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Is Anyone Here into Equestrian?

Thundr n Lightning
If so, what discipline and how long have you been riding?

I've been riding horses for about 6 years now. I ride primarily huntseat equitation, though I will occasionally do hunters. My primary mount is a 2 y/o OTT TB mare named Pam. I've been reconditioning her since her very long lay-up when she could barely move for about 1.5 years.
That does seem interesting. I did but my dad isn't to fond of houres so I never really got to ride. I have a cousin that owned hourses. I remember my gradfather taking me there.
Thundr n Lightning
I wish I had a horse... but unfortunately, upkeep is expensive (boarding costs an arm and a leg, both of which I'd prefer to keep for riding purposes Laughing ) and general care is very timeconsuming.

Once I'm economically independent and secure, I'd like to have horse of my own. Until then, I just ride my trainer's horses
I have 3 horses. Elvis a 9yr old TB gelding. Sugar a 3yr old Mustang/Clydesdale cross and Rose a 2 yr old QH. I ride Sugar on trails, she has been on two so far, just started her under saddle training this year, Rose will start next spring. Elvis is up for lease so I don't ride him as much as I would like. I have to haul in to a covered arena in this weather so unfortunatly I don't ride as much as I like. I have raised Rose from the day she was foaled and absolutly love the task of raising a filly or colt! Way to much fun. My future dream is to learn to jump and compete in local shows some day.
I always ride bareback, with no tack at all. Me and my horse are very close and she dosn't need any instructions. (Don't try that without making friends with your horse first!)
Thundr n Lightning
Thundr n Lightning wrote:
If so, what discipline and how long have you been riding?

I've been riding horses for about 6 years now. I ride primarily huntseat equitation, though I will occasionally do hunters. My primary mount is a 2 y/o OTT TB mare named Pam. I've been reconditioning her since her very long lay-up when she could barely move for about 1.5 years.

Haha... I just realized that I said she was 2. Pammie is 20 and still kicking like a 5 y/o. I rode her on Sunday and she was full of herself. I'm hoping to show her in a Novice Eq division at a local horse show in late April or early May. My trainer and my barn friend are going to Halcyon (B-rated show) on Saturday, and I think I will be going with them as the lowly groom Laughing Either way, it should be fun, and my trainer will only let me show if I get into showing by being their groom Rolling Eyes Wink

LMS, does Elvis jump at all? It's best to learn to jump on an experienced mount Very Happy Green jumper + green horse = crash. Unfortunately, I've seen that happen all too often at shows Shocked
Elvis only jumps on the lunge line and free jumping, he has not jumped yet with a rider, and trust me, it will not be me. I will take lessons on an experianced horse, like you said, green +green + red. Elvis may be going south to learn to jump and be a high school equestrian team member, under a lease, I am not ready to sell him anytime soon.

OCA: I ride my filly bareback, she is a mustang/clydesdale cross so her back in very bony butt friendly, but if she gets much taller I will need help getting up on her bareback, she is 15hh now and will be 3 in June. We have been on a few tacked up trail rides and she does great, I bought a bareback pad but have yet to use, on short rides from the pasture to the barn we just wing it with a halter and lead line. Fun, fun, fun.

THUDR!!!! i found you Wink

hmm... i have two horses named MM (marymac) and Bear, both Paints, and MM's a black tobi mare, half tb, doing hunter and *apparently* working cowhorse, since she decided that she's good at it Rolling Eyes , and Bear's a solid palomino gelding, very lazy, and i'm trying to do Pleasure, Reining, and Working Cowhorse with him in the apha breeding stock classes. but you knew all that Wink i'm just trying to blabber on to get points Very Happy
Wow, we seem to be getting a lot of equestrian new members...
I wonder if some of my posts have been noticed by search engines.

Delusions of gradeur.
Thundr n Lightning
ocalhoun wrote:
Wow, we seem to be getting a lot of equestrian new members...
I wonder if some of my posts have been noticed by search engines.

Delusions of gradeur.

Haha... one can always hope.

Actually, an update on me, not just a meaningless post Laughing :

I'm doing a local, unrecognized show with Pam on May 13th. We're doing the 2' Novice Eq class, which will be my first division with 3 O/F and 1 U/S (all the others have been 2 and 2) and possibly, if all is going well, the Equitation Classic at 2'. The Eq Classic is 2', 2'6", or 3', so I'm gonna get stomped, but it'll be a lot of fun.

The shows still almost a month away and I'm already ridiculously excited! Oooh, and the Eq Classic would be my first paying class. Entry fees are $15 though, and the payout is $20-$10-$5-$5, so only 1st place makes back their entry fees, but it should be tremendously exciting nevertheless. And it would be the longest course I've ever ridden at 10 fences!

I'm going to the barn on Monday for a lesson, so if my next few lessons go well, my trainer might pre-enter me in the Eq Classic Razz

My experience with bareback is this: Bony saddlebreds with very prominent withers do not make pleasant bareback mounts. I had to sit with my weight shifted to the outside to make it around the ring somewhat comfortably Laughing Oh, and slippery, skinny, bony saddlebreds make very not good bareback mounts
Thundr n Lightning
Replying to myself here Rolling Eyes , but I got some pictures taken at my last lesson and decided to share them with everyone.

My dad didn't catch any of the bigger stuff, but I have some pics of flatwork and a few little crossrails from warming up.

Cantering over a ground rail

Itty-bitty crossrail

Slightly larger crossrail (the same one as the previous picture, raised)

Yeehaw! In other words, Pam speeding and diving over a jump.

Photocredits: my dad
Image hosting credits:

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge them in a new window.

You look like you two are having loads of fun. I hope to start jumping my TB this summer after our outdoor area is put in. I hate to haul to an arena. Saturday he refused to load up to go home, worse part was there were people there and I just got done bragging about how well he loaded. Then I slipped and fell on the ramp, ouch.

Thundr n Lightning
Lisa, I'm very excited for you! Starting a horse over fences is super fun... good luck! And I completely understand about loading. My friend and I were just commenting about Pierre, mean and ornery as he is, was a good guy about loading when our trainer yells "watch out". He decided he didn't want to go home after a show now that it stopped raining, slipped on the trailer, my trainer wasn't hanging on too tight to the lead or something, so he pulled it right out of her hand and got loose Shocked

Right in the middle of the showgrounds at Halcyon Rolling Eyes

My last few lessons at 2' have been really good, and my trainer told me that she may let me do 2'6" in the Novice class instead of 2'! EEEEEE Very Happy
The dozer is getting here on the 11th to start my outdoor arena, I am so pumped, no more hauling in to ride. I have a trainer to work with but she is preggers again and not sure of her time now. I know all Elvis needs in time under saddle and he will get that this summer so hopefully we will be making " leaps and bounds" by the end of summer.

Thundr n Lightning
Wow! That's sooo incredibly exciting! Make sure you show us pictures of the progress Very Happy

My trainer/instructor built her barn from the ground up. Her horses are like her babies, and her barn is the cleanest I've ever seen. It may not be fancy, but every single stal gets picked out on time and every single horse looks happy to be there.

I think small, private barns are amazing. Keep us updated on the progress! What are you using to enclose your arena? And what type of footing.

BTW... I had my show on Saturday. We decided not to do 2'6" because Pam's not 100% yet. My trainer had her hocks injected two weeks ago, but I really need to work with Pam to muscle up her hind end so she can work with a little more impulsion from behind.

Nevertheless, I'm so proud of the old girl. She and I got reserve champion in the Novice Class. We decided to pass on the Eq Classic too since I could feel that she was getting a little tired. She hasn't jumped that much in ages (I had 3 lessons the week before the show, plus 3 classes of 8 fences each).

I was only one point behind the Champion. We got 1st in the first O/F class, 2nd in the second , 4th in the third, and 2nd in the U/S class. The girl who beat us was riding a pretty classy horse and rode for the home team (the barn where the show was held). She was a good rider though, so I feel that the second was well deserved. I made several really dumb mistakes like checking my diagonals on the courtesty trot out in the second class and missing a lead change in the third class that could easily have won me the championship, but that's the way horse shows work Laughing
I have a 8 year old OTT tb gelding called Niko.
I got him about 6 months ago. He's been a big learning experience for me, i've been riding for 11 years or so and getting very bored of school horses. So now i have my boy, he's an awesome little horse, not an easy ride, but when he's good he's very flashy, when he's a horror he's absolutely embarssing. Well, i shouldnt say embarassing because theres nothing embarassing about a horse who's had little schooling up until i got him.
We had our first show 2 weeks ago where he gave the most beautifyl bucking display i'd ever seen and almost took everyone out. Needless to say we ended up pulling out after the dressage leg of the event.
I wish i had more time to ride. But it gets a bit tight in winter. So i'm currently only riding 2-3 times a week. Which bites, but we'll get there!

Sorry folks, you have an Arizonan here.

I used to do Hunter/Jumper in San Francisco but after I got my roper I do team ropin now with the USTRC (United States Team Roping Championships)

I heel. (I get the back feet.)

It's great. I absolutely love it. I've tried gymkhana but a lot of the girls at the level which I competed (state) just got too ****** nasty so I just said "Screw this."

I showed reining/hunter jumper/western pleasure on my Paso Fino/Arab for a while. Until, again, I got to the state level (New Mexico State Fair) and the people just got too rude and pushy.

SO I stick to roping. I might show again in reining, but I don't know. Right now my horse is in for cutting...I've also done that but never competed.

Puttin on a cutting/reining move

He's good a tthe sideways slide

Dressage, possibly?

Upright slide

Weird stop...

THat's my pony.

Rocket Seekers Last
1992 Jet Deck/Three Bars AQHA Gelding
He's sorrel.
Thundr n Lightning
Sorry to bring this up from the grave, but I haven't been on in ages Confused

CrookedBlaze, generally, I'm not into Western too much, but you're horse is really gorgeous! I love those action shots, they're really amazing, and great photography on your part! Thanks for sharing Very Happy
any dressage riders? I love dressage - maybe because I'm afraid of higher jumps Cool
Dude your horse is HAWWWT.

Me and my boy ^^
Thundr n Lightning
Reina, cute horse! He's so shiny! I am still horseless... so depressing. I can't wait till August, when I get home again and can go riding.
Citizen Kane
Hey there,

No discipline riding here. Just riding and enjoying nature. My girlfriend is an experienced rider and just got me started. She works at a riding barn on a local island on the coast of Holland (the Netherlands) and rides with people on beaches and though nature. She's also a trainer.

Most of all, I like riding together.
I love horses. I have neen riding for the last 17 years and I won a showjumping competition yesterday against the clock by .42 of a second. I am the only one in my whole family who like horses. No one else is interested in them which is kind of bad.

I do hunting and showjumping but stay away from that dressage stuff. Its too boring. I love to go hunting on a warm winters day here in Ireland galloping through the country side.

I have represented Ireland in foreign competitions numerous occasions but I left after a while because I didn't feel the need for unnecessary pressure. I have had over 40 falls but havn't broken a bone yet. Thats about it.
Wake up sleepyheads! Confused Time to go ride! I have had horses since I was 9 and had 10 at the high point. Now I have 4. I prefer Quarter horse and I ride bareback or western. I love to jump too and that is usually bareback. I got a really pretty filly out of my Two Eyed Jack mare this year, she is by a Sunfrost son. She is dun and just as pretty as can be. Very friendly and smart.
Her filly from 2 years ago is ready to go visit Evan Allred, I send my horses to him to gentle and he gets them started right.
I'll get some pictures to add soon.
Happy Trails!
Heres a pic of my 2 yr old Laughing
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