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Need some help buying a laptop

Make your best suggestions with reasons please.

I need a general use laptop, I like the idea of alot of hard drive space and would like it to be fast of course. This will basically be a laptop to handle business and play when I travel. I'm not concerned with weight or size (I do like larger screens) so don't think it has to be micro sized.
Well you havent mentioned your budget. so...

far from the best but for that price the best. Small HDD but can use external one! Would also add some more ram but thats cheap.

500 - 800
fantastic piece. Large HDD (for a laptop), features, ram etc

800 - 1000
this ones even better. First sony vaio ... ohhhh. core duo and win media center. unless you get an apple this is hard to beat.

1000 - 1500
basiclly looks better

mathiaus's star choice
800 - 1000 choice

any cheaper, try second hand
consider DELL or some taiwan brand.. they are relatively cheaper for same config..
of course, IBM is reliable but a higher price..

btw, as you may need to travel around, the warranty is a big issue for you and that it is very important for Laptop. Look for some longer warranty period ot pay for it is worthwhile.
Well, I recommend somthing like Zepto, but I am not sure you can buy those outside Denmark, so maybe not great idea..

I'd like to thank everyone for their responses.

I will be looking over the suggestions carefully, and I would love more suggestions if anyone has them.
Are you stuck on windows? Apple's MacBook Pro is a nice laptop... and, if you're absolutely insistant upon running windows, you can do that now too.

They're kind of expensive, but they're, well, cool. Smile
I'd kill for a 2g macbook pro but it's 2500 bucks.
Then just kill Razz

Dont go for HP, They have horrible customer service. Here in Quebec, They dont have replacement parts for HP Products and they are more expensive to procure.
{name here}
Get a Lenovo ThinkPad. They're fairly customizeable in features and are real nice.
I will take a look now Smile

Buying a laptop....well coming from me your best buying a desktop, as you can get more for your money from a desktop.

And from when i have seen when search for a laptop of my choice, some companys will offer you, what seems like a good deal, but it really aint, they offer something like:

1.2gh pro (no thanks)
256mb ram (no thanks)
40gb (no thanks)
window xp (fine)

just some standard stuff, to me that worth 299 as where they say it worth like 499.

349 for a normal laptop,

for a gaming laptop 1,379 and for that amount you can get a desktop for under 1000. and you can get a better prossor as well for under 1k.

save your money and get a new desktop, but if you need it for the radio then a cheap laptop will do you jsut fine.
try checking out the asus range, theyre a brand that i think is pretty reliable
You probably don't want to play tolling games on a laptop that is micro, so I suggest something like a Dell.
On the Dell side of things, what has anyone heard about the dual core e1505?
I would personally recommend Dell. Ive had a Dell Inspiron for many years and can honestly say that they rock Very Happy
i want to buy one too

but it is very expensive i think


i will buy it later~
leat397 wrote:
consider DELL or some taiwan brand.. they are relatively cheaper for same config..
of course, IBM is reliable but a higher price..

btw, as you may need to travel around, the warranty is a big issue for you and that it is very important for Laptop. Look for some longer warranty period ot pay for it is worthwhile.

Taiwanese brands are very cheap and are usually a good buy and have reliable service. I built my computer from taiwanese brands. However I would consider dell for a laptop as well. They are viscious in pricing and will stop at nothign to give you the best deal and win your heart and enlarge their customer base. They are the number 1 computer manufactuary I think considering the give a lot for a low price. If you want style, quality, and head turns, then the only way to go is sony( I turn my head everytime I see my dad's VIAO).
If you plan on using the computer for anything more than email and/or having it retain it's value longer than a week you should really consider the new Power Macs with the Intel processor. They are faster than any crap PC you can buy and you will adapt to them easily now that you can run Windows XP on them!!

If you do anything that will require processor speed the Apple is the only way to go. You won't regret it.
{name here}
Dell is hell when it comes to customer support, so I'd recommend you go to BestTechie or something if you're going to get a Dell. Also, I'd say if all possible, get a new case or something if you're getting an XPS, like most dell computers, they just aren't as good looking as a Mac notebook, or a Lenovo notebook.

I would personally reccomend you get a notebook from either Lenovo or Apple since:
1. They have a good quality, Lenovo boasts battery life like no other Notebook, and Apple packs a punch with the processors they choose.
2. Customer support. Lenovo and Apple, unlike Dell, have decent customer support, which can make all thie difference.
3. Looks. If you've seen the toughbook or the XPS, you'll see these brands are very ugly and have stupid looking bells and whistles(XPS has large blue lights on the back of the screen which really are a waste), while Apple and Lenovo will give you decency in crisp looks that preform just as well.
Try Toshiba. It's a nice company if you use Windows. If not Windows, go with Mac.
the disturbed
go to the city to get a laptop then youll get cheeper prices! yea yea!
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