than mine and in only few hours. But well, I only draw for fun, so I really don't mind how many time they take me. Also I'm studing computer science and maths drives me crazy, I'm all day at the U, or studing, so I've been a couple of months without drawing.
But who knows.... maybe someday I'll work for a big and important japanese manga company... taking care of their computers lol

And sorry about my bad english Cool Cool
Those drawing are absolutely amazing, expecialy the third one awsome shadows on it.
NICE! That is some really good art work there. very good anime girls if i do say so myself
This is completly awsome!
Your colorisation is very clean and beautiful.
Yuna's body is geat, no anatomy problems...your ragnarok character has beautiful eyes and feel so mysterious. I love it^^
Nice, FF is pretty cool as well.
Very Good! I never really liked Anime, until I tried to draw some - and now I hate it Smile Just because I realise it actually takes some talent to draw anime Smile
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