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Pemtium Pro 200mhz file share

I have a Pentium Pro 200mhz 256kbs cache computer I dug up out of the garage and I thought I would see if it still worked it did and it booted up Mandrake Linux 10.0 that was on the hard drive I didn't install it. I had this great idea of using it as a file share server just for this network. I really dont know how to set it up and use it as a file share server can someone help.

Here is a list of OSes I can put on it:
Mandrake Linux 7
Mandrake Linux 8
Suse Linux 10.0
Windows 98

I really don't use linux a lot so I really don't understand it much so if you think you can help plz do.

Here is a list of the oses on this network that will be using this file share:
Windows 2000
Windows XP (home and pro)
Macintosh 9 and X
Simple way:
Install Windows98 and share any folder you want. But windows 98 is not stable.

Better way:
install any linux, install samba server and configure to share some folder. also you can install webmin for easier configuring samba and other servers or system properties.

That way is more stable, once you configured server you can forget about it until you need some more features Smile
You can administer it from any PC from network using SSH access or Webmin, so you dont need monitor, keyboard, mouse connected to server.
Yeh, I have about 2 of these pentium pro systems. And each one can have up to 4 hard drives in them making them perfect servers.

does that software come with linux or do I need to find it somewhere?
you can easily use the pc for a file share/server

i wouldnt put linux on especizlly if sharing files with w2k xp and mac osx, there can be some compatablility issues between the os's

better to opt for windows 2000
it can run on a 200mhz with 32 mbs ram, sluggish, but runnable
if its 2 slow, try overclocking it up to 280mhz, a lot of people have done it without burning nethin so its probab;y safe to do as long as the cpu cooler still works properly
if i overclock i will need to get a new heatsink so that is out of the question.

What about windows nt I think i have a copy of that laying around somewhere. I would use windows 2000 but it is already installed on a different computer right now and it wouldn't be legal to install it on more then one pc.
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