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How much would you pay?

I was sitting in front of my computer wondering what would be a good way to make some money when it hit me. I came up with the strangest idea of walking up to a very busy street (like 250+ cars every minute) up the road from my house for about 4-5 hours wearing only my boxers holding a sign that says "To see more visit"

Then I was looking through ebay and found the advertising section. Now if you were looking to advertise your website this way, how much would you pay?
Maybe you can make a poll "For how much will you do it?" You then put some price ranges in your poll, and people may vote for how much money they would walk in a boxershort on the street with the website on it.

That way it will probably be easier to make up a good price. Wink
mmm good and crazy idea Cool
didn't he much would someone pay for him to do that? i would pay maybe around $30-50. But also, i don't think many businesses would want a half naked man (im assuming here. dont think a woman would want to walk down the street in only boxers, although im sure people would pay more Wink ) to walk down the street with a sign saying 'To see more goto I just think that it might not suite all websites as an advertising solution.
That's true, it all depends of the kind of the company. I can't imagine a bank to use these kinds of advertising methods, since they need to look credible.

I have seen some of these sorts of advertising (where they tell you to go to that site and give you no clue about the purpose of the site), but I don't think it works that well. People are interested at the moment, but when they're on the computer they have forgotten it most of the time, or they simply don't find it that important.

For what kind of site do you want to use this advertising method for, lockwolf?
The only problem with this is they will be driving. Who is going to remember a website they saw on a sign after they get home from work? Not I.
that's another good point. i think people may just forget by the time they get home, so you would have to somehow survey some people. Just advertise something in that way for a while (a website) and then go door knocking around the neighbour hood and ask if they travel down that road often, then ask if they saw the advertisement, and if they remembered the adress, and then if they actually went home and looked at it.

Then you could work out percentages that:
A) Total that travel down road
B) Saw the advertisement
C) Remembered it
D) Looked it up

a) Travel that road -------- 50 -------- 100%
b) Saw the Advertisement 24 -------- 48%
c) Remembered Adress --- 14 -------- 28%
d) Looked it up ------------- 8 --------- 16%

so then you've worked out that you managed to get to 16% of your audience, and then work out how many cars travel that road in an ammount of time (for example, an hour). Then you can make it relative.

- Cars in 1 hour: 4000
- Peope questioned who use road: 50
- 4000 x 0.16 (percent of people who accessed website)
= 640

i think i rambled on a bit too much. Confused

but i hope i got across what i was trying to say...
I don't know if I would pay to have someone do it, as [potential] customers may not take me seriously then...but I might pay to see if someone would actually lower themselves to doing it Smile
whats the condition of the weather? b/c surely I would charge even more during the winter then i would in the summer.
That sounds like a good idea I see people doing that now, but they like in some costume advertising some fast food plane or soemthing. I wouldn't pay for that but I think good companies that make alot of money might think that's a interesting way to advertise.
If I was selling boxer shorts (and you were wearing my brand while holding the sign) then yeah maybe I'd pay something but other than that, I think the return-on-investment in that kind of scheme would be questionable. You'd probably get a much better response by walking down the same street passing out business cards. At least that way people wouldn't be troubled with having to remember the web address.
Nice way to get traffic.
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