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Coupling - Either version

Anyone a big fan of Coupling, the BBC show? I think it's funny as hell.

NBC tried to do a remake of the show a few years ago. I haven't seen any of those episodes, but I heard it was so bad that it's causing many people not to give the original British series a try.

If you're one of those, all I can say is, give the British version a try. It's brilliant, especially the character of Jeff. Sure, there are some duds, but most of the episodes are great. I still watch the re-runs on channel 21 in New York every Friday at 10:30PM.

Yes, I'm home on Friday at 10:30. I'm so lonely. Won't you please adopt me?

Anybody seen the American version? I'm curious about it.
Love, love, love the original series. It took a small nosedive when Jeff disappeared, but all in all a great show.

I haven’t seen the American version. Was there just a pilot episode?
I just caught this new series called Teachers and imagine my surprise when I see Susan (Sarah Alexander).

Definitely worth checking out.
Sarah Alexander also turns up as a doctor in a series called "Green Wing". Don't know if you guys have seen it yet. It's a sitcom focussing on the childish behaviour and sexual shenannigans of a bunch of hospital doctors. It's pretty mad, and after a watching few episodes, you'll probably turn into a health freak, because if real doctors are like these guys, then if you ever get sick, you're doomed!
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