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Does anybody else brew their own beer?

I guess brewing might qualify as a hobby. Drinking the brew certainly does. lol. I make beer, ginger beer and cider and it tastes good too. Does anyone have a good recipe for ginger wine?

I don't brew beer at home but my Father in law makes his own wine. It has. It is very good and I will ask him for the recipe becuse I kno that you can add ingredients such as bitter oranges or ginger.
hey ladyrobina,

i was just about to head to the fridge to pick up my latest offering when I read this - a saison and porter (half whiskey porter)

i'm a keen homebrewer from sydney, australia.

i think with the right recipe and a little bit of patiance (this is the hard bit) you can come up with some wonderful beers.

i can't offer you any specific recipes for what your after, but i can offer you this beer website -

they have everything (beer recipe wise) you could be after - extract, extract w/ grain, partial mash and full mash.

good luck and happy brewing.

mk ultra
I am very interested in homebrewing. I'm reading up on it and making sure I understand the whole process first before I start. My husband used to brew a lot, so I've got all the equipment I need handy.
I myself don't home brew, but a friend of mine has made a couple batches. The first time around... it wasn't so good. His second batch... Mmmm Heavenly. Both were lite beers, but the second batch was just a hair darker. I've thought about home brewing, but just havn't really had the ambition to go out and buy all the startup supplies.

I personally don't brew at home, mainly because I am not even of legal age to drink. Two more years! But, I am very interested in home brewing every since I helped my uncle make some Irish Koelsh. I think that is the right spelling. I would like to chat with you more though, because as I said, I am very interested in brewing.

I might even be able to get some recipes and tips from my uncles. He has made, wine in different flavors and types, beer in many different flavors and types, and mead is all that I know he has made. And I have to say, normally beer makes me want to puke, but I really enjoyed my uncle's beer. And, it has a higher alcohol concentration than normal domestic brews. Smile
Thanks for the link mkultra. I'm pleased some other people are interested in brewing.
There is a place in town called, "Wines by Design". Basically, it's a do-it-yourself-at-our-place Winemaking shop. My father tried it out and the experience was pretty cool. Not exactly Beer-making, but similar, eh?
I did it for 3 years or so a few years back.
A lot of work but worth the effort.
As a regular beer drinker I used to brew a vry low alchohol lager which I could then drink like water without getting drunk. Smile

Unfortunately it's a bit dificult in Indonesia due to the temperature. You would have to keep it in a continuously airconditioned room to keep it cool.
Funny really because I used to have to heat it for most of the year to make sure it would ferment.

Also I have never seen or heard of a home brew supply shop here, in fact I would bet there are none, so it's a lot of effort to do it here.
Hmm. I never thought about having to keep the temperature down to make the brew go right, but I suppose that your temperature is way too high. I live in eastern Canada and I've always had to either place it near a heater or keep it upstairs just keep it warm enough (if it was an ale). Of course, a lager would work out better at the cooler temperature, but the wait is so much longer...
I would love to start brewing. Being 18 is kind of a detterent to getting started. I just love that whole self-suffience (sp?) thing though. Last year I started growing my own Tobacco, sadly, I'm not much of a green thumb. If I had the time, I'd like to start beekeeping. Hmm, Meade
Brewing beer...

Whoah, I certainly have no time for fixing even my own drink..

Brewing would be the last thing on my mind
I know a guy who makes some awesome home brewed wine. Man is it smooth.

Of course there is also MOONSHINE (XXX) if you know the right people! Razz
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