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Hey everyone. I'm interested in doing photography as a career. Is there any way in Australia to improve your chances of getting into a photography course? I know you can get experience using SLR's and make a portfolio, but are there any courses or anything that high school students can do outside of school time?

If anyone knows, i'd be most greatful Smile
I can give you a kind of a universal tip:
Buy any digital cameras and take as much pictures you can. Then, the next step will come.
pudovkin wrote:
I can give you a kind of a universal tip:
Buy any digital cameras and take as much pictures you can. Then, the next step will come.

I already do - I'm the school photographer and i have a digital SLR on long-term loan from them Razz
Great ChrisCh!
The main advantage in having a SLR, in my opinion, is that you can know what you are shooting. So, I suggest you to work on framing, with different focal lenght lenses (if you have a zoom lens, even better!). Then, you can work on focus, trying to make selective focus.
And, then, work on lens aperture, the light itself.

Last advice: open an account on and publish your photos. People you will see and will give you their opinions. And, naturally, your skills will get better, because you will have a more critical opinion in some specific pictures of your job.

Good luck!
You can always get into Boudoir Photography, Sorry I just couldnt resist. If your going to be a photographer, Learn to use photoshop and other photo editing problems, Youll understand why later on why I recommended it.
a late post for your question... I think that photography you can learn as a technique... but to be a good photographer you have to feel some things.
I have a friend who did photography in University (Arts) but is no better photographer than another friend of mine who did studies in history field. Smile
Well, give us a link to see your work... maybe you are already a good photographer! Smile
I love photograph... but to make a carrer out of it I dont know how... You gotta be good... and take so many pictures,,,
Here are some good e-books on the business aspect of photography:

I'm currently looking into doing a bit of photography for extra money, not as a career though.
to be a photography, i bet u have to start with basic, get a digital camera, take some photo with it, then compare with someone else that pro, like some in and also see how they take the photo, learn about the photo like color balance, lighting and so on,learn about the camera like shutter speed, aperture and so on, only then switch to something u really need, what type of camera you need. what is the speculation you need, what brand, lens type and you have to consider what will you do it for. that is the part of input. for output, you need to learn photoshop or photoshop elements. learn the color levels and effect, light balance and so on. and for sure, that will be fun to do with.
I like photograph so much. I think its difficult to make a carrer out of it but you never know. of course you have to be so good at it. I started taking photographs a year ago.
If you wanna check some of my photos:
I also like to take somoe pics with my fish eye lens... are so good...

my photos :

I`ll apreciate some comments!
learn photoshop, its magic Smile

I shoot film for a hobby. I seldom use photoshop
How would a photography class be handled in terms of teaching, that is the question, or adive you should look for.

A lot of classes are a waste of time, everyone has a digital camera, but his does not mean everyone is a photographer. Everyone is not an architect because of sketchup. Using a camera or photoshop has nothing to do with been a photographer. These are your tools, but do not teach you anything in them selfs (unless you are looking), photography is about seeing.

If you are looking for a course or thinking about doing photography, drawing what you see will help you as much as a digital camera.

Although many insights are 'found' many are constructed by the photographer themselfs, photography is always about a lie, even documentary.
alway do it
If you wanna do photography as a job you should also try a marketting and sales course. You can have the best pics and take the best pictures in the world.. but if you dont know how to market yourself no one will hire you or buy your prints. Its all about raising your perceived value of your work. Get lots of practice with technique.. learn some photoshop also and eventually have a couple exhibits. Easier with digital cuz you can practice all day and just have to reformat your memory card to take more pics as opposed to using film. Most of the stuff i learn is through google and online forums. Keep updated also with new techniques like HDR, paint with light and older stuff like IR and panaromics to keep your portfolio diverse.
Here are a couple of thoughts about Photography for profit:

Innovation in photography has always been driven by pornography.
The very first picture ever taken.
The Grand Canyon?
The Great Pyramids of Egypt?
A Beautiful Easter Lily?
The Love between a parent and child?

What do you think?

You're wrong!

It was of a woman committing a VERY illicit sex act with a horse.

Why do you think Blu-Ray won the HD format war, because it's the best technology? Heck no. It's because Blu-Ray is the format that was embraced by 9/10 pornographers.

So if you want to make money in photography, you have to keep up with the trends. If you want to keep up with the trends, you have to follow the pornographers.

Meet, them. Befriend them. Emulate them. At least in some things.

The pornography revenue model is pretty complex though, and mainly ad generated. You don't want to mess around with all of that, you just want to take pictures, and get paid for it.

Here's my suggestion: Papparazi.

The average full time photographer makes about $25,000 per year. That's barely above the poverty line for a family of 4.

The average payout for a printed picture of Britney Spears or Paris Hilton? Over $2,000,000.

You only need one every 80 years to equal the payout of a lifetime of hard labor.

Think about it.

P.S. All this stuff was just made up for fun, don't let any of it influence or discourage you.

Love to everybody!

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