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XVIII Commonwealth Games Melbourne 2006

The Commonwealth Games were a huge success. A wonderful opening ceremony and a ecstatic closing ceremony.. Of course, Australia, the host nation won the most medals.. But the other countries showed true sportsman spirit in their game in vicotry and defeat..
The closing ceremony was such that we remembered for ages to come.. An inivitation by INDIA for XIX Games 2010 was also something which nobody could miss.. All in all a wonderful display of sports.. What do you guys think??
Unfortunately, no coverage of it here Sad

I also think tennis is not a sport within the Commonwealth Games? That is a real pity cause it is my favourite sport and between those countries there could be great competition. New Zealand could definitely challenge Great Britain with Marina Erakovic and might prove too tough even for Australia, although doubles would be a breeze for the Aussies.

Such a pity Sad
I didn't watch either of the ceremonies.
When my friends found out, it was like I'd killed someone. Apparently there's an unwritten law that says every aussie had to watch them just because Melbourne was hosting them.... Confused
daniel_l_135, Well, perhaps, your friends were right.. It was something you would have liked a lot.. Especially, the fact that AUSTRALIA was NUMBER 1 and so high among the medals that everyone felt only AUSSIES were taking part and winning.. Anyways, think it would be retelecast atleast the Ending Ceremony.. Do watch it..
I didnt watch the Commonwealth unfortunatly, but i did watch the winter olympics.
GREAT event, even if it did take over my morning television before college Wink I watched the highlights daily, very thrilling.
Yeah, XIX CommonWealth games were a huge success. the closing ceremony was the one of the best parts of it where the performance of world class Indian artists just hold the time for some moments. The next commonwealth games will be played in India.
siddhartha wrote:
daniel_l_135, Well, perhaps, your friends were right.. It was something you would have liked a lot..

To be honest, I was actually doing other things during both ceremonies (uni lecture during the opening). Although it didn't really bother me that I didn't see them.

siddhartha wrote:

Especially, the fact that AUSTRALIA was NUMBER 1 and so high among the medals that everyone felt only AUSSIES were taking part and winning..

Yeah, but Australia have been number 1 since 1990 and have had at least 80 gold medals since 1994(According to Wikipedia). Months before the games the media here were talking about how we were going to recieve a huge number of medals. Makes it less exciting.
That said, I did watch a lot of the events.
Too bad Cricket is not a part of it , it could have made a lot of money and more fun ,

think about india vs aus clash
Well, Commonwealth and CRICKET are different dimensional games.. You couldn't put Crucket in Commonwealth or Olympics..
daniel_l_135, Thanx 4 sharing the fact abt AUS being No. 1.. It surely deserves 'cause of the awesome athletes it possesses.
manumiglani they were the XVIII Commonwealth... XIX will be held in INDIA.. Hope to be there to catch it..
Will i only watched the Commonwealth games meaning just the events like, hockey, swimming etc.

Not the start of the end of it all.

Very good games overall.

Well done to all the Country who was in the games as well.
Yeah, the Commonwealth Games was a huge success, I have to agree. I love to watch the events. Thank God we got several channels dedicated to live and delayed telecasts here in Malaysia. It was awesome. I stood there in front of the television set watching them. Well, for my country, it's something to be proud of. We reached the target of the gold medals, and though several events turn out not as expected, but there's still other events which contributed medals to the country that was not usual before. And I hope, the Games will be better in 2010.
An associate of mine is from Australia and he was going nuts over the games. We have been in collaboration for almost a year developing a new software product and our release date is slated for less than 2 weeks away (when the games started it was like 3.5 weeks away...I think), so needless to say we have been bogged down with last minute details to numerous to count...and he decides to take the time the games were on off from work to watch them!!

Well I was going ballistic, I had never heard of the games before, and I didn't know what all the excitement was about. To make a long story short, after I came back from orbit he explained what the games were about and compared them to the Olympics, and I [kinda] calmed down. I hope you all enjoyed the games, living in the US I didn't have the pleasure of watching them, but I hope to in the future. Congrats to the Aussie's for faring so well!!
they wanted cricket to be a part of Common wealth games,

but the problem is all the cricket playing nations dont get time to play this event
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